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Customer Suggests the Profit on Their Steel Buildings – Radical!

Steel Buildings for Sale at Factory Steel Overstock

In today’s economy, there is simply nothing reflecting more integrity in the steel building market than that of Factory Steel Overstock’s concept of profit on steel buildings. Given the current conditions of steel shortages, a fallout from the proposed steel and aluminum tariffs, steel building prices continue to rise.  Retailers continue to fish for the…

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Optimism and Steel Building Delays

steel building erection with ease

Steel tariffs and trade wars already have an effect on the steel building industry as plants experience a shortage of cold-formed members material.  Coils of steel sheeting used to cold-press into the secondary support members is running low in supply and a bit behind in understock.  Production and fabrication of steel buildings previously due to…

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Understanding Cold-Formed Parts Shortage and Delays

cold formed purlins and girts

Steel Tariffs Begin to Have Their Presence Felt in Industry As the steel tariffs and aluminum tariffs begin to have their presence felt in the steel building industry, some folks may be experiencing price increases and delay in building delivery dates.  Of course, once your order is placed with Factory Steel Overstock, your steel building…

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Trump proposed steel tariffs and aluminum tariffs won’t change our minds.

lowest steel building prices guaranteed regardless of steel tariff

Lowest Steel Building Prices Guaranteed While the proposed tariffs on steel and aluminum have already begun yielding price increases across the steel building industry, Factory Steel Overstock remains steadfast in its commitment to bringing true wholesale cost to the public.  Whereas some companies may be using the steel pricing wars in order to hike up their own…

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Why are I-Beam Steel Buildings Red?

Well, we’re talking about the red beams, that is!  Not always appealing, though, on the inside unless you plan to finish the interior of your building and hide them. Red Oxide Primer The red that you see when you erect your I-beam steel building is the red-oxide primer applied to the steel.  This is basically…

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Steel Building Accessories for Wholesale with Building Order

Executive Model Steel Building

Why pay more for steel building accessories? Executive Models Included – 3:12 Roof Pitch * 2′ Purlin Extensions and Canopies with Soffits * 4′ Wainscot with transition trim * 40 Yr. Colored Roof Finish Warranty * Gutters and Downs & 1- Framed Opening Fully Flashed You may not have realized, but many retailers actually use…

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Steel Building Prices Online to Self Quote

Guaranteed Savings on Metal Buildings Online Prices

Determining your steel building budget can sometimes be a bit daunting.  After collecting a couple of random quotes in the retail market, you’ll know what I’m talking about.  It’s often difficult to determine what the building itself actually costs, hidden amongst lots of markups and fees.  Most companies are attempting to maximize profits. Factory Steel…

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Understanding Steel Building Wind & Snow Load Requirements

Sure, it’s obvious that your steel building will be heavy. In fact, the standard dead load of the building itself is 2.5 pounds per square foot. But remember that the weight is not evenly distributed throughout that square footage, rather it is directed into very specific points of contact where the structural beams, attach to…

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Steel Building Pricing: Explained

steel buildings for wholesale to public

Don’t be fooled by standard steel building prices that are given without load specifications.  All I-beam steel buildings are built to code.  The codes are determined by many factors. It is standard to have certain loads built in for the size and standard use of each structure.  These are called dead load and live load. …

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