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Name Your Price or get a Wholesale Quote and save 10% below market prices!

Don’t just ask for a regular quote! Name Your Price or get a Wholesale Quote and take charge immediately. Since the Factory Steel Overstock fee is predetermined, it only quotes the lowest industry prices. After confirming savings, customers pay the fee on the same day they receive the quote.

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Cost-plus program for Fiberglass Insulation, Reflective Insulation and Metal Buildings

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We can present YOU savings today that YOU can’t attain on your own because we have the buying leverage, expertise, and specialized knowledge to do so!” – Owner John Barber

Don’t pay MORE for the SAME Fiberglass Insulation, Reflective Insulation, and Metal Building Certifications

Numerous people naively pay more than they need to every day. Factory Steel Overstock presents a wiser and less costly way to buy.

Did you know that most certified fiberglass insulation, reflective insulation and metal buildings sold originate from just a handful of large corporations? These corporations distribute the materials primarily through subsidiaries, retail outlets, regional representatives, contractors, and brokers. This means that even if you collect 20 quotes, you will still be reviewing the same material, just sold by a different reseller at whatever arbitrary profit amount they choose. You can continue this archaic buying practice or purchase from an independent broker without financial gain, adding more profits. Read True Broker

Factory Steel Overstock proudly offers metal buildings that are expertly crafted in an IAS-certified AMERICAN facility with a rich history of over 75 years. The Fiberglass Insulation is meticulously laminated by a distinguished NAIMA-certified AMERICAN plant with over 40 years of excellence. In addition, the premium fiberglass insulation, sourced from the esteemed Owen Corning before laminating, ensures top-notch quality. The Reflective Insulation is globally recognized, with over 5 million square feet sold worldwide.

With Factory Steel Overstock’s unique cost-plus program, you can purchase certified wholesale steel building kits and insulation, pay only the transparent brokerage fee, and eliminate the need for commission-based salespeople’s markups. Again, Factory Steel Overstock will take care of the order from submission to delivery and beyond, ensuring a seamless experience with its A+ Better Business Bureau and 5-star rated service. Testimonials.

Why is it better to Name Your Price or get a Wholesale Quote?

Name Your Price:

Imagine you’re in the market for a metal building for sale or fiberglass insulation. I think the traditional way to proceed is to approach different outlets and ask for a quote. Then, you patiently wait for all your quote requests to return, hoping at least one will fall within your planned budget.

But consider this:  What if randomly requesting quotes from traditional outlets is the problem? What if the quotes that come back are higher than expected? What if the materials quoted are different on each returned quote, making it difficult to compare them? In such a scenario, what should one do?”

There is a more innovative way…

Now, think about choosing a different starting process. Instead of depending on traditional outlets, you can name your purchase price with an independent broker.

Imagine a broker that has maintained an A+ BBB grade and 5-star rating since its inception, utilizing its resources to secure your requested price without paying anything upfront! That is what Factory Steel Overstock offers you! You can learn the market price for your desired insulation or metal building, then request a 10% price savings. What do you have to lose?!

Think of it like this: Factory Steel Overstock helps you buy something for less than what you can buy it for on your own. You’ll cover what it costs directly with the supplier and pay FSO for the service provided. It is a risk-free savings program. You pay nothing until you see the savings!

Wholesale Price Quote

Have you ever wondered why traditional metal building and fiberglass insulation outlets hesitate to reveal their wholesale price to the public? Essentially, these sellers worry that if they disclose their wholesale price, the average buyer will request or demand a price reduction. Therefore threatening their profit margins. It’s that simple! These sellers know the more ignorant the buyer is of the actual cost, the higher the probability of earning more from them. Moreover, offering retail steel building prices ensures the seller a cushion for negotiations.

You want to know the wholesale price quote because…

  • You want to be empowered!
  • You don’t want to haggle!
  • You want the assurance you are not overpaying!

