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Red Steel Building with 2 roll up doors

“Most sellers prefer uniformed customers. This allows them to easily persuade the buyer; however the opposite is true with Factory Steel Overstock.  The more educated the buyer, the better we look!”

John Barber
Factory Steel Overstock

Guaranteed Savings on Metal Buildings Online Prices


  • Is willing to pay selected profit % within whatever time frame they selected – after receiving a price quote below market rates.
  • Knows desired building size and accessories he or she wants included.
  • Has thoroughly reviewed 2-3 bids, so they know market prices.
  • Currently owns the land for the structure.
  • Has the financial resources to purchase a building now.
  • Has contacted their local building department and knows code requirements.
  • Has staked out on their property where the building will reside.
  • Has at a minimum reviewed a company’s BBB record and reviews.
  • Knows who will lay the building foundation and erect the structure.
  • Knows desired colors for the structures.
  • Knows when he or she wants building delivered.
  • Has taken the time to review the prices posted in Option 1 & 2 . There are additional means to price online – the Estimator listed when you hover cursor over Buy Now button in above menu.

Please don’t rush into a purchase.

If you have not completed your research, please do so. There are numerous prices and articles posted on this website to educate and prepare you to buy the SMART WAY.

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Listen to this Article