Smarter Way to Buy Steel Buildings

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Time For You to Advance into the 21st Century.

As you may know, in 1908 when the Model T was invented many people were reluctant to take advantage of this more efficient means of transportation and kept with the horse-and-buggy.  Needless to say, they eventually caught up with the times.

You can continue the archaic method of calling random retail steel building outlets and asking, “How much does it cost for a ____ size building?” or you can apply a smarter way of buying a steel building by utilizing Factory Steel Overstock’s buying leverage, expertise and specialized knowledge for FREE!

Do you really think randomly collecting quotes from traditional “retail” steel building outlets is the smartest way to buy? While it may be a viable means to learn market prices, it definitely is not the most ideal source for purchasing. Some will continue to use this archaic method of buying a steel building; while others will smartly advance into 21st century buying and pay less.

Simple Solution:

Buy a building directly online in our Building Packages (Option 1) and you can choose a profit as low as 3%. Try the Option 2 – Estimator and add in the accessories of your choice. If you don’t locate your desired building, OR are Prepared to Buy, simply have Factory Steel Overstock complete a Quote (Option 3) and you can choose a profit as low as 3% if you pay the same day of receiving quote once your savings have been confirmed.

For those Requesting A Wholesale Quote, please fill out quote form. Also have the integrity to pay the profit % you selected within the time-line you selected OR email a competitor’s quote (black out competitor’s name) that reflects a lower price within this time-line. Factory Steel Overstock will honor its guaranteed saving terms. 

Proverbs says, “A fool and their money is soon departed.”

Simple Facts:

  • Factory Steel Overstock is the only company that Guarantees the general public a minimum $500 savings, plus will include one additional feature more than any other offer.  By the way, our customer’s average savings is 15%.
  • Factory Steel Overstock was established in 2011, has an A+ Grade, 5-Star Rating and all positive reviews posted at the BBB.
  • Factory Steel Overstock informs the “public” of wholesale cost and allows the “public” to select the profit % added to this cost.
  • All of Factory Steel Overstock’s building materials originate from an AISC (American Institute Of Steel Construction) certified fabrication facility, as well as an MBMA (Metal Building Manufacturers Association) member.
  • The general public pays their building deposit directly to certified manufacturer, not to FSO or any broker! Total Transparency!!

Did you know?

The vast majority of I-beam steel buildings sold in the US originate from only 2 major corporation. This means even if you collect 20 quotes, you will still be reviewing the same building materials sold by a different retail distributor.

Again, you are guaranteed a savings no matter which option you choose with us! If you think you have found a better offer anywhere, simply email it to and claim your $500 savings!

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