Why Buy Steel Buildings for Less at Factory Steel Overstock?

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7 Reasons Why To Buy From Factory Steel Overstock

  1. FSO post and quotes its ACTUAL wholesale cost and allowed prepared buyers to select the profit % added to this cost!
  2. Customers pay profit % selected to FSO and are allowed to send their building deposits directly to an AISC (American Institute of Steel Construction) certified plant as well as an MBMA (Metal Building Manufacturer Association) member that has been established over 50 years.
  3. Customers receive FREE certified stamped plans as well as calculations within 3 weeks of the initial order.
  4. FSO guarantees a minimum $500 savings (including offered profit) plus one additional feature more than any other quote (40′ X 60′ X 14‘ and larger). Average savings 15%
  5. Estimate for FREE online.
  6. An experienced customer service representative is available to assist you AFTER order from FSO as well as a certified manufacturer.
  7. Factory Steel Overstock has a Perfect A+ Grade, 5 Star Rating and ALL positive reviews posted at the BBB.

Very Simple Savings Program For The Higher Conscious Person

We would love to sell to everyone who finds this website; however, we are acutely aware that not everyone has the consciousness that motivates them to give back after receiving.  You see, some are conditioned to believing that they are ‘owed’ a formal wholesale quote even though they are not ready to give back by buying – no matter how much the quote saves them. When a company doesn’t qualify who gets a quote, the additional time spent calculating unqualified quotes must be recouped in the quoted price.  REMEMBER, FSO has already posted over 5,000 steel building prices as well as roll up doors, insulation, accessories and shipping prices to assist everyone.

To recoup cost from indiscriminate quotes, traditional companies hire commissioned salesmen and grant them a great deal of latitude regarding how much ‘mark up’ to add to the building cost, not to mention the discretion on what selling techniques they can apply.  Instead of hiring commissioned salesmen, FSO transparently posts all pertinent information and quotes only ready buyers.

Visit today and plan your steel building purchase for less!