Potential Challenges When Buyer Does Not Verify Building Codes

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Potential Future Challenges When a Buyer Does Not Verify Building Codes

At Factory Steel Overstock, we emphasize to the buyer to, “Please be sure to call you local building department and confirm the required building codes.”

In the rare cases when a buyer has not confirmed their local building codes, costly redesign has come into play after building delivery when they were attempting to get building permit approval.

To review, please be familiar with:

  • Roof Snow Load in pounds per square foot
  • Wind Speed Load in miles per hour
  • Wind Exposure (typically B or C)
  • Collateral Load for ceiling if different than 0.5 pounds per square foot for ceiling support of additional lighting being hung, etc.
  • Code & Year of the governing document your building department is using (Ex: IBC 2015, or other state specific document)

Limitations of Metal Building Design and Pricing Software

While your building site ZIP code will reveal minimums in the Metal Building Software (MBS) used to design and price your building, sometimes local building departments require more.  Since building sites are specific to an exact location and surrounding conditions, such as no wind breaks in areas subject to gusty winds, the MBS does not know all variations at first glance.  We MUST rely on the customer to have this minimal knowledge of code requirements in order to submit a building that will pass permit approval.

Costly Modifications AFTER THE FACT

Please keep in mind that all structures and components of the building is being pre-fabricated to order.  Mainframes, secondary members (girts and purlins), roof and wall sheeting, closures and fasteners are all being designed to adhere to the strength requirements to keep you and your items occupying the building safe for decades to come.

In some cases, the engineers can modify the existing parts to meet the intended codes AFTER BUILDING FABRICATION if you discover too late that codes vary from your submitted building order.  Most cases would, however, require complete redesign and re-shipped parts. In either case, these changes AFTER BUILDING FABRICATION, and can be quite costly.

Interrupting the FLOW of Building Production

In addition, HALTING BUILDING PRODUCTION is no simple task.  Plans have already been completed and the fabrication plants are in the process of coordinating the many components required for your complete building order.  Oftentimes, these components are being moved from multiple sourced factories. Tossing a wrench into the wheel of this highly complex process has the potential of now causing alternative confusion into the accuracy of building orders causing delay and future need for customer service to sort out the parts.

All this is to say, please pre-plan your building order having already consulted your local building department for accurate codes.  This should be your first task as you begin to shop for metal building prices online. Good preparation will save you TIME and EXPENSE and will lend to honest savings in the long run.