What if the company was willing to utilize its expertise, specialized knowledge, and buying leverage to present you with a valid wholesale cost without charging any upfront cost? What if the price was guaranteed below market quotes of equal specifications? What if a firm trusted your honor to pay their fee the day of receiving savings? We’ll look no further; Factory Steel Overstock offers all this and more!

The Smarter Way To Buy Metal Buildings and Fiberglass Insulation

About 15 years ago, a friend suggested I use a car broker for my vehicle purchase. Despite my initial skepticism due to a $500 upfront fee, I went ahead. To my surprise, the broker presented the car with all the features I requested. The best part is that it saved me thousands of dollars! This inspired me to present an even better program: Reveal an actual wholesale cost that confirmed savings before expecting ANY fee payment!

The misconception that “you get what you pay for”, touted by retail sellers, leads the majority to believe that higher prices equate to better quality. This misconception drives people to stick to the outdated practice of seeking quotes from traditional retail sources, thinking the best deals are only there.

Many need to realize that traditional outlets inherently charge retail, as there’s no incentive for them to do otherwise. The more you pay, the more they make! The public, conditioned to accept retail practices, continues to pay retail steel building prices without considering the obvious. Unless they buy from a source that is not financially motivated by increased profits, they will always pay retail.

Since Factory Steel Overstock posted the brokerage fees upfront, offering the lowest wholesale prices behooves them. Factory Steel Overstock makes the same brokerage fee amount whether the insulation wholesale purchase price is $2,000 or $25,500!

You have two choices: keep requesting quotes from traditional retail outlets or utilize Factory Steel Overstock’s buying leverage, expertise, and specialized knowledge.

Easy process. Do your homework, know what you want when you call and you will save $$. I saved hundreds over other prices I got.” – Brad Lezzi 1/10/2024 (Fiberglass Insulation Order)

4 Frequently Asked Questions

Can I just state any Price I want to buy Insulation or a Metal Building for?

Yes, within reason; however, we ask everyone to request a 10% savings. A 10% net savings is substantial in the steel building and insulation industry. Factory Steel Overstock’s only profit is the listed fees, so if a lower price is secured, you receive it.

2.     The Name Your Price form requested that I send the competitor’s quote. What if I don’t have competitors’ quotes to send?

You then fill out a Wholesale Quote Form. Remember that you will receive the same wholesale price from Factory Steel Overstock whether you fill out a Name Your Price or Wholesale Quote form. Many elect to use the Name Your Price form because it allows them to feel empowered and in control of the pricing dynamics. 

3.    How can you guarantee me a price below the other quotes received?

Factory Steel Overstock presents the actual wholesale cost and only charges a $350 ($500 on more complex requests) fee for insulation orders as large as $25,000 and a $1,000 ($1,500 on more complex orders) fee for building orders as large as $100,000.000.

4.     Can I get a formal wholesale quote even if I’m not ready to purchase today?

Wholesale quotes are exclusively for those willing to pay our low service fee after (same-day) receiving confirmed savings. By directing our efforts towards prepared buyers, operational costs are reduced, and these savings can be passed down. However, feel free to call with questions and review the numerous wholesale prices posted

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3 Reasons to Buy From Factory Steel Overstock
  1. You learn the wholesale cost and profit amount upfront and are guaranteed a price below market quotes of equal specifications.
  2. Factory Steel Overstock submits the order to the certified supplier and service orders through delivery and beyond, ensuring a seamless experience with its A+ Better Business Bureau and 5-star rated service. You need only sign for delivery. Testimonials.
  3. I-beam Steel Buildings are fabricated by an IAS-certified manufacturing plant established over 75 years ago. Before lamination, fiberglass insulation originated from one of the most renowned companies: Owen Corning. The high-R-value reflective insulation is globally recognized; over 5 million square feet have been sold worldwide. Factory Steel Overstock has informed the public of actual costs since its establishment in 2011. It received its BBB accreditation in 2013 and has maintained an A+ Better Business Grade and 5-star rating ever since!

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