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From Customer Service To You

Here at Factory Steel Overstock, we strive to provide the most comprehensive customer service throughout the steel building purchasing process, and beyond.

Timely Communications

Once you have submitted your order, we’ve put in place an instant on-screen message & an email so that you know your order has been received.  In this email, we let you know by when you should be hearing from one of our representatives to review the particulars and procedures of your order.  In addition, we let you know how to reach us in the event you have not received this communication.

Maximize Email Communications

We believe that it’s important, at all times, for your questions and concerns to be heard and responded to, even if it’s to communicate that we may not yet have an answer to your question, but we are on the trail to getting this for you!  To best track communications, as well as to allow our TEAM to share in the tracking of these communications, please continue to USE EMAIL as primary source of inquiries pertaining to your building order.

First Tier of Customer Service – Online Prices at True Cost

Initially, we utilize our TEAM’s decades of experience in the steel building industry to best use our volume-buying leverage to secure the BEST PRICES for the public.  It’s not just a line when we say that we offer TRUE WHOLESALE COST to the public, and allow YOU to determine the markup/profit that we receive from your purchase. It is our service to you to be the most transparent pricing resource in the industry.

Second Tier of Customer Service – Attention to Requirements

Next, we use only up-to-date Metal Building Software (MBS) program to run the design and pricing for your steel building order.  In addition to asking you to contact your local building department for accuracy in required codes specific to your building site, our TEAM also reviews the MBS default minimum code requirements for your ZIP to ensure your building order is designed without hiccups. This communication between buyer and seller is always emphasized, valued and greatly appreciated, as it prevents wasted time and expense down the road when your permit approval is being sought.  Building modifications after fabrications can be quite costly – we advocate for getting it right the first time!

Third Tier of Customer Service – From Order to Delivery

Factory Steel Overstock utilizes only manufacturers which are AISC (American Institute Of Steel Construction) accredited and MBMA (Metal Building Manufacturers Association) members.  These affiliations assure that you are receiving a high quality control of design and material used.  Plans are stamped by certified engineers.

Factory Steel Overstock partners with the Project Managers of these suppliers and sends you EMAIL notifications to inform you of the timeline and procedures required to keep your steel building order moving forward, minimizing surprises.  You are always welcome to REPLY to our notifications, or initiate a new EMAIL with questions which our TEAM will address for you at any point in time along the way from Order to Delivery – and beyond!

Fourth Tier of Customer Service – Post Delivery

As your continued Go-Between representatives, we will put the supplier’s field services team in touch with you as needed, should there be any reason post delivery, in the fulfillment of your building order.  You are WELCOME to EMAIL us post delivery to ensure inventory and precision in your building erection progress is going smoothly. EMAILS are always responded to in a timely manner, thanks to a TEAM dedicated to making this an enjoyable and successful event for you!

And all this for what?  

We appreciate great testimonial shares from our satisfied customers.  These make our livelihood & personal goals that much more rewarding, and assists future customers in believing in our vision to serve the public with integrity and transparency.  

We look forward to serving you, too!

For those Requesting A Wholesale Quote, please fill out quote form. Also have the integrity to pay the profit % you selected within the time-line you selected OR email a competitor’s quote (black out competitor’s name) that reflects a lower price within this time-line. Factory Steel Overstock will honor its guaranteed saving terms. 

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