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Factory Steel Overstock is the perfect resource to get Reflective insulation below standard market prices. Whether you want R – Value 15.3, 17 or 22, you can buy online quickly.   You can estimate directly online by clicking RED button directly below and SEE your delivered insulation cost in 1 MINUTE!  You can request a  custom insulation quote – guaranteed below competitors’ quotes – by clicking INSULATION QUOTE FORM.  Questions 1-888-512-1116.  

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Silver or White
Reflective Insulation

Metal Building Insulation R-22 at Factory Steel Overstock

Some of the key reasons why people buy our reflective insulation

Our reflective insulation is not affected by humidity. This is a very important point! If there is humidity outside, there will be humidity inside your building. Your insulation must work efficiently in these conditions.

  •         R-Value unaffected by outside humidity
  •         It prevents 97% of radiant transfer
  •         Is a vapor barrier
  •         Prevents condensation
  •         19 dba contact noise reduction
  •         90 Celsius (194 F) contact temperature rating
  •         UV resistance
  •         Material does not allow mold or mildew
  •         Does not provide for nesting
  •         Easy seals around nails (no leaks)
  •         100% recyclable virgin raw materials
steel building reflective insulation
Standard Silver-Backed R-17, R-22 Reflective

Our Reflective R-17 Metal Building Insulation

This 5mm thick insulation comes in rolls 4′ x 175′  (700 sq ft).  It is lightweight and easy to install with already applied adhesive running down one side so no need to order reflective tape.  This benefit saves time. Those erecting buildings have noted its ease of installation as well as a  50% time savings.

The reflective insulation product we offer our customers reflects the highest  amount of radiant energy flow (97%) that strikes it.  It reflects back the heat inside the metal building in the winter, and reflects the sun’s heat outward  during the summer months.  All of this means less cost of your heating bill in the winter, as well as, lower air conditioning expense in the summer.

radiant insulation
R VALUE – 17 Reflective Insulation
adnesive on R 16 reflective steel building insulation
Adhesive Strip on R-17 for Joining Seams

NEW!  Reflective R-15.3 WHITE-VINYL BACKED

Comparable in price to R-17 yet with the FRESH OPEN LOOK of the white vinyl backing many customers prefer in the interior of their metal building.  This 5mm thick insulation comes in rolls 4′ x 175′  (700 sq ft).

white vinyl reflective metal building insulation

In addition to double-sided tape for ease of install, this product is priced to include Reflective Tape to connect the seams, placed on the underside if you don’t want it to show.

R-Value is slightly reduced in this product due to the replacement of one side of polyethylene backing and reflective reinforced foil with the ALTERNATIVE  UV resistant White Facer.

Our High R-Value 22 Reflective

It is twice as thick as regular reflective insulation (10 mm) closed cell polyethylene foam covered on both sides with with .00012 inch (0.03mm) aluminum foil facing. It’s advantage is it’s high R-value, yet it is light and very easy to install.  Rolls are 4′ x 85.3′ ( 341 sq ft)

One of the things that makes this product so special is that it has cuts at the edge to overlap the rolls. 

Use your own hot air gun to melt the polyethylene foam at both rolls, and with a little hand pressure applied you have a  complete welding process for a totally impermeable overlapping and mechanical seal between installed rolls.

We price with double-sided tape for ease of install if your building has already been erected. If your building has not been erected, we will not included the double-sided tape unless you request it.

Metal Building Insulation R-22 at Factory Steel Overstock
HIGH R VALUE – 22 Reflective Insulation 10 mm

Installation Procedure

3 simple steps to  install:

  1. Apply our double sided tape (included when you order) on the top of purlins.  Initially applying the tape will help secure insulation – and not allow it to blow in the wind.
  2. Roll insulation perpendicular to and over the purlins.   It would be wise let insulation sag 1 to 3 inches. Then seal at seam according to type directions.
  3. Attach your sheeting.
Install Reflective Insulation

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