Prepared Buyers Streamline Selling Process And Reduce Cost

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Red Steel Building with 2 roll up doors

Instead of presenting sales gimmicks, Factory Steel Overstock offers Prepared buyers guaranteed savings. These customers streamline selling process which reduces cost. They are rightfully rewarded with savings.

Guaranteed Savings on Metal Buildings Online Prices

Prepared Buyers Are Guaranteed A Minimum $1,000 Savings To Market Quotes!


  • Is willing to pay profit % AFTER seeing a confirmed savings. They pay the profit % by close of business day of received quote.
  • Knows their desired building size and included accessories.
  • Can describe or sketch where roll up door/s will be located.
  • Indicates which kind of insulation or R-Value for their metal building.
  • Has thoroughly reviewed 1-3 bids, so they know market prices. To truly be a prepared buyer, you must first be an educated buyer.
  • Currently owns the land for the structure.
  • Has the financial resources to purchase a building now.
  • Has contacted their local building department and knows code requirements.
  • Has staked out on their property where the building will reside.
  • Has at a minimum reviewed a company’s BBB record and reviews.
  • Knows desired colors for the structures.
  • Knows when he or she wants building delivered.
  • Has taken the time to review prices posted on this website – Building Packages and Estimate Your Own Package.

Please don’t rush into a purchase.

If you have not completed your research, please do so. There are numerous prices and articles posted on this website to educate and prepare you to buy the SMART WAY. In order for Factory Steel Overstock to maintain its wholesale program, it exclusively quotes only prepared buyer.

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