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Higher Conscious Selling and Buying I-Beam Steel Buildings and Insulation


In the world of sales and commerce, the pursuit of profit often tempts individuals and businesses to compromise their core values, potentially jeopardizing long-term success. At Factory Steel Overstock, a unique approach to selling and buying I-beam steel buildings and insulation emphasizes that authentic work is not just about money; it’s about what it creates. This approach fosters an environment of trust, cooperation, and community, ultimately leading to increased revenue. In this article, we explore how Factory Steel Overstock’s higher-conscious approach shifts the dynamics of traditional sales, encouraging both sellers and buyers to work together as one while promoting transparency and self-education.

  1. Shifting the Traditional Sales Dynamic

In a traditional selling environment of I-beam steel buildings and insulation, there’s often an adversarial dynamic between the seller and buyer. Buyers aim to secure the lowest possible prices, while sellers strive to maximize their rates, resulting in a winner-versus-loser scenario. Factory Steel Overstock’s higher-conscious approach changes this dynamic by encouraging both parties to see themselves as partners rather than adversaries. In this dynamic, neither party seeks to gain at the expense of the other.

  1. Slowing Down the Selling Process

Factory Steel Overstock’s selling approach introduces a deliberate pace to the purchasing process. Customers are encouraged to conduct preliminary research before requesting a formal quote. While a quote is a significant step in the process, it’s not the only one. The higher-conscious seller provides transparent information, such as sample pricing, specifications, and procedures, on their website. This empowers customers to educate themselves without feeling pressured or intimidated by commission-based sales tactics. As customers take the initiative to self-educate, the company’s operational costs decrease, enabling savings to be passed on to customers. Simply put, educated buyers save the seller money, and in return, the seller rewards the buyer.

  1. The Challenge of Impulsiveness and Lack of Research

Despite the advantages of self-education, some shoppers tend to operate impulsively and skip the necessary research phase. Many customers fail to envision their desired outcome or conduct adequate research before making a purchase decision. Moreover, some customers become frustrated when recommended educational materials on I-beam steel buildings and insulation. Many opt to ask direct pricing questions, providing opportunities for smooth-talking salespeople to thrive with gimmicks.

The message is clear: self-educate. An educated buyer is a savvy buyer. An old English proverb warns, “A fool and his money will soon depart.” To avoid this fate, do your research and prepare your questions before reaching out.

  1. Higher Conscious Buyers

Higher conscious buyers of I-beam steel buildings and Insulation invest time reading the seller’s educational materials and may also consult independent sources. If a seller’s requirements do not align with their preferences, they simply choose to buy elsewhere. Importantly, they never intentionally deceive the seller. Transparent communication is a key element of this approach, where buyers upfront express their inability to meet certain requirements, saving both time and energy for all parties involved.

Factory Steel Overstock has a straightforward requirement: all customers who pay the associated fee on the same day of receiving a quote, receive the lowest brokerage fee.

Factory Steel Overstock’s higher-conscious approach to selling and buying challenges the traditional sales dynamic, fostering cooperation and transparency between sellers and buyers. By encouraging self-education and clear communication, this approach empowers customers to make informed decisions and enables sellers to reward those who engage with their educational materials. In a world where profit often overshadows values, Factory Steel Overstock’s approach serves as a reminder that authentic work is about more than money; it’s about creating an environment of trust, cooperation, and community that benefits everyone involved.

Higher Conscious

The Simplest and Smartest Savings Program in the Industry

Factory Steel Overstock was founded in 2011 by a Spiritual Practitioner and a 35-year industry veteran. The program enables ready buyers to know the true wholesale costs and savings before paying the brokerage fee! Start by reviewing posted prices. Then on the day they are ready to buy, they fill out a Name Your Price or Wholesale Quote form. Questions 1-888-512-1116.

Factory Steel Overstock has an A+ Better Bureau grade and a 5-star rating. Read testimonials.


  1. If a lower price than Your Named Price is attained, you will be presented with that lower price. Factory Steel Overstock will not pocket the difference!
  2. For Wholesale Quotes, we will present you our EXACT wholesale cost! This price is guaranteed below market quotes of equal specifications – TERMS.

Your Promise

Upon receiving a price below market quotes, you PROMISE to pay the brokerage fee the SAME DAY of the received price.

Important: This no-upfront-cost savings program is designed for ready buyers. If you’re not prepared to pay the brokerage fee on the same day as receiving our quoted savings, please refrain from requesting a wholesale quote. Failure to pay the fee will result in a permanent ban from purchasing from Factory Steel Overstock’s Cost-Plus program. Questions 1-888-512-1116.

How to buy Metal Building Kits and Insulation at Wholesale Rates

Name Your Price

  • This option is exclusively for customers who know the exact market price for their steel building or insulation.
  • Can name their exact purchase price.
  • $350 Insulation brokerage fee for up to $25,000 of wholesale cost
  • $750 brokerage fee for up to $100,000 of wholesale cost on metal building kits.
  1. Fill out the Name Your Price Form A representative will speak with you to verify your intent.
  2. If your desired purchase price is achieved, sign the proposal, return it, and pay the brokerage fee THAT DAY.
  3. Factory Steel Overstock will submit the order and service it through delivery and beyond.

Wholesale Custom Quotes

  • Select this option if you want assistance with choosing items for your project.
  • $350 – $500 brokerage fee for insulation orders.
  • $1,500 brokerage fee for steel building orders.
  1. Fill Out an Insulation Quote-Order or Metal Building Kit Quote-Order Form.
  2. Call 1-888-512-1116. A representative will confirm your intentions to purchase and an assessment of your quote request.
  3. Receive a wholesale quote, that confirms savings. Sign the proposal and return it. Pay a $350 – $500 brokerage fee for Fiberglass Insulation orders or a $1,500 brokerage fee for Custom Building Orders. For reflective insulation orders, pay the wholesale cost + $350 brokerage fee to FSO.
  4. Factory Steel Overstock will submit the order and service it through delivery and beyond. For Building orders, pay a 30% building deposit to a certified manufacturer within 5 days. For Fiberglass orders, pay the wholesale fiberglass cost + taxes to the supplier within 3 days of the order.

Guaranteed Savings Terms

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“Our service with Factory Steel Overstock has been great. They worked with us to get the building specks to fit our needs and they are very reasonably priced. I would definitely recommend their company if you are in the market for a steel building! Thank you, John and staff!”

Amargosa Seniors
– 30 x 60 x 12

“Buying our second building from FSO now. We were a little nervous with the process first time around, but everything went through without a hitch. Very happy. Thank you. .”

– Rogers Family
40 x 72 x 14-16′
40 x 40 x 16-18′

“Very easy to work with and great prices. They are very straightforward with the process they use, so do your homework, and be ready to purchase. Looking forward to getting my new building assembled. “

– Chris B. 40 x 60 x 16

Brandon Hillstead

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