2500 steel building prices posted! Factory Steel Overstock posts and quotes metal buildings at its actual cost. The public is allowed to recommend the profit amount. If profit amount offered is accepted, it must be paid by close of business day.

Standard Accessories

StepStep 3of the Wholesale Buying Process

 After choosing accessories, click insulation and roll up doors - then proceed to Step 4 color selection .

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Commercial Walk Doors

commercial walk-in door

Description: Complete with steel frame, header and jamb trim, threshold and heavy duty lock set.

SizeNon-InsulatedInsulatedHigh Wind Rated
6070$699$809 -

Commercial Windows

Commercial Window

Description: Framed Sliding Windows with Screen




Description: Translucent panels allow natural light into the building.

3' x 10'8"$116

Ridge Vents, Louvers & Circular Vents

Ridge Vents, Louvers & Circular Vents

Description: An accessory that allows air to pass through.


Louvers are available in the following sizes: 2′ x 2′, 3′ x 2′, 3′ x 3′, 4′x 3′, 3′ x 4′, 4′ x 4′, and 5′ x 4′. All louvers are self-mulling, self-flashing, and self-framing. No other trim is required. All louvers are available to match your wall finish and color. They are provided with 18-16 aluminum mesh installed in a removable frame. Standard-Duty louvers are 26 gauge construction. Heavy-Duty louvers have an 18 gauge frame with 20 gauge blades. Fixed louvers feature roll-formed blades, fixed at a 45 degree angle. Adjustable louvers come with a reinforced cast aluminum hand crank to operate the blades.

Ridge VentLouversCircular Vent

Framed Openings:

Description: This accessory is used to open portions of a wall.

Walk door and window framed openings - $200; however pre-designed framed openings are not required for walk doors or windows - unless in high wind area. Majority of customers do not purchased this framed opening.

Overhead door framed openings based on size - $225 to $320


Fully Flashed Framed Opening

Flashed Opening for Overhead Flashed Door

Description: Fully covers jambs so that no red iron is visible.

Gutters & Downs

Gutters and downs protect your building as well as enhances the buildings appearance. The price must be quoted by representative of Factory Steel Overstock.

Example Gutter & Downspout Pricing

Building SizeGutter & Down Price

Factory Steel Overstock offers steel building accessory prices at wholesale rates. Many customers neglect to realize that purchasing a steel building without accessories included can be a costly mistake. A steel building price is only good if EVERYTHING YOU WANT IS INCLUDED! Don't let a salesman convince you to sign a contract without these items!
Many companies make the majority of their profit on these items after the initial sale. Factory Steel Overstock posts its accessory prices so there are never any surprises!

Factory Steel Overstocks guarantees $500 savings on metal building kits 40x60x14 or larger. Average savings $$3,250.

This is step 3 of the Wholesale Buying Process

After you have selected desired accessories, click on Insulation, and Roll-up Doors, then proceed to step 4.

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Many people are conditioned to believe that buying big ticket items have to be difficult and challenging. This is false belief.

seeing things Factory Steel Overstock has transparently posted over 2500 wholesale steel building prices as well as standard accessories, roll up doors, insulation and shipping prices. Factory Steel Overstock allows the public to pay just the modest profit amount instead of an arbitrary profit determined by commission salesmen.

If you question the legitimacy of buying at a true wholesale price from FSO, you may want to consider a different company. FSO's wholesale program may requires more preparation in personal growth and development initially for some, in order to overcome the doubt that ANYTHING is TRULY possible to those who believe…thus making BELIEF (faith) the number one hurdle in the mental preparation. Some have the faith to easily work within our WHOLESALE program right from the beginning. They clearly know what they want and see Factory Steel Overstock as a means to achieve their building goal. These individuals have completed their research and have the confidence to buy now - based on receiving a reduced market price.

Though we would love to sell to all that find this site, we are acutely aware that the program is not a match for everyone's stage of development. The wholesale program is better suited for the higher consciousness person that sees the oneness between seller and buyer. Please decide whether this program aligns with you.