Higher Consciousness Selling and Buying

When sellers and buyers treat each other the way they wish to be treated, higher conscious selling and buying takes place.

Higher Conscious Selling and Buying

Our Definition – The action of Selling or Buying in a manner that creates a win-win for parties involved.” Needless to say, this definition was derived from Mathew 7:12 ” Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.”

All too often, salesmen and companies fall prey to the desire to make more and more money; therefore, often compromise the core values that ensure long-term success. Authentic work is not about money, but what it creates! When a business realizes what’s in the buyer’s best interest is also in its own best interest, it naturally creates an environment of trust, cooperation, and community as well as increases its revenue.

In a traditional selling environment, there is an adversarial dynamic between the seller and buyer: The buyer tries to get the lowest possible prices while the seller wants to reap the highest possible rates. This dynamic usually creates a winner at the expense of a loser. A Higher Conscious Selling and Buying approach is a dynamic where seller and buyer work as one. The parties don’t see themselves as separate from the other; therefore, neither party wants to gain at the expense of the other. 

Factory Steel Overstock’s selling approach slows things down by motivating the shopper to do preliminary research before requesting a formal quote. A quote is only one aspect of the purchasing process – though it is a substantial one!  The higher-conscious seller presents pertinent information that is transparent (sample pricing, specifications, procedures, etc.) and easily accessible on their website. This way the public can more “objectively” educate themselves without the possible psychological pressure or intimidation from commission salesmen. By the public taking the initiative to self-educate, a company’s operational costs are reduced because the selling process is streamlined.  As a result, these savings can be passed down. In a nutshell, the buyer saves the seller money and in return, the seller rewards the buyer! 

Although the last statement is theoretically true, many shoppers operate impulsively and are reluctant to do the necessary educational reading. Many don’t take the time to envision their desired outcome or sufficiently research before committing to a purchase. Moreover, some consumers get irritated when they are recommended educational website pages to read! We are amazed how many people have not even taken the time to review our posted Building and Insulation SPECIALS or estimated Buildings and Insulation COSTS. Instead, many would rather verbally ask “How much does a 40’x 60′ x 14′ cost?”  or “What is the square foot price of a 50′ x 100′ x 16”. No wonder, smooth-talking salesmen thrive with their gimmicks!

Self-educate! Remember, an educated buyer is a smart buyer! An old English proverb: “A fool and his money will soon depart.”  So don’t be a fool. Do your research, and have your questions written down before you call!

Higher Conscious Buyers take the time to read as much as possible the seller’s educational material as well as review independent sources. If the SELLER’S requirements don’t align with their buying preference, they simply buy elsewhere, but they never intentionally deceive the seller!  Saying to the seller up front “I CAN’T meet your requirements ” saves the seller time and energy. Remember, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.  Remember, no program works for everyone! Some people are better suited for retail programs that have no or little requirements while others desire requirements that enable them to save. Factory Steel Overstock has only one requirement: All customers pay the associated fee AFTER (same day) confirmed quoted savings!  

Guaranteed Savings Terms

Client Testimonials

“Our service with Factory Steel Overstock has been great. They worked with us to get the building specks to fit our needs and they are very reasonably priced. I would definitely recommend their company if you are in the market for a steel building! Thank you, John and staff!”

Amargosa Seniors
– 30 x 60 x 12

“Buying our second building from FSO now. We were a little nervous with the process first time around, but everything went through without a hitch. Very happy. Thank you. .”

– Rogers Family
40 x 72 x 14-16′
40 x 40 x 16-18′

“Very easy to work with and great prices. They are very straightforward with the process they use, so do your homework, and be ready to purchase. Looking forward to getting my new building assembled. “

– Chris B. 40 x 60 x 16

Brandon Hillstead

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