Insulation Accessories

You can purchase insulation accessories at wholesale rates with Factory Steel Overstock cost-plus program. On accessory orders over $400, promised net savings of $50 below market quotes!


Fiberglass Insulation Orders

Rough estimate is one roll of 500’ of banding per 1000 square foot area coverage.  Roll of banding is $175/roll…so .175/sf?  /  plus 150 screws per roll of banding (typical) at .17/each. 

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Double Sided Tape

Fiberglass Orders

1/2″ x 60′ Rolls – $30.00

Reflective Insulation orders


Double-sided adhesive tape, available in a package of 4 rolls, each being 1-1/2 inches wide and 60 yards long, is designed for securing insulation material to surfaces. This set is capable of effectively serving up to 2000 square feet of insulation area.

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White Patch Tape

Fiberglass Insulation Orders

3″ x 150′ WMP VRR tape – $30-$40.00 (based on location)

Reflective Insulation Orders


White polypropylene facing/patch tape, provided in sets of 2 rolls, with a total measurement of 3 inches by 100 yards. This tape is specifically designed for sealing seams or patching FfgV or any VR faced insulation, effectively covering an area of 1000 square feet of insulation.

Tape, Glue, and Pins

reflective tape
Reflective Tape

2 Rolls: $58.958 Rolls: $168.9516 Rolls: $311.95

Reflective tape plays a crucial role! Sealing seams with this tape enhances the efficiency of insulation. Each roll is 2.83″ x 60.1″. Available in packs containing 2, 8, and 16 rolls.

Pins and Caps


1000 sets of 1-5/8″ pins accompanied by 1-1/2″ circular lock washers, amounting to 2000 pieces in total. Suggested placement involves one hanger per every 2 square feet. These I4L perforated base insulation hangers are specifically crafted for installations of Prodex Total Insulation 10M and 5M.

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Super Metal Sealant


Super Metal Adhesive: Sold in a pack of 12 tubes, this sealant efficiently bonds insulation materials to a wide range of surfaces.

concrete tape
Under Concrete Tape


Tape designed for under concrete or house wrap applications, provided in a package containing 2 rolls, with dimensions of 1.88 inches by 54.6 yards each, cumulating in 109 yards in total. This adhesive is specially formulated to enhance the effectiveness of Prodex under concrete and RBWP insulation, covering an insulation area of up to 1250 square feet.