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Client Testimonials (below) for Factory Steel Overstock.

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steel building testimonial for Factory Steel Overstock

"I purchased an 80' X 100' steel indoor horse arena from FSO. John was great! He didn't just take my order and then abandon me, he was with me through the ordering, shipping and construction of the building. At one point I was overcharged by the manufacturer and he even got that refunded to me. I am very happy I went with FSO. It was a pleasant experience, a quality building, and a good price. What more could I ask? "

Dawna R. - 80' x 100' x 14' - 7/2018



Factory Steel Overstock Customer Steel Building

Dawna R. - 80' x 100' x 14' - 7/2018

"I ordered a 50' x 100' x 20' with a 4:12 roof. John was helpful, informative and he and his team worked to get me the savings as advertised. I haven't received the building yet but, when I do, there will be more reviews. Thank you very much John and team."

Dustin Edmonds  - 50' x 100' x 20' - 10/11/2018

Steel Building testimonials for Factory Steel Overstock

Thank you for everything! 
Lauren F. 
40' x 40' x 12'
1/24/ 2018




 Johnny G.  - 50' x 100' x 14'


Great Steel Building Testimonial for Factory Steel Overstock


"FSO provides a quality product at a great price. They do so much volume they receive prices most people could never obtain on their own. Now three years later I am working with them to purchase a second building."

Matt K.  - 80x120x26 -  7/24/2018

"Well, 14 months in the making and a lot of sweat and work but it's done. FSO was overall great to work with even though there were some hiccups along the way, I continue to refer other friends and people to what I feel is still the best deal on manufactured buildings! Thanks, John for helping the dream come true!"

Mark M. - 40x60x14 - 7/14/18

Testimony steel building at Factory Steel Overstock

Customer steel building interior Factory Steel Overstock


Factory Steel Overstock Customer Steel Building

"Excellent response time, excellent service and communication. Fair price."

P. Trubac - 40' x 60' x 14'


Steel building customer Factory Steel Overstock

"We love our building!  Mr Barber was really easy to work with. Our building was delivered as scheduled. Everything was there with good instructions. Would buy from this company again."

L.Hadcock - 40' x 60' x 14'


Factory Steel Overstock steel building customer

"I got a good deal on the building, and good service."

G. Benz  - 50' x 75' x 16'


Steel Building Customer Stoccoes metal building

"John at FSO is an AMAZING person that truly puts "people before profits" I cannot thank John and FSO enough for helping me make my detached garage dreams come TRUE!! As a business owner my self I truly appreciate how much energy and effort he puts into working with his clients. I will forever be grateful for John and FSO!!!!"

Justin F.  - 40' x 60' x 17'


Customer attached his own stucco exterior. Trim had not been attached yet.

Factory Steel Overstock customer stucco finishes his metal building


"I ordered three buildings and this has been an excellent experience. The website is extremely helpful for planning purposes. The order process is efficient and staff is very efficient and helpful. I have already recommended FSO to a friend."

Connie C. 7/2/2018 – Posted at BBB

"Thank you Factory outlet and John Barber for amazing service and possibility save about 15000 dollars on the steel building 40x100! I had a great experience working with u and I promise doing business with u for my next project! I wish u great business forward! I had doubts at first but overcome it and have no regrets now!:) thank you again! Anyone who will look for steel buildings must contact this company! They are truly honest and work amazingly fast!"

Ekaterina N. - 40' x 100' x 14' - 6/12/18

metal building prices

"I'm very happy with the pricing and service that FSO was able to provide me! John at FSO was on top of any questions or concerns that I had. I was able to save more money by picking my building up at the factory myself and the building went together quickly and painlessly! The savings with FSO were astronomical!!! I was able to completely build my building concrete and all for less than I could have even bought the building for from others in my state!! I have recommended FSO to friends and others that have been looking into metal buildings and will continue to do so!! Five stars in my book for sure!!!"

J.W. 5/28/2018



"I purchased a 60' x 100' x16'  building from FSO and was impressed with the price and service. John is an excellent communicator and very thorough in making sure your order is correct. The pricing is at least 30% less than other sellers and at most 75% less. The product is high quality and we've had no problems. It's been over 2 years now since our purchase and we are very happy with our beautiful barn.


