2500 Wholesale Steel Building Prices Posted
Available to the General Public

OPTION 1: SPECIALS - Pay $500 profit
OPTION 3: Get a Quote - Pay 5% profit SAME DAY
3week delivery

Read How to Buy Wholesale page PRIOR to calling. 1-888-512-1116

Metal Buildings For Sale

The public chooses from 3 profit options; therefore creating their own metal buildings for sale: 

SPECIALS -(Option #1)  Add up your total delivered price on these metal building kits then call.  These metal buildings already have accessories included.  Available sizes 30'x40'x10' to 60'x100'x20'.   Pay $500 above cost.  

STEEL BUILDING PRICES -(Option #2) Calculate your delivered cost with these steel building kits, then call.  These steel buildings have one framed opening included.   Available sizes 30' x 40' x 12' to 60'x125'x20'Pay $800 above cost.

Get A Custom Quote - (Option #3) Ready buyers are quoted actual cost and pay 5% or LESS profit amount AFTER receiving this quote.  Available sizes 30'x 30'x 10' to 100' x 500' x 30'.  Profit amount paid by close of business day of received wholesale quote - no exceptions. 

Everyone is guaranteed a minimum $200 savings for steel building kits 40' x 50' x 16'  and smaller and a $500 savings for metal building kits 40' x 60' x 12' and larger.  Plus, each customer receives on additional feature more than any other offer. Average savings $3,250.

Factory Steel Overstock established March 2011, has A+ Grade, has a 5 Star rating and ALL positive reviews posted at the BBB.  Click BBB logo to read reviews.

Click for the BBB Business Review of this Buildings - Pre - Cut, Prefab & Modular - Dealers in Westminster CO


"I would highly recommend Factory Steel Overstock. Their core philosophy may be a departure from most companies but this should be encouraging rather than off putting. All of our interactions from inception and planning to receipt of the building were flawless and handled in a professional and courteous manner.  We estimate a savings of over 30% V's dealing with a more traditional company."

- by C.H. on 3/7/16 posted on BBB website

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I saved about $4,000 on my 50'x100'x16' building.
I would recommend this company.
Their selling approach was different !"

- Tuss Taylor - KY

Read more client testimonials...

"John was great to work with. Friendly and honest. The Building went together great and was all that I expected. Great Customer service." -Matt B 8/22/2017

"FSO and John have been wonderful to work with and his pricing has been excellent. All of the information is timely and he is very responsive. I will be purchasing all future buildings from FSO and I truly appreciate working with an excellent company." - Paul P. 7/10/2017

"We had a very good experience with Factory Steel Overstock. We had a few special requests that John took care of without a problem. John was always quick to answer our questions and took care of everything in a timely manner. We received everything we ordered in excellent condition. It was a pleasant experience working with John. We love our new building!" - Doug D. 5/9/2017

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Buying Metal buildings at discounted prices need not be difficult.

Many people researching the steel building sellers, find it a challenge locating a company that puts people before profits.   Consumers consistently encounter pushy commission salesmen or find ads claiming steel buildings for sale and metal buildings for sale that simply don’t turn out that way.   As a result, they collect numerous random quotes in hopes that they will find a needle in a haystack.  Eventually, most become cynical or skeptical of the buying process.  However, there is a smarter way:

Look within. Yes, I said look within! Too often we rely on others to do what we can best do ourselves.

Factory Steel Overstock has presented a program that we guide you all the way to acquiring the highest quality steel building if you will simply not be lazy and underestimate your our ability. Simply commit to a minimum of 30 minutes  reviewing the material on this website.  Everything pertinent to buying  a steel building is posted.  In order to support you, we ask you not to call until you are ready to buy that same day. Our FAQ link should answer the most important questions. When you know you are prepared to proceed to purchase based on receiving an attractive price or particular questions answered to your satisfaction, simply give us a call.

Factory Steel Overstock does not follow industry protocol of attempting to get the highest possible profit.  On the contrary, everyone is guaranteed a savings!  Moreover, FSO is a true broker.  FSO presents 3 savings options that allow the public to determine the profit amount added to FSO's actual cost from the manufacturer. 

100% Transparency of Steel Building Prices, Procedures and Specifications

The buying process is easy and transparent! Based on the savings Option the customer chooses, the profit amount is determined.  Option 1 and 2, the public adds up their delivered cost from the prices posted on the website. Then they call 1-888-512-1116 and inform the representative of their cost. The representative verifies price based on codes affiliated with customer's zip code. The customer pays only $500 above cost for Option 1 or $800 above cost for Option 2.  If the consumer does not locate their desired building in Option 1 or 2, they simply choose Option 3 (custom quote) and pay 5% above cost. Everyone is guaranteed a minimum $200 savings for steel building kits 40' x 50' x 16'  and smaller and a $500 savings for metal building kits 40' x 60' x 12' and larger.  Plus, each customer receives on additional feature more than any other offer.

Those who have completed their research and are prepared to pay chosen profit amount by close of business, can call 1-888-512-1116 or click quote for a true wholesale quote.  Please do not request a quote if you are not prepared pay profit AFTER receiving a verified savings.


We have found that SOME people are just better suited for a more traditional retail outlet. Please determine whether our wholesale program aligns with you.  The integrity of the program will not be compromised for a sale. Anyone who breaks their word by stating they are ready to buy, then not paying agreed profit by close of business day AFTER receiving a quote that verified a SAVINGS, will not be allowed to buy from Factory Steel Overstock. 

Why Us?

  • You are quoted a true wholesale cost. 
  • No gimmicks, hidden cost or commission salesmen.
  • You choose profit amount added to wholesale cost (Option 1,2 or 3).
  • Certified plans delivered within 2 weeks and standard building delivery is within 8 weeks.
  • Available guaranteed three week delivery (additional $500). 
  • Pay profit directly to Factory Steel Overstock and building deposit directly to supplier -total transparency.
  • Factory Steel Overstock has a A+ grade, 5 star rating and all positive reviews posted at the Better Business Bureau.
  • Metal buildings originate from IAS (International Accreditation Service) facilities and MBMA (Metal Building Manufacturer Association) members. 
  • Buildings are shipped from 12 strategic locations that enable the lowest delivered cost.
  • Work with a representative with over 30 years of industry experience.

There are over 2500 metal building prices to assist everyone in their research. Please help us maintain these discounted steel building prices by operating with integrity. Do not say you are ready to buy now, when you know in your heart you are not. This program was created for the higher consciousness individual. This is someone who doesn't see separation between seller and buyer. Thank you for your cooperation.

PLEASE help us improve our program by emailing your suggestions at factorysteeloverstock@gmail.com