Support These Programs

Support These Programs with Color Change Donation $200

Factory Steel Overstock is committed to supporting those making a positive difference in the world.

When our customers make a Color Change from the Standard Galvalume Roof and/or Standard Polar White Walls, we ask them to donate $200 to one of the following programs, rather than accepting the color change charge for ourselves. The donation payment process is noted on our Payment Center page.

Please also see our Color Page for choices on roof, walls, & roll-up door color selections.

Church of God & Saints of Christ

Church of God & Saints of Christ is located in the inner city of New Haven, CT. This church has been serving and delivering meals for those in need for over a hundred years.  This small but powerful church is a beacon of light for many of those forgotten in society. It is for this reason that Factory Steel Overstock is eager to assist this church’s efforts in making a positive difference in the world.  Additional information: Church of God and Saints of Christ 109 Beers Street New Haven, Ct. 06511 Non-profit 501(c)3 # 06-1129297.

Photo shows church members and volunteers preparing meals for those in need.

Factory Steel Overstock supports these programs

Kimberly Smith, M.A. – Teach BE-Cause

FSO is also supporting author/educator, Kimberly Smith, M.A. efforts in shifting awareness to the “causes” in the educational field. Her commitment to making a better world from the inside out is profoundly changing the current educational learning paradigm. Through her book and workshops, she shares her own personal revelations, principles, and experiential practices which become the cause for unleashing higher potentials in the field of education and beyond!


Dena Samuels, PhD – The Mindfulness Effect

Dena Samuels Author

Dena Samuels, Ph.D., Author, activist, public speaker, and award-winning educator who serves as a mindfulness-based leadership development and cultural inclusion catalyst.  She taught over 20 years of experience at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, in the Women’s & Ethnic Studies program and now consults worldwide.

Steel building colors support program

Her last book, The Culturally Inclusive Educator: Preparing for a Multicultural World (Columbia University’s Teacher College Press, 2014), is based on her national research that found how unprepared we are to build cultural inclusiveness and offers transformative strategies for creating inclusive organizational and institutional environments.  Campuses and organizations nationwide are using her book as an all-campus read, followed by a meet the Author event.

The Mindfulness Effect offers 25 mindfulness practices that provide a path toward living your best life fully and freely, with intention, connection, innovation, and meaning.  Anyone interested in transformational learning and leadership will find great value in this book.

Dena is an educator with a passion for increasing connection and a sense of belonging in the world.  She teaches mindfulness practices for peaceful self-reflection, and for building authentic relationships across cultural differences so we can all bring our full selves into the room and soar!