Remain in Control of Your Savings on Metal Building

custom steel buildings

custom steel buildings

Metal Building Savings Guaranteed

When was the last time you actually got to determine the profit a company made on your purchase of anything?  At Factory Steel Overstock, you are in control of your savings.  YOU determine the profit amount on wholesale metal building prices.

Visit Factory Steel Overstock and spend time to get to know our wholesale metal building pricing program for the public.  In view of our vision to bring a higher degree of integrity and transparency to the steel building industry, we only post and quote true wholesale metal building prices for the public.  Then YOU choose your building package, pay your profit amount and your metal building order is set in motion.  You can’t find this degree of transparency anywhere else.

Your Preparation Pays Off

When you take the time to review the steps required to placing your order, you will be pleased with the savings on your metal building kit.  The pricing is already on the website for  your review.  No need to wait for a quote.  Compare our prices to other bids and know that you are guaranteed a price below the market rate.  With a phone call to the supplier, we use our volume buying leverage to guarantee a savings if you don’t already find this true on the website pricing.

Whether you choose our packages or build your own, you are well aware of the metal building price before you place your order.  Decide upon a fair profit for FSO and pay your profit to place the Order in Option 1 & 2.  We are specifically geared for the integress, ready buyer.  Use our resources as the simplest way to guarantee the lowest price on metal buildings in the industry.  Let your contractor know that your savings are guaranteed with us and don’t pay a penny more than you should.