Be a Prepared Buyer

Prepared buyers buy at true wholesale rates with modest profit amounts added

Prepared buyers save an average 10% below market quotes

Everyone wants savings; however, prepared buyers streamline the selling process; therefore, they have earned their savings! If you are ready to buy today- based on receiving a quoted savings FIRST fill out a STEEL BUILDING -Quote Order Form or INSULATION Quote – Order Form.

  • Pay ONLY $1,000 above wholesale cost for steel buildings.
  • Pay ONLY $500 above wholesale cost for insulation.
  • Guaranteed $1,000 net savings on steel buildings and $200 on insulation.

Smart buyers…

After these steps are completed, fill out a BUILDING -Quote Order Form or INSULATION Quote – Order Form. A representative will call before completing a quote. A quote-order form must be completed to receive a quote!

After received quoted savings, pay profit-fee amount that same day. Questions 1-888-512-1116.

IMPORTANT: Please do not feel compelled to rush into a sale. If you have not completed your research, simply DO SO before requesting a wholesale quote from us!

Guaranteed Savings on Metal Buildings Online Prices

PREPARED Steel Building Buyers

  • Has reviewed 1 or more market steel building quotes; therefore, can comfortably proceed with the purchase after quoted savings.
  • Reviewed STEEL BUILDING estimated delivered prices.
  • Compare the Steel Building SPECIFICATIONS of Factory Steel Overstock to other sellers.
  • Has financial means to at least pay the profit amount after (same day) quoted savings.
  • Knows their desired building dimensions.
  • Knows desired accessories (roll-up doors, windows, walk doors, skylights, insulation, vents, etc.).
  • Knows the locations where roll-up doors, windows, and walk doors will be placed within the building.
  • Has sketched the locations where these accessories will be placed.
  • Knows desired building colors.
  • Knows the desired roof pitch.

PREPARED Insulation Buyers

  • Have compared the Reflective or Fiberglass Insulation Specifications of Factory Steel Overstock to other sellers.
  • Have reviewed INSULATION estimated delivered prices.
  • Has the financial means to pay for the insulation ordered.
  • Knows the insulation type, R-Value, or insulation thickness they desire.
  • Can indicate the building dimensions or square footage for desired insulation.
  • Knows whether they desire Fiberglass or Reflective Insulation.

IMPORTANT – this program was created for people prepared and honest buyers

  • Factory Steel Overstock reserves the right NOT to complete a quote for anyone it believes is not a prepared buyer.   
  • Factory Steel Overstock reserves the right NOT to quote anyone who is unruly, or it believes has been deceptive.

Average savings is 10% below market quotes of equal specification standard. Guaranteed savings is a net of $1,000 on steel buildings and $200 on insulation below market quotes.

1. Review Building or Insulation delivered estimates.

2. Ready buyers, fill out a Quote – Order Form

3. Must pay profit-fee amount AFTER (same day) quoted savings!

Wholesale Building Costs + Profit 
$0 to $100,000 | Profit $1,000

Wholesale Insulation Cost + Profit 
$0 to $25,000 | Profit $500

Client Testimonials

“I ordered three buildings and this has been an excellent experience. The website is extremely helpful for planning purposes. The order process is efficient and the staff is very efficient and helpful. I have already recommended FSO to a friend.”

– 50x100x16   Connie C. 7/2/2018

“Definitely will do business with this company again.”

– by Ivan Timoshuchuk 10/9/2021

“I have purchased and erected four metal buildings in the past. This transaction was the best price by far and the simplest person to deal with. He never tried to constantly up sell me. All my buildings in the future will come from Factory Steel Overstock.”

– by Ralph B.  75 x 90 x 18

– Feb. 06, 2015

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