Insulation DIY Estimator

Fiberglass R10 to R38

Our standard facing is an attractive and stronger WMP -VR-R+ in lieu of the industry-standard VR-R. Available roll widths: 3′, 4′, 5′, and 6′. Length 30′ to 150′.

Reflective R22

This High R-Value insulation is VERY easy to install and durable! A very popular choice! Dimensions: 4’x 85.3′ (341 sq. ft)

Reflective R17

This insulation has adhesive attached to each roll, making the installation a breeze! Dimensions: 4′ x 175′ (700 sq. ft.)

White Reflective R15.3

If you prefer a white finished look, with the savings of Reflective insulation, this is a perfect choice! Dimensions: 4′ x 175′ (700 sq. ft.)

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