Germaine Swenson - 60' x 100' x16' -  5/4/2018

“I am an immigrant, I came to U.S. over 35-years ago from the place where man was earning $1 per day. Needless to say saving money is very important to me. I shopped for new steel building with over 10 different manufacturing located all over US, all of them was substantially higher than Factory Overstock Building. When asked why they are so much higher, most of the competition insinuated that then Factory Overstock Buildings must be dishonest because nobody can sell new building for such a low price. Well, when I spoke to Mr. Barber, he seems very honest and professional to me. Mr. Barber assisted me with choosing right building, and help with selecting all accessories. He was always straightforward, upfront, honest and professional. Building show up on time all in good order. During assembly, we were missing couple small items. When I called Mr. Barber for help these item was shipped to us immediately overnight. Overall all went as promised, and I am extremely happy with quality
of my building and excellent service. I am highly recommending Mr. Barber and his buildings to anyone. I can be reach through Mr. Barber, should you like to speak with me in person”.

Kindness regards,

Stan Szymczyk  50' x 75' x 16'    -  5/2/2018

Thank you Factory Steel and John and his team for a job well done. One of my fears was buying a steel building and having to ship it outside the country, and wondered what would happen if something goes wrong. You walked me through the process and gave me sound advice as this was new to me. You have made my building process so easy. You responded to every email and phone call. Thank You So Much and I’m recommend you to every in the Bahamas.

PS   3/27/2018


Steel Building Being ConstructedMetal Building Garage Being BuiltMetal Building Being Constructed

"We love our steel building. We erected it ourselves.

Thank you Factory Steel Overstock."

-Gerald Johnston 50'x60'x16'


"Great experience!"

Lee M.   30' x 50' x 16'  -  7/24/2017

"I can say seems shady at first but now I've gone through its a great company and cheaper price not cheaper built thanks"

Robert D. 40 x 40 x 14  -  7/8/2017

customer erecting steel building

customers erecting their own steel building

customer's steel building erected on property

"Probably saved 30k between using your company and erecting the building ourselves. Would definitely recommend you to anyone.
Thank you soooooooooo much!"
Ron & Kelly Orth

FSO and John have been wonderful to work with and his pricing has been excellent. All of the information is timely and he is very responsive. I will be purchasing all future buildings from FSO and I truly appreciate working with an excellent company.

Paul P  25 x 65 x 10  -  / 7/10/2017

We had a very good experience with Factory Steel Overstock. We had a few special requests that John took care of without a problem. John was always quick to answer our questions and took care of everything in a timely manner. We received everything we ordered in excellent condition. It was a pleasant experience working with John. We love our new building!

by Doug D.  40 x 60 x 18  - 5/9/2017

John Barber, what a privilege it was to do business with you. All you said was delivered just as described. Well done and look forward to doing this again.

by B.B. 11/4/2016

FSO did everything they said they would do on time without any hassell. I was impressed how fast the order was shipped.

by Gary  50 x 60 x 16  -  7/19/2016

Although I was skeptic at first, I decided to commit to getting a building from FSO. John has been nothing but helpful and reassuring during the entire process. The building was delivered in a timely manner. I have yet to erect the building, but John does check in to make sure the project is going smoothly. I would not hesitate to buy another building from FSO.

by L. M. on 8/24/2016

I was looking for a great price on a building for a long time. When I called FSO they were very knowledgeable and ready to help. They gave me more options and a better price than anyone else. I saved thousands. I have one more building to order and I'm not even going to waste my time with anyone else.

by S. H. on 7/19/2016

I'm an avid internet consumer and give negative and positive reviews when needed. Zeroing in on a steel building purchase I chose Factory Steel Overstock and John B*****. Had to make building plan adjustments after design was complete and shipment was made. John completet dedication to his work went the 50 extra miles to assist after the sale. What a company. Great Price // On Time Delivery // Extra Service .......Gets 5 stars from me. Thank you.

by H. B. on 6/7/2016

John did a great job on are building on time and on budget. Would highly recommend there company.

by JL on 3/22/2016

I purchased my building from FSO in 2015. Once I had determined exactly what I needed, they were able to help me get exactly what I was looking for at the best price I was able to find. Additionally, the lower expense did not come at the cost of quality. The building was delivered on time, in perfect condition, with all required assembly components. The building went up without any fitment issues and so impressed my erection contractor that he is now using the building supplier. The building and assistance I received from Factory Steel Overstock was better than I had anticipated and I would use them again, without hesitation. I would also recommend them to anyone looking for a building.

by B. G. on 3/11/2016

I would highly recommend Factory Steel Overstock. Their core philosophy may be a departure from most companies but this should be encouraging rather than off putting. All of our interactions from inception and planning to receipt of the building were flawless and handled in a professional and courteous manner. We estimate a savings of over 30% V's dealing with a more traditional company.

by C. H. on 3/7/2016

Ordered 30x40 building. Received building exactly as I ordered and a much better price than I found anywhere else. I would use them again.

