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Factory Steel Overstock Pricing Structure and Related Benefits:

Factory Steel Overstock offers a pricing structure designed to provide customers with the best wholesale prices while keeping things simple and transparent.

The benefits of this pricing structure include:

  • Cost Transparency: Customers are presented with clear, upfront pricing that includes a fixed flat-rate brokerage fee, eliminating hidden costs and the need for lengthy negotiations.
  • Time and Effort Savings: The fixed flat-rate brokerage fee simplifies pricing and saves customers valuable time and effort. This streamlined approach allows customers to focus on their projects, confident that they are getting the best deal.
  • Price Match Guarantee: Factory Steel Overstock’s commitment to offering the best deals is backed by a price match guarantee. If customers find a better deal elsewhere, is ready to match it and provide an additional $1,000 (steel buildings) and $200 (Insulation) discount.
  • Preventing Costly Rework: Expert guidance and support directly from the website prevent costly rework due to misconfigurations or overpriced products, ensuring customers get it right the first time.
  • Partners in Business: Factory Steel Overstock is committed to building lasting partnerships. Loyal, repeat customers can enjoy lower flat rates as a testament to the company’s dedication to helping customers succeed in their steel and insulation projects.
  • Savings Beyond Products: Factory Steel Overstock goes beyond product pricing to help customers save on shipping costs, ensuring that overall expenses remain competitive.

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Fiberglass “Batt” Insulation

Fiberglass Insulation is blankets of woven long-strands of fiberglass. In most cases it is laminated on one side to a vapor-barrier facing.  You can order different protective facings that all serve as a vapor retarder.  

  • Standard insulation rolls have either 2- 3″ tabs or 1 – 6″ tab
  • Most orders include double face tape and patch tape. 
  • Cut lengths are normally 30 to 150 in length. 
  • Insulation width: 4′, 5′, and 6′
  • Thickness: 2.75″ (R-8), 3″ (R-10), 3.5 (R-11), 4″ (R-13), 6″ (R-19), 8″ (R-25)
  • Our standard insulation is WMP VR-R+ (PLUS) facing instead of VR-R. 

Not all Fiberglass Insulations are the same

  • Fabric and Banding: Be aware there are insulation systems that are of low quality. Some sellers utilize fabric that is thin and cheap, as well as use plastic nylon strapping in place of traditional metal banding.  Most erectors will complain about this kind of banding twisting up on the screw as they try to attach the strapping. 
  • Naima 202-96 compliance. This is an independent test performed by Home Innovations.  This test is the gold Standard for Flexible Fiberglass Insulation to be Laminated for Use in Metal Buildings. When the facing is laminated to the fiberglass it crushes the fiberglass.  The test ensures that after manufacturing the product unrolls to the specified R-value.   Some manufacturers do not want to pay for this test and say they do in-house testing.  In these cases, the product often arrives from these manufacturers with less than claimed performance.  Simply put, it means other insulation outlets, R-19 (6″) insulation may show up at the job site as 4″ or 5″ with a lower R-Value!  Our NAIMA 202-96 compliance guarantees you get the R-value you ask for.
  • Comcheck- Energy Compliance Certificate  COMcheck is a program put out by the department of energy.  This program models buildings in a compliance software to verify government energy code performance as it relates to insulation.  The certificate will specify a percentage equal to or better than code requirements.   COMCheck certificates available on request
  • Secure Price: Some firms will indicate that they have the option to increase the price based on insulation availability. This means these firms can process the order and then hit the customer with an increase at the last minute before shipping. At that point, the customer is stuck and may have to wait several weeks to get their insulation delivered if they don’t accept the price increase. A few steel building outlets are doing this same tactic.

With Factory Steel Overstock, there are no surprises. There is never a possibility of a price increase after the initial order! Insulation is normally delivered within 2-3 weeks and the customer is called within 48 hours of delivery.   

Factory Steel Overstock’s invoices are detailed:
  • Type of insulation (example- VR-R +)
  • Number of rolls
  • Width of rolls
  • Length of rolls
  • Total square ft of insulation
  • Estimated Weight
  • Volume in cu ft (if requested)
  • Thickness of insulation
  • R-Value
  • Wholesale Delivered cost.
  • Brokerage Fee (Profit amount)
  • Tax rate

For more information, click Fiberglass Resource Guide

Installing Single Layer Fiberglass Insulation

  1. You simply place the insulation roll over the top of the roof purlins and / or wall girts. This is done prior to the exterior metal panels being installed.
  2. The fiberglass rolls are essentially sandwiched between the interior metal and the exterior sheeting.
  3. The vapor barrier (usually white finish) faces towards the inside of the building, giving the building a clean finished look. We always Re-enforce this facing so that our customers have the sturdiest backing. With a single layer application, you can achieve R-Values up to R-25 (8″), but not higher. We recommend only applying up to 19″(6″) on the sidewall so that there is no unbalanced sheeting appearance on the sidewalls.
  4. The 3” tabs are to be rolled over and stapled. Orders come with double-sided tape for easy adherence to building, and a small supply of patch tape to assist with minor tears if needed

Simple Installation Procedure for Double Layer Insulation System: 

The great thing about fiberglass insulation is you can just add an additional layer and increase your R-value. The highest R-value you can have with a single layer of insulation is R-19 which is 6”.  Your purlin depth determines the thickness of your bottom layer.

