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Metal Building Roll Up Doors

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Roll Up Door Prices below include:

  • Delivery
  • Chain Hoist
  • Color choice

Notice that wholesale roll up door prices below are ONLY for customers purchasing steel buildings from Factory Steel Overstock.


We have electric operators available for $600 -$800 that includes a remote.


Framed Openings are Required for Roll Up Doors

  • 1 FREE Fully Flashed Framed Opening INCLUDED in metal building kit.
  • $300 each additional Roll Up Door Framed Opening
  • $105 Flashing per door opening.

2000 Series (Non Insulated) and 2250 (Insulated) Light-Duty Commercial-Grade Door

The 2000 Series is the best option for light-duty applications requiring frequent usage. The 16-Guage, 12" drums allow for easy retraction. Find that these doors are low maintenance, in summary, commercial-grade steel curtain roll-up doors are designed to exceed operational requirements with little or no maintenance.

2000 Series Metal Building Roll Up Door

Size2000 Series (Non Insulated)2250 (Insulated)
8' x 8'$572$686

2500 Series (Non Insulated) & 2750 (Insulated) Heavy-Duty Commercial-Grade Door

The 2500 Series is heavy-duty steel curtain roll-up door with tremendous versatility and unmatched quality. This door has a deep engagement guides that makes it.... **********

2500 Series Metal Building Roll Up Doors

Size2500 Series (Non Insulated)2750 (Insulated)
8' x 8'$694$798

5000 Series (Non Insulated ) & 5250 (Insulated) Wind-Certified Commercial-Grade Door

Doors with validated wind certification will reduce maintenance and replacement costs, in summary, notice that wind-certified doors are designed to meet stringent building codes.

5000 Series Metal Building Roll Up Doors

Size5000 Series (Non Insulated)5250 (Insulated)
8' x 8'$704$815

General Information

Find that our commercial-grade steel curtain roll-up doors are designed and manufactured for strength and durability.  Discover that our roll-up doors are the backbone of our business.

Our commercial doors use heavy-duty brackets made of .187-thick angle, as well as have a high-cycle spring life and continuous-duty design.  Find that the commercial doors are wind load tested in accordance with IBC, FBC and TDI.   Furthermore,  find that our metal building roll up doors have electric motor capabilities and multiple mounting options including steel, wood, masonry and concrete.

Discover that our steel curtain roll-up doors are easy to install and, additionally require minimal maintenance.  Notice that we have a variety of models and colors available from which to choose.


Notice that our commercial doors are manufactured with hard, Grade E steel ensuring strength and durability. A siliconized polyester finish replaces older polyester paint finishes, which are recognizable by severe chalking and fading from direct contact with UV rays and, in summary, DBCI steel curtain roll-up doors are coated with a silicon polyester paint highly resistant to UV light rays allowing some colors a warranty of up to 25 years.

A.C.E. Guides System

Notice that the A.C.E. (Advanced Curtain Engagement) guide system has been designed to benefit our customers. Some of the benefits include universal mounting options, increased durability, excellent performance and ease of installation.  Discover that through countless hours  in the design room, DBCI has, in effect, created one of the most advanced rolling sheet door guide systems in the industry.

Axle-Drum Assembly

Note that our commercial door axles and drums are manufactured with industrial-grade steel.  Find that the door drums are designed and engineered specifically for commercial application to ensure product integrity,  long life and high-capacity use.  Notice that steel ball bearings are preferable to nylon or plastic bushings, which can disintegrate under heavy use.

Vision Panel

See that because of  translucent flexible polycarbonate contruction, the 5″ x 17″ vision panel allows light entry and, as  a result, provides outside visibility.  See how the white 20-gauge frame is pop-riveted and is normally installed approximately 55″ from the floor.  The location and number of panels per door is limited. This item is currently unavailable.


Know that springs are the most critical mechanical component of a steel curtain roll-up door. For maximum reliability, we use only oil-tempered torsion-type springs for its commercial grade steel curtain roll up doors. Coordinating the design of a roll-up door with the proper spring assembly ensures longer and more durable use with minimal maintenance required.  Notice that in independent tests, our commercial-grade steel curtain roll-up door exceeded 40,000 openings and closings before any maintenance was required. Although there is no such thing as a maintenance-free door, we engineer our roll-up doors to be maintenance-simple: easily visible for inspection and accessibility.

Wind Load Certification

Fueled by the constant changes in local and national building codes, as well as increasing insurance costs, choosing a door with a validated wind certification can dramatically reduce maintenance and replacement costs. The in-house wind certification facility enables us to manufacture doors to the highest standards. Our commercial door 5000 Series, wind certified doors are designed to meet stringent building codes in coastal regions and Florida.

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