Ways to Enhance Steel Building Appearance

steel barn home

While most folks choose metal buildings over traditional wood frame, brick and mortar to save money on their new builds, others shy away due to the tin can look of the building structure.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

3 Dimensional Choices

Enhance the simple box design by raising the roof – literally, with a steeper roof pitch. For example, a 4:12 roof pitch gives your roof 4 foot rise to every 12 foot run. This tilt of the roof gives the eye a new dimension from curb view, and thus another plane of color to show your neighbors.

Grow out the edges of the rooftop with roof extensions. These add shelter and shade for the walkways surrounding your building. In addition, the soffits underneath the extensions allow for yet another plane of color splash.

2 Dimensional Choices

On wall surfaces, design door and window placements. The great thing about steel is its capacity to support its own weight for many feet span. You can design large framed openings and get very creative with door designs. Plan for extra large overhead doors which open up to the great outdoors. Enhance your openings with trim colors which mix and match to roof and wall colors.

Speaking of Colors!

High quality color finishes are applied in the factory with up to 40-year warranties. These greatly enhance the look of your building and minimize the maintenance for decades to come. Choose colors for roof, walls, trim, gutters and downspouts, and large doors. Get creative to show off your personal or professional style. You may want to stand out or fit in with your neighbors – but either way, enjoy the process!

Communicate Design Ideas

Communicate your design intentions thoroughly with a sketch and description so that your representative can assist with x-bracing placement at the time of your quote. If you are purchasing windows, doors or other components elsewhere, be sure to get the specifications required for their install. You want to be certain that the framed openings designed at the time of building order can support your purchases. Design changes make a difference in pricing, and Factory Steel Overstock ALWAYS strives to optimize design which minimizes cost.