What’s better: Fiberglass Insulation Salesmen or Independent Broker?

What’s better: Fiberglass Insulation Salesmen or Independent Broker?

Many are unaware of the distinction between an independent insulation broker and a traditional insulation salesman. This article aims to empower you with this knowledge, enabling you to make informed decisions that precisely cater to your needs.

Most are familiar with traditional salespeople because we’ve encountered them multiple times when purchasing items in stores, dealerships, and offices. These individuals have financial incentives based on the profit gained from the sales, the number of sales, or a combination of the two. In addition, these salesmen usually represent a particular product or service.

Fiberglass Insulation Salesperson

Unlike a traditional fiberglass insulation salesperson, an independent insulation broker offers a collaborative approach. They focus solely on finding the best solution for you, unencumbered by a specific company’s interests. This fosters a positive and productive relationship where your needs take precedence.  

I experienced the traditional corporate sales environment at play firsthand when I worked for a giant Steel Building Corporation from 1984 to 1992. In the early years, whatever the corporate line regarding offered services, products, or pricing was presented to the salesforce, I tried to convey it to the public word-for-word. I rarely questioned this information. The financial incentives the corporation offered kept my attention. Like most other representatives, making the sales was our focus, and everything else was secondary. I was the leading salesman for multiple years with a salesforce of over 100 representatives. It wasn’t until years passed that I started reflecting on whether my approach was ideal. Something began gnawing within me. I wonder whether I was genuinely selling ethically. Even though I wasn’t lying to the public, I wasn’t being fully transparent.

One day, I was shopping for a car, and I wasn’t comfortable with the pricing rates I was getting from the local dealerships. A friend recommended that I work with an independent car broker. At the time, I had no clue how this dynamic worked. Since my friend knew someone he had used previously, I felt comfortable exploring this possibility.  The broker listened attentively to what I wanted.  He asked me what was my target purchase price. I was pleasantly surprised that I was in control of the cost and not some commission salesmen. After he collected the pertinent information, he secured precisely what I wanted within a few days and saved me considerable money. At this point, I decided to be an independent broker of steel buildings and insulation. I could no longer be just a fiberglass insulation salesperson.

Independent Fiberglass Insulation Broker

 An actual independent broker is not bound to a particular product, service, or company. His interest is, first and foremost, in his client’s wants and needs. An independent broker’s income is predetermined, so once the client accepts the fee amount, there is no incentive other than the client’s interest.

Regarding Factory Steel Overstock, it explored many certified fiberglass insulation laminators and evaluated their prices, services, and quality. The rigorous evaluation process filters out the firms that haven’t evolved to the required standards. Once a list of a few qualified suppliers was established, Factory Steel Overstock dictated its desired per square price to the establishments—not the other way around. The fiberglass supplier either accepts the price or not. This is the crucial difference between a commission salesman and an independent insulation broker:  The broker has the buying leverage, expertise, and specialized knowledge to acquire the best rates. A commission salesperson is limited to what the company he represents can offer. Moreover, the commission salesperson gains financially the higher the selling price, while an independent broker doesn’t.


There are times when the convenience of salesmen will suffice. However, an independent insulation broker is a more intelligent choice for big-ticket items, where a few percentage points can be the difference between hundreds or thousands of dollars. Remember, the fees and contract terms are predetermined with a broker. What makes Factory Steel Overstock’s program so great is that the fee isn’t paid until the customer receives confirmed savings.