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Metal Building Roll Up Doors

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In order to pay only $800 profit amount, you MUST be able to tell our representative YOUR DELIVERED METAL BUILDING PRICE.   Write down your desired door/s cost.

roll-up doors

Roll Up Door Prices Below Reflect Pricing with Steel Building Purchase, and include:

  • Delivery
  • Chain Hoist
  • Color choice
  • We have electric operators w/remote available for $700

If your door size or style is not priced here, or if you are purchasing only a door (without a building order), you will be Option 3, Custom Quoted.  Custom quotes are only for those prepared to pay same day as quote.

  • We offer Roll Up Doors sized 8' x 8' through 18' x 18'
  • Scroll Down for MORE Overhead/Sectional Door Options Available

Framed Openings are Required for Roll Up Doors/Overhead Doors:

  • 1 FREE Fully Flashed Framed Opening INCLUDED in metal building kit.
  • $300 each additional Roll Up Door Framed Opening.
  • $105 Flashing per door opening.
  • $650 per wall if not allowing for x bracing due to multi openings.

2000 Series (Non Insulated) and 2250 (Insulated) Light-Duty Commercial-Grade Door

The 2000 Series is the best option for light-duty applications requiring frequent usage. The 16-Guage, 12" drums allow for easy retraction. These commercial-grade steel curtain roll-up doors are designed to exceed operational requirements with little or no maintenance.

2000 Series Metal Building Roll Up Door

Size2000 Series (Non Insulated)2250 (Insulated)
8' x 8'$572$686

2500 Series (Non Insulated) & 2750 (Insulated) Heavy-Duty Commercial-Grade Door

The 2500 Series is heavy-duty steel curtain roll-up door with tremendous versatility and unmatched quality.  This door is wind rated up to 12'.

2500 Series Metal Building Roll Up Doors

Size2500 Series (Non Insulated)2750 (Insulated)
8' x 8'$694$798
12x14$1,009 $1,239
14x14$1,107 $1,372
16x10$1,149 $1,385
16x12$1,164 $1,435
16x14$1,225 $1,524
18x16$1,406 $1,802

5000 Series (Non Insulated ) & 5250 (Insulated) Wind-Certified Commercial-Grade Door

Doors with validated wind certification will reduce maintenance and replacement costs.  These high-wind-certified doors are designed to meet stringent building codes of coastal areas, built to perform against tornado and hurricanes.

5000 Series Metal Building Roll Up Doors

Size5000 Series (Non Insulated)5250 (Insulated)
8' x 8'$704$815
12x12$1,010 $1,270
12x14$1,056 $1,360
14x14$1,170 $1,460
16x10$1,174 $1,485
16x12$1,265 $1,570
16x14$1,365 $1,650
18x16$1,404 $1,902

Roll Up Door Information for Doors Priced in Option 2


Overhead Sectional Door

FSO offers a wide range of the highest quality commercial overhead sectional doors.  Overhead doors lend a great deal more style diversity, such as window sizes  and styles, as well as insualtion R-Value options. Whether you are looking for heavy duty door for a large industrial project or basic door for your personal shop, FSO will quote you the door at true wholesale cost 8' x 8' through 40' x 24'.  Doors come with lift options and openers.

overhead sectional steel building door

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The roll up door prices above are the best priced doors in the industry. Factory Steel Overstock  utilizes it buying level in order to allow its customers to buy at true wholesale prices. Just check around and you will see NO other company offers a commercial roll up doors at these rates!

FSO has created a TRANSPARENT steel building pricing program for the general public. All prices posted on website or quote are true wholesale prices!  Ready - to - buy now customers receive a comprehensive bid/proposal FIRST - verifying savings and quality - THEN pay modest profit by close of business day. There are no sales gimmicks or hidden cost...just a guaranteed savings! 

 If you are prepared to pay modest profit -based on receiving a verified savings- a formal quote will be completed. If price quoted is not your lowest, Factory Steel Overstock will have building price reduced or wave profit.

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