Independent Broker

A true broker is vastly different than a commission salesman.

Commission Salesmen versus Independent Brokers.

There is a big difference between a typical commission salesman and an independent broker.  Many in the market for steel buildings and insulation think the terms are synonymous, but they are not. Factory Steel Overstock is a TRUE INDEPENDENT BROKER! The key principle has over 35 years of experience in the steel building and insulation industry.

Commission Salesmen

A traditional commission salesman primarily earns their income based on a percentage of profit added to the base cost. Therefore, there is an incentive to acquire the highest possible profit.   In most cases, these dynamic fuels an adversarial relationship between the commission salesperson and the customer: The seller wants the highest possible price while the customer wants the lowest price.  Consequently, it is a challenge for both parties to be equally satisfied with the outcome. Not to mention, when negotiations are required, the salesperson usually must get permission from a superior to adjust any significant terms or pricing rates. In addition, this traditional selling dynamic must recoup standard operational overhead costs; therefore, any price adjustments are modest at best. Moreover, most commission salesmen have limited experience or specialized knowledge in their particular field of employment.

Independent Brokers

Comparatively, many brokers do have extensive experience in their field. After moving up the corporate ladder or mastering the details of their product or service, many salesmen feel restrained by the corporate structure and conclude they can better serve clients as independent brokers.

Contrary to the financial dynamics between the commission salesmen and customers, most brokers solidify a predetermined income agreement with their clients.  In like manner, often brokers and clients decide on a purchase price or fee upfront – so there is a clear understanding of the desired outcome. These pre-arrangements allow the broker to focus all of their attention on accomplishing the goal of saving the customer money instead of acquiring more income for themselves.

Most true brokers sustain or increase their practice by repeat or referrals; wherein, whereas most commission salesmen are dependent on new leads acquired by a company’s continuous advertising. This advertising expense must be recouped by profits acquired by commission salesmen.

The key is to locate an independent broker that has either a minimum or no upfront cost and a willingness to guarantee your satisfaction.


With the confusion of steel building and insulation materials, codes, plans, and the hurried, jargon-filled nature of traditional sales, it may be best to use a source that equally wins when you win!

The concept of utilizing a broker is quite simple:  Unless you have specialized knowledge, expertise, and buying leverage, it may not be wise to go up against an experienced, commission salesman or institution alone!  Many find it wise to choose a company that can offer the product or service wholesale, and their payment amount is predetermined upfront. When all the dust settles, it’s about getting a quality product at a reduced price!

With Factory Steel Overstock, there are no upfront costs, so there are no risks! Simply be willing to pay the modest profit amount after (same day) quoted savings.

First Purchase and Gold Member Pricing

On the 1st purchase, the public pays the First Purchase Profit Amount. On your 2nd purchase, the Gold Member Profit Amount. The public is a guaranteed minimum of $1,000 net savings on steel buildings and $200 on insulation. The average savings is 10%. The profit amount is paid after (the same day) receiving a wholesale quote (no exceptions).


Steel Building Wholesale Price First Purchase Profit Amount Gold Member Profit Amount
$0 – $30,000$1,000$500
$30,001 – $70,000$1,500$750
$70,001 – $100,000$2,000$1,000 (as low as 1% profit)
Fiberglass Insulation Wholesale PriceFirst Purchase Profit AmountGold Member Profit Amount
$0 – $15,000$550$375
$15,001 – $25,000 $650$500 (as low as 2% profit)
Reflective Insulation Wholesale PriceFirst Purchase Profit AmountGold Member Profit Amount
$0 – $15,000$375$250
$15,001 – $25,000 $500$400 (as low as 2% profit)

Client Testimonials

“Very easy to work with and great prices. They are very straightforward with the process they use, so do your homework, and be ready to purchase. Looking forward to getting my new building assembled. “

Chris B. -12/21/2018 

Everything went as scheduled down to the minute. I got a price on my metal building that could not be matched by anyone. I even had a salesman call me a liar when I told him what my quote was. Also, when they say there is going to be a delivery at 8 in the morning on a certain day, you better be ready at 8 in the morning. No fuss, no muss. Perfect. 

– THOMAS C – 11/20/2020

“Dealing with Factory Steel Overstock was very easy and everything was delivered as promised. Building went up with no issues. I had a problem with trying to figure out one part of the drawings and John had the building manufacture call me to help me out. Would definitely recommend Factory Steel Overstock for any steel building purchase.”

– Brian May

– 60 x 100 x 18

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