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Individuals may overpay for a multitude of reasons. At times, it stems from emotional impulses—such as a strong desire for an item or an emotional connection to a specific brand. Alternatively, a lack of knowledge about a fair price might lead them to agree to higher costs. Marketing tactics, including limited time offers or the perceived value of a product, can similarly sway individuals to pay beyond their intended budget. Moreover, some opt to overpay due to a preference for convenience over hunting for better deals. Skilled commission salesmen often convey aspects like urgency and, scarcity can further play a role in this tendency to overpay.

Specific reasons why people overpay.

Dealing with Salespeople Commission-based salespeople sometimes exaggerate and push unnecessary purchases. Consumers should take time to evaluate information and wait for intuitive guidance.

Bidding Wisely Reviewing only 2 or 3 bids may not be enough to determine fair market rates, especially when some companies deliberately overcharge. Collecting more bids and objective data increases the likelihood of finding fair prices.

Pricing Transparency Steel Building and Insulation companies that don’t display prices on their websites should be approached with caution.

Scrutinizing Contracts Salespeople may deceive customers into buying without essential inclusions in contracts. Careful review is essential to avoid unexpected costs.

The Importance of a Budget Failure to establish a budget often leads to overspending on steel buildings and insulation. A budget serves as a financial compass, helping consumers manage unexpected expenses and avoid halting projects due to resource depletion.


Retail stores can tempt poor money managers. Savvy shoppers can find quality products for less elsewhere, thanks to easy access to information via smartphones.

  1. Do your research: Trust your instincts to avoid overpaying.
  2. Review multiple bids: Collect several quotes to prevent overcharges.
  3. Scrutinize contracts: Ensure all promised items are included.
  4. Create a budget: Establish a financial plan to avoid overspending.”

Cost-Plus Program Made Simple

A 35-year industry veteran presents a spiritual approach by allowing those prepared to give back TODAY a wholesale quote without an upfront cost.

  1. Review 1 to 3 market quotes as well as our posted insulation prices and steel building prices.
  2. Fill out one of these forms:  Name Your Price, Wholesale Metal Building Quote, and Wholesale Insulation Quote.
  3. Call 1-888-512-1116 to let a representative know you submitted a form and to go over the details submitted.
  4. After the quoted savings, pay the low service fee that SAME DAY: $350-$500 Insulation orders – $750-$1,500 Steel Building orders.
  • Reflective insulation is delivered in 7-10 days. Receive Order #. Ships the next day! Receive a call from the shipper before delivery.
  • Fiberglass insulation is delivered in 2-3 weeks. Receive Order #. Receive a call from the shipper before delivery.
  • Steel Building Kits are delivered in 8-10 weeks. Receive the Order # and Scheduling information. Certified plans completed within 4 weeks. Receive a call from the shipper before delivery.
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With Factory Steel Overstock, you take control from the start by Naming Your Price

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Smart buyers utilize a transparent Wholesale Cost-plus programs over traditional retail outlets.

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We promise to return all calls, emails, and text sent during a work week within 24 hours.

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We are so confident in our efforts, that we are willing to give you back our fee if you don’t receive the services noted

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You are guaranteed a net savings below market quotes of equal specifications.

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