Reflective Bubble Insulation (White Facing)

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New! We added our Reflective Bubble Insulation White Facing (4′ x 125′). You now have access to the best-priced Bubble “Radiant barrier” insulation on the market. Like all reflective insulations, it is lightweight, easy to install, and has an attractive white face.

4′ x 125′ (500′ per roll) 4 mm thickness. With Factory Steel Overstock, there is no need to overpay again! Buy at wholesale and pay a low service fee. When you are ready to buy, Name Your Price or get a wholesale price quote. You will receive a price from us that same day (request before 12:00 noon).

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Saving Process for Buying High R-Value Reflective Insulation

Factory Steel Overstock has created an authentic reflective insulation R-Value savings program for prepared buyers. After reviewing market quotes and posted estimates, fill out a Name a Price or Wholesale Insulation Quote to be assured of getting the lowest industry price. There are no gimmicks or hidden costs.

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    • Ideally, for Reflective insulation orders, pay Factory Steel Overstock the insulation cost + the $350 service fee at the time of the initial order. Factory Steel Overstock will take care of the order from submission to delivery and beyond, ensuring a seamless experience with its A+ Better Business Bureau and 5-star rated service. After submitting an order, there is nothing for you to do except sign for delivery.
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This insulating material is made up of a single 4mm layer of polyethylene bubble, encased between a metalized surface with low emissivity and a white polyethylene layer known for its resistance to punctures and chemical stability. When used in concrete slab applications, this reflective bubble white poly serves a dual purpose: initially, it functions as a barrier against vapor, and subsequently, it establishes a thermal insulation layer.

Nominal Thickness5/32 in. (4mm)
Tensile Strength14.6 lb
Tear Strength4.9 lb
Width (in.) of roll48
Length (ft.)125
Diameter (in.)17.5
Coverage (Sq. Ft.)500
Weight (lbs.)24

Application Conditions

Temperature-50°F minimum, 180°F maximum

Performance Characteristics

Emissivity: (ASTMC1371)0.04 – .0.05
Reflectivity95 – 96%

R Values

Heat Flow Down7.3 (includes downward heat resistance)
Heat Flow Up2.7
Heat Flow Horizontal3.4

Flame Spread/Smoke Spread: ASTM E84/2599-09, Class A/Class 1

Water Vapor Permeance

MethodASTM E96
Insulation Layers
Reflective Surface
Polyethylene Backing
Polyethylene Bubble
Reflective Surface

Key Benefits/Features

  • R-Value 7.3 (See data tab)
  • Vapor Barrier
  • Radiant Barrier
  • Attics
  • Flange tab on side for convenience
  • Clean
  • Lightweight
  • Very Strong
  • Saves Money/Energy
  • Staple Tab on side for easy install
  • 5/32″ (4mm) thick
  • R-values are not affected by humidity and water
  • 100% wataerproof
  • Low Wholesale Cost+ Price

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