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Metal Building Insulation Prices

Available for OptionOption 2 

Scroll down to view INSULATION PRICES

 OPTION 2:use calulator and pencil to self quote

In Option 2, include insulation, if desired, on your order/quote form.  Make note of type, size and prices.

INSULATION ONLY (without building purchase)  additional minimum $300 applies.

NEW! Reflective R-15.3 with WHiTE ViNYL Backing--SEE Resource Guides below for more details...


  • Prices below reflect 1:12 roof pitch buildings. If your building has a higher pitch, the price will increase approximately 5% for each consecutive pitch from 1:12.
  • Shipping of insulation can add $195 -$350 based on building size and shipping location. 

Insulation is usually the last item ordered in your metal building production order, only a week to 10 days prior to shipping the building.  That said, expect website pricing to begin to reflect the increase which will apply to new building orders in the upcoming days.  WE EXPECT AN 8% PRICE INCREASE FOR FIBERGLASS INSULATION.

Metal Building Insulation Prices

Building Size 6" (R Value-19) Roof
& 4" (R Value-13) Walls
Fiberglass Insulation
3" (R Value-10)
Roof & Walls
Fiberglass Insulation
R Value -16 Reflective
NEW White-Backed
R- Value 15.3 - Reflective
HIGH R Value -22 Reflective
Great deal!!
30'x30'x12' $1,834 $1,502$1,136$1,887
30'x30'x14' $1,946 $1,594$1,136$1,896
30'x40'x12' $2,133 $1,711$1,340$2,076
30'x40'x14' $2,264 $1,818$1,340$2,255
30'x50'x12' $2,431 $1,920$1,638$2,435
30'x50'x14' $2,581 $2,042$1,638$2,615
40'x40'x12' $2,506 $1,969$1,638$2,435
40'x40'x14' $2,657 $2,092$1,638$2,615
30'x50'x16' $2,731 $2,166$1,922$2,859
30'x60'x12' $2,741 $2,140$1,992$2,615
30'x60'x14' $2,910 $2,278$1,992$2,859
40'x60'x12' $3,238 $2,475$2,131$3,218
30'x60'x16' $3,103 $2,441$2,154$3,218
40'x60'x14' $3,425 $2,629$2,377$3,398
40'x60'x16' $3,638 $2,807$2,377$3,556
40'x72'x14' $3,905 $2,969$2,487$3,725
40'x60'x18' $3,825 $2,961$2,487$3,725
40'x72'x16' $4,116 $3,142$2,707$3,959
40'x72'x18' $4,325 $3,314$2,707$4,297
40'x80'x14' $4,209 $3,179$2,894$4,128
50'x75'x14' $4,633 $3,462$2,991$4,466
40'x80'x16' $4,433 $3,364$3,137$4,297
40'x80'x20' $4,884 $3,735$3,210$4,804
40'x100'x14' $4,979 $3,717$3,210$4,804
50'x75'x16' $4,868 $3,653$3,210$4,634
50'x75'x18' $5,102 $3,847$3,210$4,634
40'x100'x16' $5,242 $3,933$3,494$5,207
50'x75'x20' $5,336 $4,039$3,494$5,214
50'x100'x14' $5,748 $4,226$3,550$5,378
50'x100'x16' $6,028 $4,457$3,745$5,705
50'x100'x18' $6,311 $4,689$3,945$6,097
50'x100'x20' $6,592 $4,921$4,110$6,424
60'x100'x14' $6,520 $4,740$4,110$6,097
60'x100'x16' $6,844 $5,009$4,310$6,424
50'x125'x16' $7,191 $5,262$4,510$6,914
60'x100'x20' $7,445 $5,504$4,710$7,120
60'x125'x16' $8,161 $5,911$5,110$7,772
60'x125'x18' $8,509 $6,197$5,350$8,104
60'x125'x20' $8,855 $6,482$5,725$8,595

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An insulation R-value is the measurement of a material’s ability to stop heat and cold transfer.  No matter what a metal building’s usage, insulating it will be of value.  Because of the unique nature of a steel building, it requires a vapor barrier and radiant barrier.  The summer heat (sun's ray) on a steel surface will create extreme heat temperatures inside the building.

In addition, the cold winter temperatures are exaggerated by the metal roof and wall sheeting making it frigid inside.  Warm temperatures coming in contact with cool metal roof or walls create sweating (condensation). 

There are multiple types of insulation surfaces that are available in the market, each having its benefits and disadvantages based on climate conditions and building usage.  Factory Steel Overstock has elected to post the two most popular types of metal building insulation – reflective and fiberglass insulatioN.

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Steel building prices, as well as all accessories, posted are always our true cost from the suppliers.  Metal building prices posted in the SPECIALS include variations on insulation types posted here on the steel building insulation page.  In Option 1, the combos come as is, aside from snow and wind speed codes which will be exacted by your ZIP when Ready to Buy.

Option 2 or Option 3 steel building purchasers, on the other hand, you may choose the metal building insulation they desire from our pricing table or be custom quoted in Option 3 if higher R-Values are needed per building code requirements on their specific building project.  Higher energy-efficient standards are discussed in our GREEN Commitment page. If you seek certification through the LEED program, our custom design consultants are ready to assist you in Option 3.

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