Cost-Plus Fiberglass Insulation Program is the Best Savings Option

Cost-Plus Fiberglass Insulation Program is the Best Savings Option

“A Cost-Plus program is the best fiberglass insulation savings option because it educates the public on the item’s pricing starting point or wholesale cost. That means fifty percent of the process is completed upfront. After that, the selected profit amount or fee is the only thing to determine.” – John Barber (Owner of Factory Steel Overstock).

It seems like every company selling fiberglass insulation claims to have the best rates. That is impossible. However, Factory Steel Overstock offers a unique Cost-Plus Fiberglass Insulation Savings program that presents a viable means of providing the best rates.

Instead of adding a profit relative to the order size, Factory Steel Overstock offers everyone buying up to $25,000 of fiberglass blanket insulation a flat $350 fee (profit amount) above its cost.  Considering that Factory Steel Overstock’s buying leverage, expertise, and specialized knowledge enable it to secure the lowest wholesale rates, there is a very high probability that the average consumer cannot access these discounted rates independently, no matter how much effort is applied. Factory Steel Overstock passes the wholesale savings directly down to its clients, again only requesting a low fee of $350. The offer is appealing because there is no upfront cost to get a wholesale quote. Factory Steel Overstock is willing to trust the public to have the honor to pay after receiving such savings.

Factory Steel Overstock is an independent broker that has operated since 2011. It possesses an A+ Better Business Bureau record and a 5-star rating, assuring customers they will receive the highest quality service and product.

The process is quite simple: customers review estimated delivered prices on the website for comparison purposes. When consumers are ready to buy, they either Name Their Desired Price or request a Wholesale Cost. Those who have received a market quote and want the features to match and have 10% savings, fill out a Name Your Price form and indicate that particular savings amount. Those who haven’t received a formal quote, fill out the Wholesale quote form.  If a request is presented before 2:00 p.m., the customer is given a wholesale quote (lowest industry price) that same day. After the customer confirms the savings, they pay the fee that same day. It is as simple as that!

Factory Steel Overstock’s risk-free program vastly differs from the usual efforts of companies attempting to reap the highest possible sales profits. Since Factory Steel Overstock’s fee is predetermined upfront, they must offer the lowest possible prices. In addition, because Factory Steel Overstock is an independent broker, the public gets the additional benefit of unbiased advice.

How To Best Utilize a Cost-Plus Fiberglass Savings Program

  • First, educate yourself as much as possible. To best take advantage of a cost- plus program, learn the market rate for the insulation type and amount you want.
  • Do an online review on all companies in consideration. Remember, the best reflection of a company is not what they say about themselves but what past customers say!
  • Take charge and Name Your Desired Price right from the start. This step empowers you and forces a company to first adjust to your financial needs rather than their interest.
  • Lastly, be financially prepared to buy. A cost-plus program can present savings for those with the resources to purchase upon receiving a confirm savings.