  1. Faced fiberglass (we always include a reinforced faced backing) rolls are installed between the purlins and/or girts, filling the cavity. This cavity is important, for it allows the insulation to maximize its efficiency.
  2. This insulation is secured by banding that is screwed to the underside of the purlins. An additional layer of unfaced insulation is then placed over the top of purlins or girts, creating a double-layer high R-Value system.

Insulation 101

Most people are familiar with fiberglass insulation.  It is what was in their attic when growing up–though there have been improvements on its facings.

Steel building insulation is blankets of woven long-strand fiberglass that are laminated on one side to a vapor-barrier facing.  Facing materials are applied to fiberglass insulation blankets to serve as a vapor retarder as well as a protected cover over the fiberglass. This vinyl-reinforced backing is far more durable than vinyl alone.  

Order to Delivery

The process from Order to Delivery is EASY because the public receives simple-to-understand emails throughout the Order to Delivery process. If questions arise, a representative is available 6 days a week.

Step #1- Start by reviewing Prices (above)

Step #2- Fill out an Insulation or Building Quote – Order form

To receive a wholesale quote, a quote -order form must be completed.

After the quote-order form is submitted, a representative will call before completing the quote. A comprehensive quote will be completed within 24 hours – that confirms savings.

Step #3 – Sign Contract and Pay Profit Amount After Quoted Savings

With FSO you receive a formal wholesale quote that confirms your savings before you pay the profit amount. The profit amount is listed separately on the contract proposals for clarity and transparency. The customer signs the proposal, and the profit amount is paid that same day.

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  • Building and Fiberglass Insulation Orders – After proposal is signed and profit amount is paid, the customer pays a building deposit (30% of total) directly to the Certified “IAS” manufacturer within 5 days of order. For Fiberglass insulation orders, the balance is paid directly to certified insulation laminator within 3 days of order.
  • Reflective Insulation OrdersPay the full insulation cost to Factory Steel Overstock after (same day) receiving the quoted savings. Questions call 1-888-512-1116

Step #4- Receive Order Confirmation # and a Scheduling Letter

Once Factory Steel Overstock receives a Building Order, a Summation of the Order is emailed before the order is processed. This step enables the customer an additional opportunity to review their Building Order before engineering and plan design can begin. Once the order is submitted to the certified IAS fabricator, the customer receives a Scheduling Letter that includes the Job#, the expected date of plan completion, and a week of building delivery.

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  • Building Orders – A Summation of Order specifies the building size and codes.
  • Insulation Orders – Customers receive an Order Acknowledgement (Order Confirmation) email that includes the Order job #.

Step #5 – Receive Certified Building Plans or Insulation Cut List

Building Orders – Customers receive 2 FREE sets of certified stamped anchor bolt plans, with erection instructions as well as a letter of certification via Fed Express. A PDF of plans is mailed upon customer request. Customers normally bring these documents to their local building department for permits. A Fiberglass Insulation Cut List can be emailed upon customer request.

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  • Building Orders -Certified plans are completed within 3-4 weeks and buildings are normally delivered within 9 weeks.
  • Fiberglass Insulation Orders– A Cut List – upon request –is completed within 2 days of order.

Step #6 – Get a Confirmed Scheduled Delivery Date

Two weeks before building deliveries, the customer receives an email with the exact Shipping (or Pick Up) date and “Balances Due”. Buildings are delivered Monday through Friday at 8:00 am. Customers pay balances 10 days before delivery. A COD payment option has to be approved at the time of order.   

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  • Building Orders: Customers Receive an email confirming the exact delivery date, balances owed, and instructions two weeks prior to delivery.
  • Insulation Orders- Customers receive a call confirming the delivery date 48 hours before delivery. Reflective Insulation is delivered within 7-10 days from order and Fiberglass insulation is delivered within 2 to 3 weeks.

Step #7 – Accept Materials and Sign for Delivery

Customers will receive a bill of the label (inventory sheet) when the truck arrives. Simple sign this sheet that acknowledges delivery of materials.

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  • Building Orders -It is the customer’s responsibility to have an all-terrain forklift present to unload building materials. Please take inventory asap. In the rare event something is missing or damaged, please email Factory Steel Overstock the specific part#, picture of the damaged item, and the building Job #.
  • Insulation Orders – Machinery is not required with insulation deliveries.

Fiberglass Resource Guide