Guaranteed Savings

1 12 roof pitch steel building model

A Minimum $1,000 Savings Below Market Quotes, Plus One Additional Feature More Than Other Offers.


  • Customer must buy online or fills out quote form to get a  $1,000 guaranteed savings.
  • After receiving a formal quote that confirms a savings, customer must pay profit 6%  profit- fee as well as emails  sign purchase order by close of business day of received quote (no exceptions).
  • Quoted building must be a minimum size of 40′  x  60′  x  14′.
  •  At least 2 roll up insulated doors and roof & wall insulation are included with building purchase.
  • If customer emails competitor’s quote, quote must be dated within 2 weeks of the current date.
  • Competitor’s quote must be the same size structure, same specifications, and accessories included as offered by Factory Steel Overstock.  
  • Competitor’s quote must be received by Factory Steel Overstock before customer purchases from Factory Steel Overstock.
  • Competitor’s building must be fabricated from an AISC (American Institute of Steel Construction) certified facility in order to compare equal manufacturing standards.
  • If Factory Steel Overstock is unable to give customer $1,000 savings, customer will receive a check for $100 without any obligation to buy from FSO.


  PLEASE  email ANY quote you received that is lower than our online or quoted price to We will Gladly honor our savings guarantee.  Questions call 1-888-512-1116

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