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About Us - Factory Steel Overstock

Factory Steel Overstock opened business 3/17/2011, and then was accredited with the Better Business Bureau 7/15/2013. FSO has a 5 star rating, A+ grade and All positive reviews posted at the BBB.

Coupled with its A+ rating with the BBB, Factory Steel Overstock has quickly become one of the leading sellers of low-complexity metal buildings. The corporation's selling approach doesn't follow industry protocol of attempting to get the highest possible profit. On the contrary, FSO offers steel buildings to the general public at true wholesale steel building prices. Simpy put, IT IS DIFFERENT HERE! The owner's expertise and specialized knowledge has enabled Factory Steel Overstock to secure the lowest possible steel building prices and, as can be seen, this savings is directly passed down to the general public.

Money is not the driving force of Factory Steel Overstock, Spirit is! The owners believe Spirit will always yield increase.

To sum up, the program was primarily created for the higher consciousness person. This is someone who doesn't see separation between seller and buyer; therefore, an authentic relationship is created where buyer and seller act as ONE. This cooperative Spirit enables Factory Steel Overstock to offer the general public steel buildings at wholesale prices.

The owner of Factory Steel Overstock has over 30 years experience in the steel building industry. He became a licensed Spiritual Practitioner in 2012. His experiences and insights lead him to develop this transparent program. All prepared buyers will receive a certified I-beam steel building from a IAS (International Accreditation Service) facility and MBMA (Metal Building Manufacturer Association) member.

For more information, read Why Choose Us page

It is different with Factory Steel Overstock. For example, you won't be bothered by any pushy salesmen. Over 5,000 steel building prices are clearly presented, namely to make the buying process easy and enjoyable. Factory Steel Overstock knows that honoring your intelligence by posting all pertinent information, as well as having non-commission representatives assisting you, creates a climate of trust and appreciation.

The more research you do, the more you will find Factory Steel Overstock's transparency, in addition to great metal building prices,  separates it from traditional steel building outlets. Take your time and review the material on the website, and when you feel you are ready to buy, simply request a formal quote. At that time, you will be informed of Factory Steel Overstock's actual wholesale metal building price, and, as a result, will be allowed to choose the profit%.

Factory Steel Overstock is the only steel building company that...

  • posts and quotes its actual true wholesale cost.
  • allows the public to choose the profit % added.
  • guarantees a minimum $500 savings, plus one additional feature more than any other offer (40' x 60' x 14' and larger).  Average savings 12%. All this is done for FREE for Ready Buyers.

To Get Started:

  1. Choose between Options 1, 2 or 3. Hover over option 1 (Packages) or 2 (Build Your Own Package) in above menu to see available building options to choose. Choose a Building Package. Option 3 is for a QUOTE request.
  2. Complete Order Form 1, 2 or 3 and type on form a profit % for FSO.
  3. Pay Profit % you choose immediately AFTER receiving a formal quote from FSO that confirms savings.

In order to offer true wholesale prices, quotes are exclusively completed for ready buyers only.