Prepared Buyer Steel Building

Red Steel Building with 2 roll up doors

“The more prepared you are as a buyer, the better we look!”

John Barber
Factory Steel Overstock

Guaranteed Savings on Metal Buildings Online Prices

Factory Steel Overstock has the perfect savings opportunity for the prepared buyer.

We would strongly recommend you devote a minimum 45 minutes reviewing the information on this website. The time devoted to this website will save you countless hours directed towards traditional retail outlets as well as will undoubtedly save you hundreds to thousands of dollars. There are no gimmicks, hidden cost and no one ever overpays! In other words, prepared buyers streamline the selling process, which reduces cost. These SAVINGS – which are GUARANTEED – are rightfully passed down to these customers.


  • Is willing to pay selected profit % immediately upon confirmation of a price below market rate.
  • Knows desired building size and accessories he or she wants included.
  • Has thoroughly reviewed 2-3 bids, so they know market prices.
  • Currently owns the land for the structure.
  • Has the financial resources to purchase a building now.
  • Has contacted their local building department and knows code requirements.
  • Has staked out on their property where the building will reside.
  • Has at a minimum reviewed a company’s BBB record and reviews.
  • Knows who will lay the building foundation and erect the structure.
  • Knows desired colors for the structures.
  • Knows when he or she wants building delivered.
  • Has taken the time to review the prices posted in Option 1, 2 & 3 on our website.

Please don’t rush into a sale.

If you have not completed your research do so!

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