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Commercial Walk Doors

Description: Complete door kit with steel frame, header and jamb trim, threshold and heavy duty lock set.  Factory Steel Overstock will not be supplying walk doors for those with high wind rated code requirements.  Please purchase locally.

steel walk door

3 x 7 walk door for steel building
3×7 Walk Door
4 x 7 walk door for steel building
4×7 Walk Door

6 x 7 walk door for steel buidling
6×7 Walk Door

Commercial Windows

Description: Framed Sliding Windows with Screen AND 2×7 Fixed Slimline Window.

2070 Slimline Window
2×7 Slimline Windows

4 x 4 metal building insulated window
4×4 Horizontal Slide
3 x 3 insulated metal building window
3×3 Horizontal Slide
6 x 3 steel building window
6×3 Horizontal Slide
4 x 3 insulated steel building window
4×3 Horizontal Slide
2 x 7 slimline window for steel building
2×7 Slimline Fixed


Description: Translucent panels allow natural light into the building.


Ridge Vents, Louvers & Circular Vents

Description: An accessory that allows air to pass through.

  • Ridge Vents – Sizes 10′ ridge ventilators with 9″ and 12″ throats.  Colors finish is galvalume or white. Each comes with bird screen and adjustable damper.
  • Louvers – Sizes fixed 3’x3′, 3’x4′, and 4’x4′ or adjustable 3’x5 ‘and 4’x4’.  Includes bird screen.  Available finish in most Wall Colors.
  • Circular Vents – Sizes 20″- Finish is galvalume or white. Includes bird screen.

ridge vent for metal buildings
Ridge Vent
Metal Building Louver

metal building circular vent
Circular Vent

Framed Openings

Description: This accessory is used to open portions of a wall.

Walk door and window framed openings

Pre-designed framed openings are not required for walk doors or windows- unless in high wind area.  For hind wind requirements, we offer Framed Opening Kits in lieu of costly high wind-rated doors.  Please purchase doors locally.

Overhead/Roll Up Door Framed Openings & Additional Portal Frame Bracing if Required

If there is no space remaining for X bracing to be placed on an endwall or a sidewall, add approximately $650 to cost for every wall fully utilized by your openings locations.  CLICK to learn more about Portal Frame Vs X-Bracing.

FSO offers Fully Flashed Framed Openings as a Standard Service!

steel building door opening flashing
Fully Flashed Framed Opening

30x60x14 steel building specials
NON-Flased Framed Openings Shown Here

Gutters and Downspouts

Description: Gutters and downs protect your building as well as enhance the building’s appearance.
NOTE: 40+ lb snow loads are required to have Northern Ice components which are factored into our online pricing.

30x60x12 steel building red
Gutters and Downspouts Shown Here


Description:  4′ wainscot in your chosen design truly enhances your building’s look.  (See our Executive Model prices for another Option 1 & 2 possibility including wainscot.)

Wainscot on Steel Building

For ADDITIONAL ACCESSORY options available in Option 3 (Get a Quote)…CLICK.

Looking for Foundation Plans…

Foundation Engineering Services:

Factory Steel Overstock  is now a resource for providing foundation engineering services for the following states: WA, OR, CA, ID, NV, AZ, WY, UT, CO and NE.

While the typical certified foundation design cost $1,500 to $2,000, Factory Steel Overstock provides the resource to you for only $1050, $250 of which will be paid to FSO and $800 to the foundation engineer.

A typical foundation design consists of the following:

  •         Slab on grade construction
  •         Monolithic foundation with full slab, spread footings or drilled piers
  •         Single story building with spans up to 70’-0”
  •         Building site with non-expansive soils
  •         No pier only foundations

If your foundation design requires more than what has been stipulated below, the engineer will have to custom quote.


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