30′ x 40′ x 10′ Steel Building Sale

Select a model and buy at $500 above wholesale.

$1,000 or $500 Profit Above Cost

  1. Select a framed opening configuration (framed opening locations are fixed. Can’t be changed).
  2. Select a color option (for walls and trim)
  3. Those ready to buy TODAY – based on receiving a quoted savings first – fill out the quote order form (below). A wholesale quote will be completed based on your codes and delivery location. Pay a $100 refundable deposit before receiving a quote, to get the profit amount reduced from $1,000 to $500. Guaranteed net savings of $1,000 below market quotes! Average savings is 10%! Questions 1-888-512-1116.
Standard 1:12 Steel Building Model
Standard 1:12

Key Features

  • 1:12 Roof Pitch
  • 30 Galvalume Plus Roof Finish Warranty

50x100x16 steel building special
Standard 4:12

Key Features

  • 4:12 Roof Pitch
  • 40 Year Colored Roof Finish Warranty
Deluxe Model Steel Building

Key Features

  • 3:12 Roof Pitch
  • 40 Year Colored Roof Finish Warranty
  • Commercial Gutters & Downs
  • 18″ Purlin Extensions and Canopies with soffits
Executive Model Steel Building

Key Features

  • 3:12 Roof Pitch
  • 40 Year Colored Roof Finish Warranty
  • Commercial Gutters & Downs
  • 2′ Purlin Extensions and Canopies with soffits
  • 4′ Wainscot w/transition trim

Model (A)


  • 1 – 12′ x 8′ insulated roll up door
  • 1 – 3′ x 7′ insulated walk door
  • R-Value 22 reflective insulation w/tape

Market Prices -$24,100

Your Price $20,078

30 x 40 x 10 steel building sketch

Model (B)


  • 2 – 12′ x 8′ insulated roll up doors
  • 1 – 3′ x 7′ insulated walk door
  • R-Value 22 reflective Insulation w/tape

Market Prices – $25,750

Your Price – $21,247

30x40x10 B

Model (C)


  • 1 – 12′ x 8 insulated roll up door
  • 1 – 3′ x 7′ insulated walk door
  • R-Value 22 reflective insulation w/tape

Market Price – $25,750

Your Prices $20,078

Color Options

Saddle Tan steel building colors
Saddle Tan
Rustic Red steel building colors
Rustic Red
Polar White steel building color
Polar White
Light Stone steel building color
Light Stone
Koko Brown steel building color
Koko Brown
Hawaiian Blue steel building color
Hawaiian Blue
Galvalume Plus steel building color
Galvalume Plus
Fern Green steel building color
Fern Green
Desert Sand steel building color
Desert Sand
Crimson Red steel building color
Crimson Red
Cobalt Blue steel building color
Cobalt Blue
Charcoal Gray steel building color
Charcoal Gray
Burnished Slate steel building color
Burnished Slate
Ash Gray steel building color
Ash Gray

Features included in all models:  * 40 Yr. Warranty on Colored Walls and Trim * 25 Yr. Warranty Galvalume Roof  (unless colored roof is listed)* Solid I-Beam Construction. Some companies use back to back light gauge CEE sections connected  for their columns and rafters instead of solid I-Beam.  This lighter material does not hold the same deflections as I-beam, therefore these buildings may need additional concrete to support loads and prevent fasteners from loosening.* Clear span design (no interior columns) * Framed Opening Fully Flashed *  Lifetime Structural Warranty * Complete Trim Package * 26 Gauge sheeting (unless specifically noted 24 gauge) -80,000 p.s.i. tensile strength | 1 1/4″ sheeting profile * Purlin bearing rib (PBR panels – larger overlap than R panels- All panels incorporate the purlin bearing profile * Life-time warranty roof fasteners * All bolts, screws, closures, weather stripping, sealants, fasteners as required to erect structure *  The pre-punched connecting clips for the structural members, including endwall columns, are welded in place and then primed during fabrication * All structural elements for the specified framed openings ( jamb, girts and headers) are pre-cut and pre-punched and the necessary clips are welded on during fabrication * Prices reflect cable braces in optimal locations * Foundation plans, anchor bolts and erection services by other.  Additional Specifications for metal building kits.  Metal building prices reflect full roof snow load (not ground load) | Exposure B |  IBC-2015. Call you local building department to verify codes. These steel building prices reflect average seismic levels. Some states have high seismic levels which will increase building price. Our representative will calculate your exact price based on codes associated with your zip code.

Order to Delivery Process

Step #1 Fill out the quote form below.

Step #2 Sign the received proposal and pay the profit fee. Then pay a 30% deposit to the manufacturer.

Step #3 Receive a Summation of Order and a Scheduling Letter.

Step #4 Receive Certified Building Plans

Step #5 Get an exact Scheduled Delivery Date

Step #6 Accept Materials and Sign for Delivery

Pre Designed Quote Form

Fixed roll up door locations
    If you clicked no, there will be no upfront cost. However, you will be paying $1,000 above wholesale cost and the quote will be honored for 3 days.
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    While the typical certified foundation design cost $3,000, Factory Steel Overstock provides the resource to you for only $1300, $500 of which will be paid to FSO and $800 to the foundation engineer.

    Select, Yes and we will supply the contact information upon receipt of your $500 payment to FSO. Thank you.
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Client Testimonials

“FSO and John have been wonderful to work with and his pricing has been excellent. All of the information is timely and he is very responsive. I will be purchasing all future buildings from FSO and I truly appreciate working with an excellent company.”

Paul P 7/10/2017

Everything went as scheduled down to the minute. I got a price on my metal building that could not be matched by anyone. I even had a salesman call me a liar when I told him what my quote was. Also, when they say there is going to be a delivery at 8 in the morning on a certain day, you better be ready at 8 in the morning. No fuss, no muss. Perfect. 

– THOMAS C – 11/20/2020

The building turned out great! Could not be happier with the quality! Me and my dad built it from the ground up just us. It’s finally done so time to load it full of projects! Thanks for the help and the quality building! 

Brandon Hillstead

– 40’x 60′ x 16′ 4/10/2020

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