Erecting a Steel Building

Steel Building Frames

Here are preliminary steps that should be done before buying and erecting a steel building:

  • Stake out on the property where the building will reside.  This will better enable you to know the right size building as well as inform you where the best locations will be for doors and window placements.  
  • Verify local building codes.  No matter the size project, most building departments will have some code standards that must be met. Neglecting this step can result in a great deal of unneeded future expenses.


When starting the process of erection, it is important that you check the accuracy of anchor bolts size and locations.  Again, since  most building suppliers send out anchor bolt setting (plans) within a few weeks of building order, there should be ample time for you to get your foundation prepared before the building arrives. 

steel buildings frame

NOTE: Anchor Bolts are not included with building purchase.

The foundation is unquestionably the most important part of the erecting process. Unless you have direct experience pouring a foundation for a steel building, it would be wise to utilize an experienced certified foundation contractor. Likewise, you should consider this principle with erection too.

Now, if you feel you have ample general construction experience and your steel building kit is not large, take a stab at erecting your steel building.  Many people have saved themselves considerable steel building costs doing their project with a few friends or family members; however, if your building is complex or there are strict code regulations in your area, it is best to hire a certified erector.

Step #2 – Lay Out Delivered Materials

Most building manufacturers send out Anchor bolt plans (settings) within three weeks of purchase, which will have erection sequence, proper storage and safety information.  A complete erection manual is normally sent when building materials arrive.  Please refer to these documents for a more detailed instructions before erecting a steel building.

Lay out your building materials properly around the foundation.  Place the columns and rafters at whatever end you intend to start.  You will move them with your crane to their permanent locations.  Put sheeting bundles on wood blocks around the foundation as close as possible to where they will be installed. Then layout trims, sheeting panels and insulation in a location out of the way.  These items will be the last items installed.


You will stand your main frame and rafters into place first. These members should be pre-cut, punched and welded. Because they are your heaviest items, you will utilize your crane for their movement and placement.  They will bolt together and be fastened to your foundation. Then you will install your secondary members (purlins and girts).

erecting a steel building


When you are installing girts, you will also install factory located framed openings and accessory framed openings which the girts attach to.

Step #5 – Roof & Wall Sheeting

You are half way done. You will now focus your attention to installing wall and roof sheeting.  Start with the walls and screw the sheeting into the frames with the fasteners supplied. Then do the same process with the roof sheeting. The screws should be snug.  All the certified steel building suppliers supply weather stripping to be applied between the panels. You will also install insulation at this time if it was ordered.

erecting a steel building

Step #6 – Installing Accessories

You will now install trim which not only beautifies your building, it also protects your building by sealing it.  You will also install any accessories such as windows, walk doors, louvers etc.

steel building insulation

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