Metal Buildings, Fiberglass and Reflective Insulation

Finally, a company is willing to post and quote wholesale prices as well as list the profit amounts. 1-888-512-1116

Steel Building Kits, Fiberglass, and Reflective Insulation

Factory Steel Overstock offers a wholesale metal building or insulation price quote to those ready to buy on the same day as receiving quote savings. The low-added profit amounts are listed on the website. The average savings is a net 10% below market quotes of equal specifications. Start by reviewing delivered prices. Then fill out a quote form ONLY if you are READY – TO – BUY today. Questions 888-512-1116.

Steel Buildings at Wholesale Cost + Low-Profit Fee with NO upfront cost

Standard 1:12 Steel Building Model

Standard 1:12 Model

4:12 Roof Pitch Steel Building

Standard 4:12 Model

Deluxe Model Steel Building

Deluxe Model

Executive Model Steel Building

Executive Model

Be quoted a pre-design steel building at $1,000 above wholesale price with No Up-Front Cost!


Pay a $100 refundable deposit before the quote and buy for $500 above cost.

How to confirm you have best price in the industry

Be quoted a customize steel building at $2,000 above wholesale price with No Up-Front Cost!


Pay a $100 refundable deposit before the quote and buy for only $1,000 above cost.

How to confirm you have the best price in the industry.

Insulation at Wholesale Cost + $500 Profit-fee amount with no upfront cost!

Or pay a $100 refundable deposit before receiving a quote and buy at $375 above cost.

Fiberglass R10 to R38

Reflective R-Value 22

Reflective R-Value 17

White Reflective R-Value 15.3

For over 12 years, Factory Steel Overstock has maintained an A+ Better Business Bureau grade and a 5-star rating. Read testimonials.

The Wholesale Quoted Price + Low-Profit Program made Simple.

Instead of following industry protocol of attempting to get the highest profits on a sale, Factory Steel Overstock is committed to offering the lowest rates without compromising quality. This is accomplished by streamlining the selling process through exclusively calculating quotes for prepared buyers. These ready buyers reduce operational costs, which is passed down.

Get 1 to 3 market quotes as well as review the posted delivered estimates before requesting a quote. A ready-to-buy NOW customer is willing to pay the profit -fee after (same day) receiving quoted savings – because they have completed their research.

If you are not prepared to pay after (same day) receiving a quoted savings, please do not request a quote at this time. Your integrity enables Factory Steel Overstock to offer this unique savings program.

Questions 1-888-512-1116

Certified I-Beam Steel Building plans are completed within 3 weeks

Steel buildings are delivered within 9 weeks. Fiberglass Insulation delivers within 2-3 weeks. Reflective Insulation within 7 -10 days!

Guarantee Savings Program

Factory Steel Overstock guarantees a price below market quotes of equal specification standards.

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“I ordered three buildings, and this has been an excellent experience. The website is extremely helpful for planning purposes. The order process is efficient, and the staff is very efficient and helpful. I have already recommended FSO to a friend.”

– 50x100x16   Connie C. 7/2/2018

“Definitely will do business with this company again.”

– by Ivan Timoshuchuk 10/9/2021

“I have purchased and erected four metal buildings in the past. This transaction was the best price by far and the simplest person to deal with. He never tried to constantly up sell me. All my buildings in the future will come from Factory Steel Overstock.”

– by Ralph B.  75 x 90 x 18

– Feb. 06, 2015

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