Additional Accessories for Custom Quote

steel building roof extension overhang

Additional Steel Building Accessories and Design Options

Ultimately, you can have anything you want, anything other retailers are offering are also available at Factory Steel Overstock in Option 3 – Request a Wholesale Quote & still at wholesale pricing.  End of story.

In Option 1 and Option 2, we have pre-priced the key accessories commonly included in building orders; however, you may want to consider adding items below to further enhance your building purchase. It is generally cheaper to include certain accessories and features now, rather than after a building has been designed. 

1. You can add 1′ to 5′ Canopies and Purlins extensions w/soffits to enhance your building’s appearance. 

***See our Deluxe Model and Executive Models prices in Option 1 – Packages as another possibility including  18″ and 2′ overhangs.

Covered Patio/Porch:  Roof extensions beyond 5′ say for a wrap-around porch feature, your building would be a higher complexity and requires a 2 or 3-day turn-around.

steel building roof extension overhang

2. Liner panels beautify your interior as well as protect your walls and roof. 

Steel Building Liner Panel

3. Our standard building has Red Primer columns; however, you can have custom quoted…

  • Gray primer, for both primary and secondary members
  • Galvanized secondary option available
  • Hot Dipped primary members available

steel building with gray columns

4.   Including  4′ wainscot in your chosen design truly enhances your building’s look. 

***See our Executive Model prices in Option 1 -Packages as a possibility including wainscot.

Option 2 -Estimate Your Own allows for the addition of this lovely accessory.

Option 3 – Request a Quote anything is possible!

Wainscot on Steel Building

5.  Partitions for Metal Building Systems 

You can order a “transverse” (parallel with building main frames) or “longitudinal” (perpendicular to building main frames) partition. Our partitions are sheeted on one side only. Sheeting on both sides is optional and needs to be specified.

Steel Buildings Partition Wall

6.  Standing Seam Roof  

Ultra-Dek® is a snap-together, standing seam roof system that shows no fasteners. It carries Air Leakage & Water Penetration testing approvals.  ***COLORS, other than Polar White, are higher series than those posted on our Colors page***ask for details.

standing seam roof metal barns

7. Base Condition

Our standard inclusion on all buildings is a base notch design with closures and base angle.   

Base Notch on steel building
Base Notch

The additional 4 images shown below reflect alternative base options:

Notch with channel and closure steel building

Notch with channel and closure

No notch, trim, closure and channel

No notch, trim, closure and
No Base Notch with Trim, closure and base angle

No Base Notch with Trim, closure and base angle

Low girt

Low girt

8. Mezzanine 

Share your design specifics with our representative for a wholesale custom quote in OPTION 3.  Based on size and complexity, PROCESSING FEE will be determined.

9.  Hip Roof 

Share you design specifics with our representative for wholesale custom quote.  Based on size and complexity, Profit will be determined.

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For those Requesting A Wholesale Quote, please fill out quote form. Also have the integrity to pay the profit % you selected within the time-line you selected OR email a competitor’s quote (black out competitor’s name) that reflects a lower price within this time-line. Factory Steel Overstock will honor its guaranteed saving terms.