Kevin J. 30 x 40 x 12  -  Nov. 20, 2015

I received my building on time and everything was in good order except my man door was
suppose to be a 4' door and I received a 3' door instead. John the salesman for Factory Steel Overstock was quick to get me with the resolution team for **** buildings and they realized they made the mistake and shipped me another 4' man door the very next day and I was able to keep both doors due to the inconvenience. Customer Service for both Factory Steel Overstock and John was Top Notch !! Both companies will have all my future business.

Paul K.   35 x 100 x 20  -  Jun. 03, 2015

From day 1 I have dealt with nobody else but John so I can only speak of my experience with the company dealing with John. If you are looking to buy a steel building at the lowest price you owe it to yourself to go through John with Factory Steel Overstock. No, its not a scam as I thought so myself. I had been looking for well over 4 years planning my shop out. Once I felt ready to pull the trigger I started getting quotes from various brokerage companies. When I stumbled upon Johns company Factory Steel Overstock I was blown away by the companies moto. Everything about how they run their business lines up with my values, morals and business ethics. It can be scary sending money off to a company and getting nothing in return at least to start with, however John made me feel comfortable and confident in my decisions to move forward. He answered all of my questions and walked me through the entire process. I am midway through the process and will follow up when my building arrives.

Robert P. -  May. 13, 2015

I have purchased and erected four metal buildings in the past. This transaction was the best price by far and the simplest person to deal with. He never tried to constantly up sell me. All my buildings in the future will come from Factory Steel Overstock.

by Ralph B.  75 x 90 x 18 - Feb. 06, 2015

FSO is a great company to work with . Every thing that I was told would happen did .I will buy an other steel building from them when I need one.

Everett D. 30 x 50 x 16 -  Jan. 29, 2015

Factory Steel Overstock was the best price in my Metal building search period... The new building tips that they request to follow off their website prior to inquiring a rate quote on a building was dead on. I had my ducks in a row and made sure this was my last call for a rate quote on a Metal building and they blew the competition out of the water. On top of the best price Factory Steel Overstock made this entire transaction straight forward and easy and was completed in less than 15 minutes.

by Paul K. on Jan. 28, 2015

I am very pleased with the simplicity of this building. Every part is labeled so that you know for sure your doing it right. When I did have a question the customer service was very helpful. They knew exactly what I was talking about and was able to explain it to me immediately. ... I have already recommended factory steel overstock to several people. I will continue to do so as people see it.

by Daniel F. on Jan. 25, 2015

Purchased a steel building in August, 2014. Every phase of the experience was most positive. Building arrived in time and with all proper components and options ordered. John was on top of all the details. Finished product exceeded my expectations. Overall I am a completely satisfied customer and would Definetely consider FSO for any future building needs.

Jerry H.   24 x 36 x 14  -  Jan. 25, 2015

I purchased a custom 2- story steel building in September 2013. The quality was excellent, every last bolt hole aligned properly. I could only imagine the frustration if a single bolt hole were off, but this wasn't the case. Nice large I-Beams - very well designed. The steel panels were thick and heavy. Everything came perfectly straight and not a single bent piece. The engineered drawings were spot on. I had it fully assembled in 1 week with 6 friend's help. It is a 23' w X 30'l X 22' H. All of those other steel building companies that claim deals like 75% off are just a hoax, the all come from one of the same 3 manufacturers. Factory Steel Overstock saved me the trouble and got me EXACTLY what I wanted. I suppose I could have just ordered straight from the manufacturer, but I can't buy in volume, and have no idea how to explain to them what I want. I just verbally told Factory Steel Overstock what I wanted over the phone, and I got exactly what I wanted with all the options and upgrades. Great customer service, I got all of my questions answered quickly. They also helped me with a modification mid-stream with no hassles, but I'm sure it was a hassle from them - it was nice letting them do the leg work. I will be ordering a larger building very soon. There is no way I would risk going with any other company.

by Steve P on Jan. 23, 2015

Purchased a building a year ago. They were very professional in providing a quality product. Thank you.

by D. H. on Jan. 21, 2015

Building was every thing I expected. There was one perlin missing , when I called there was no challenge just one shipped with in one week.

by John M. on Jan. 21, 2015

we had some road blocks in the beginning, during the erecting of the building we had to make several adjustments as some delivered material were not fitting the plans. Those adjustments made some additional expenses. We submitted the facts to John at Factory Steel Overstock and with his help and diligence our expenses were covered at our satisfaction. The building is great and I recommend Factory Steel Overstock as they are willing to work with their customer.

by Fred and Ursula A. on Jan. 21, 2015

Factory Steel Overstock est. March 2011, has A+ Grade, has a 5 Star rating and all positive reviews posted at the BBB.  Click BBB logo to read reviews.

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