Are Steel Building Salesmen Truthful

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Are the majority of steel building salesmen and companies truthful?

At FSO, an expert with over 35 years of steel building experience speaks with authority when he states his view:

Though I can’t speak for the truthfulness, or lack thereof, of all salesmen or the companies they work for, I can say that some of the most popular steel building firms seem to be utilizing some questionable sales gimmicks.

Lead Me On

Recently I noticed that some steel building websites were stating that you can price your desired building online; yet when I attempted to use their online pricing programs and never received a price online, I realized it was a gimmick. These businesses were simply attempting to collect my personal information so that their commissioned salesmen could call me. Now you may consider this a mild form of deception or simply common marketing practices; however I believe “deception is deception” and it only leads to more deception.

FSO hopes to attract customers who have the same moral fortitude that they want reciprocated.

False Sales Advertising

Have you noticed advertisements stating…  

“Unclaimed building!”  “70% off sale!” “Clearance building!” or  “BLOWOUT SALE?”

…followed up with a salesman telling you, “You must overnight or wire transfer building funds to get the SPECIAL deal”?

Now I must admit in very rare circumstances a customer may become deceased before balances are paid or a customer’s financial situation otherwise abruptly changes after the building has been ordered.  But 99% of the “unclaimed building” or “clearance building” assertions are simply gimmicks. Individuals unaware that they are being deceived, make an immediate payment instead of objectively verifying the credibility of the offer.  Needless to say, the consumers that accept these assertions as true, undoubtedly end up paying the full retail price.

Incorrect or Non-Existent Building Codes

Keep in mind, even if you found a very rare legitimate unclaimed or clearance building, you shouldn’t purchase it without considering its specifications. Every local building department has specific codes requirements that must be met.  You will have to show YOUR local building department certified stamped plans confirming that this building meets or exceeds these codes.

Furthermore, what are the odds that a company has an unclaimed building sitting around that just happens to meet your local codes and your desired size dimensions?!  The odds are a 100 to 1! Keep in mind, a completely fabricated building cannot be structurally modified after fabrication without expensive additional cost.

I am not saying that there are not a few legitimate discounted offers available; however, I find it odd that a majority of steel building sellers are saying the same presentations!  Henceforth, do a thorough check by analyzing the offer, compare the offer, researching the company’s credibility and get written assurances to include YOUR locally required codes before accepting the offer.

Make Sense of this Bid

Are the quotes you received varying greatly in price?

Are these quotes difficult to understand?

All of the above leads a person to question the honesty of most steel building offers.  So a word of advice, take your sweet time! If the offer is genuine, then it will become self – evident and will be available when you are ready to buy.   If someone says you need to buy now, then pass on their offer! I can assure you, if you complete your homework, you will locate an honest seller willing to sell you a new building lower than most unclaimed or clearance building offers.  

Your quote should be clear, concisely itemized and honest – no room for hidden fees or a missed checkbox used for a later upsale.  You should know exactly what’s included in your total delivered steel building price as well as the building specifications and codes this order will be adhering to.

Yes, there are truthful steel building salesmen and companies; however, it is your responsibility to locate them.