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Metal Building Roll Up Doors

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**Roll Up Doors only sold to customers buying our steel buildings.

roll-up doors

Roll Up Door Prices Below Reflect Pricing with Steel Building Purchase, and include:

  • 26-Gauge Door
  • Delivery
  • Chain Hoist
  • Color choice
  • We have electric operators w/remote available for $700-$800

**Roll Up Doors only sold to customers buying our steel buildings.

  • We offer Roll Up Doors sized 8' x 8' through 18' x 18'

Framed Openings are Required for Roll Up Doors:

  • 1 FREE Fully Flashed Framed Opening INCLUDED in metal building kit.
  • $300 each additional Roll Up Door Framed Opening.
  • $105 Flashing per door opening.
  • $650 per wall if not allowing for x bracing due to multi openings encompassing entire wall.

1900 Series (Non Insulated) and 1950 (Insulated)

These doors are for light-duty commercial use, as they utilize 9 1/2" drums instead of the standard 12" drum, requiring less headroom during installation.  These doors are not wind rated.

Size1900 Series (Non Insulated)1950(Insulated)
8' x 8'$592$729
10' x 10'$779$951
10' x 12'$920$1,059
12' x 10'$946$1,148
12' x 12'$999$1,221
12' x 14'N/A$1,345
14' x 14'N/AN/A
16' x 10'N/AN/A
16' x 12'N/AN/A
16' x 14'N/AN/A
18' x 14'N/AN/A
18' x 16'N/AN/A

2000 Series (Non Insulated) and 2250 (Insulated) Light-Duty Commercial-Grade Door

The 2000 Series is the best option for light-duty applications requiring frequent usage. The 16-Guage, 12" drums allow for easy retraction. These commercial-grade steel curtain roll-up doors are designed to exceed operational requirements with little or no maintenance.

Size2000 Series (Non Insulated)2250 (Insulated)
8' x 8'$649$705

2500 Series (Non Insulated) & 2750 (Insulated) Heavy-Duty Commercial-Grade Door

The 2500 Series is heavy-duty steel curtain roll-up door with tremendous versatility and unmatched quality.  This door is wind rated up to 12'.

Size2500 Series (Non Insulated)2750 (Insulated)
8' x 8'$763$878

5000 Series (Non Insulated ) & 5250 (Insulated) Wind-Certified Commercial-Grade Door

Doors with validated wind certification will reduce maintenance and replacement costs.  These high-wind-certified doors are designed to meet stringent building codes of coastal areas, built to perform against tornado and hurricanes.

Size5000 Series (Non Insulated)5250 (Insulated)
8' x 8'$774$897

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