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Factory Steel Overstock opened in 2011, maintains a A+ Better Business Bureau grade, 5 Star rating and ALL positive REVIEWS.

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Factory Steel Overstock has 'NEVER' had a person who 'Purchased' a building write a negative review!

steel building testimonial
Standard 3:12 30x50 Custom Building

J. Wagner

customers self erected metal building
Standard 1:12 50x60 Custom Building

G. Johnston

50 x 60 x 18 metal building Factory Steel Overstock
Standard 1:12 50x60 Custom Building Package

Rich E.

I’m very happy with the pricing and service that FSO was able to provide me! John at FSO was on top of any questions or concerns that I had… the building went together quickly and painlessly! The savings with FSO were astronomical!!!…

We love our steel building. We erected it ourselves.

Thank you Factory Steel Overstock.

I recommend Factory steel Overstock as a top-notch service, from website to Customer service with a constant update on every step to delivery. They met all my expectation…Thank you to John and his crew for making this project Easy.

Wholesale quoting program created for Prepared Buyers!

steel barn home
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