Represent Your Highest Truth Steel Building Integrity

50x60x12 steel building special

Do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Let the day’s own trouble be sufficient for the day.
Jesus Christ

Represent Your Highest Truth

In this day and age of being inundated with interesting characters on  TV screens and computer monitors – quite literally at our fingertips – it’s sometimes easy to forget…

We have a choice.

To shut it off, go within, and ask ourselves, “If that screen were showing me in any single moment of time, would I be representing MY HIGHEST Truth?”

…and if so, then, “How could I improve beyond even that?”

Choosing Our Best

At Factory Steel Overstock, we choose to operate from our highest truths of being.  We choose to lean towards the optimistic side of life. We strive to adhere by qualities of character which reflect high integrity and strong Faith.  We choose to believe that all of this is what our steel building brokerage platform portrays when our customers view us on that screen. We always want to be operating at our very best…and working towards even better.

How to Gauge our Best

When we all portray our highest truths, it seems to stem from a place of non-reactivity.  Oftentimes, folks write-it-off as being someone’s nature to be reactive, hostile, deceptive, and confrontational.  Well, we believe it was all learned. We believe that calm, reflective, trustworthy, and kind were truly innate characteristics to all of humanity…until.

The thing is, you can tell if you are truly at your highest and best self when you are feeling optimistic, being cooperative, and showing integrity…following through with what you said you would do in the best interest of the whole of life.  How could it be any other way?

The Power of Pausing

It requires only a small shift of character – a pause.  When we pause, we can see the reactivity vs being the reactivity.  Maybe you’ve heard the terminology, being the witness -or- being mindful.  Basically, reminding us to notice how we are be-ing in every conscious moment.  Is it the version of ourselves we would feel good about portraying on the screen for all to see?  

And then, CHOOSING above and beyond – what would assist a better outcome for everyone in this instance?

The bottom line is this:  When we operate from our Highest Truth, with a great deal of practice, then good things can’t help but fall into place more effortlessly.  

And THAT is a true contribution to the world.  

And THIS is our daily goal – at Factory Steel Overstock – in efforts to be of ever-improving service to the public.  

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