Your Steel Building Infrastructure

steel building with large roof extension

Infrastructure is a hot topic these days, and good for you to choose a steel building for your next project! You simply cannot surpass the strength and durability of I-Beam steel buildings. Let’s have a quick look at how this choice will pay off for decades to come.


Steel, by nature, has the capacity to carry its own weight, or dead load. This is optimal for your design because it offers an interior use of the building that is unhindered by interior placement of load-bearing columns. Clear-span design of your building allows for infinite interior use and design choices for however you are choosing to purpose the structure. Be it residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural or you-name-it, without the interruption of interior columns you get to maximize the building’s potential to serve your dreams!

All steel buildings are built to code. Check with your local building department for requirements and governing document, such as IBC 2015 (International Building Codes 2015). In addition, ask for specific Snow Load and Wind Speed Code requirements for your building. All this, in addition to standard dead and live loads, your steel building is built strong and safe.


Invest in your steel building and it will pay dividends in saved maintenance cost down the road. Components are either galvanized or primed with rust resistant finishes. New technologies in color finishes come with 40-year warranties. You’ll save thousands of dollars in maintenance, as you won’t be having to re-roof, re-shingle, or re-paint on a seasonal basis. Be sure to add insulation to your building order, as this assists with vapor barriers interiorly.

If you intend to be super heavy-duty in building use or live in extreme climates, 24-guage sheeting is available in our Fortress Model. See Option 2 Models for some sample pricing when you create your own package. Of course, anything is possible in Option 3 – Custom Quote as well if you don’t find the building size posted in our online price calculators.

Enjoy designing the infrastructure you desire in life today!