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Why are I-Beam Steel Buildings Red?

Well, we’re talking about the red beams, that is!  Not always appealing, though, on the inside unless you plan to finish the interior of your building and hide them. Red Oxide Primer The red that you see when you erect your I-beam steel building is the red-oxide primer applied to the steel.  This is basically…

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Steel Building Accessories for Wholesale with Building Order

Executive Model Steel Building

Why pay more for steel building accessories? Executive Models Included – 3:12 Roof Pitch * 2′ Purlin Extensions and Canopies with Soffits * 4′ Wainscot with transition trim * 40 Yr. Colored Roof Finish Warranty * Gutters and Downs & 1- Framed Opening Fully Flashed You may not have realized, but many retailers actually use…

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Steel Building Prices Online to Self Quote

Guaranteed Savings on Metal Buildings Online Prices

Determining your steel building budget can sometimes be a bit daunting.  After collecting a couple of random quotes in the retail market, you’ll know what I’m talking about.  It’s often difficult to determine what the building itself actually costs, hidden amongst lots of markups and fees.  Most companies are attempting to maximize profits. Factory Steel…

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Understanding Steel Building Wind & Snow Load Requirements

Sure, it’s obvious that your steel building will be heavy. In fact, the standard dead load of the building itself is 2.5 pounds per square foot. But remember that the weight is not evenly distributed throughout that square footage, rather it is directed into very specific points of contact where the structural beams, attach to…

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Steel Building Pricing: Explained

steel buildings for wholesale to public

Don’t be fooled by standard steel building prices that are given without load specifications.  All I-beam steel buildings are built to code.  The codes are determined by many factors. It is standard to have certain loads built in for the size and standard use of each structure.  These are called dead load and live load. …

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Steel Buildings Sale: Public Wholesale Pricing

50x80x16 steel building special

Factory Steel Overstock enjoys creating a program that is transparent in metal building prices and steel building accessories at our cost from the suppliers.  The steel buildings for sale on the website are ultimately grouped into 3 choices of savings programs.  Here’s a brief overview of each: Option 1 SPECIALS This is our most popular…

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Steel Buildings Endurance Through Heavy Use

Steel buildings, by nature of the material, endure greatly through heavy use and strong weather conditions. “Endurance is not just the ability to bear a hard thing, but to turn it into glory.” ~ William Barclay Since steel is strong and resistant to termite infestations, rot, and fire, it is a popular choice among folks…

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Insulating Your New Metal Building at Wholesale Prices

Factory Steel Overstock not only posts and quotes its wholesale metal building prices on the website, but also insulation.  We post the most commonly requested insulation types and R-Values for our customers. Remember that steelbuilding insulation is installed between the secondary supports (called purlins and girts) and the metal wall sheeting.  While the onset of…

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Steel Building Prices and Choices for Future Building Changes

Did you know that steel building prices are not only priced for wholesale to the public at Factory Steel Overstock, but they are often representative of the most cost-efficient design choices recommended by metal building brokers with integrity?! I know that that is an awful long sentence to kick off the conversation, but it is…

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