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Is Your Method Of Buying A Steel Building Retail or Wholesale?

Unless you have buying leverage, specialized knowledge and expertise in the steel building industry, there is a high probability you will pay retail when you buy your steel building.  You see, your lack of buying leverage indicates to sellers  that there is no real benefit to discounting their rates to you.   Not to mention, you will most likely be working with a commission salesman who financially benefits the higher the selling price.  

However I must say, there are countless people who believe they will finds an authentic savings through collecting random quotes.  But expecting a retailer to offer a true savings is like expecting a fox to give back the chick it just caught.  Often times these naive customers fall prey to smooth talking salesmen saying they have “unclaimed buildings” or “clearance specials.” Needless to say, these individuals who believe these gimmicks often end up paying full retail rates.

The typical definition of a wholesaler is…

A person or company that sells goods in large qualities at low prices,typically to retailers.

That being the case,  the majority of I-beam (AISC certified) steel buildings sold throughout the US originate from two corporations (wholesalers). These large corporations distribute their buildings through retailers. Therefore even if you get 20 bids, you are still reviewing the same building materials just sold through a different retailer.  

You can continue the archaic method of collecting random quotes from traditional retailers or do something different! 

Buy Your Building The Smart Way

Since Factory Steel Overstock’s fee is already fixed, it benefits them to sell their buildings at the lowest possible price. You see, they only get paid when they have confirmed your savings! Therefore, doesn’t it behoove you to utilize  Factory Steel Overstock’s expertise, buying leverage and specialized knowledge? You are quoted a confirmed savings FIRST for FREE and guaranteed a minimum $1,000 savings below  market quotes of equal specification standards.  You only need to be prepared to pay 6% profit amount by close of business day.

Many consider  Factory Steel Overstock’s method of marketing a higher consciousness selling approach because it is simple, transparent and has a guarantee:  It is the perfect savings program for the Prepared Buyers

Simple buying options below: 

  1. BUY A PACKAGE ONLINE  (3% fee ) .  Take advantage of this savings opportunity by  choosing one of our Building Packages.  By buying online, you truly  streamline the selling process and you are rewarded with a 3% fee. 
  2.  Fill Out A Quote Form (6% fee). Wholesale quotes are completed with 24 hours for ready buyers. 
  3.  Call for a Quote (10% fee) is available for those who would rather call in their quote request.
  4.  Estimate A Building Yourself online before you fill out quote form or call for a quote.

Yes, you receive a quote that confirms  a minimum savings of $1,000 FIRST for FREE before paying any 6% fee! 

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