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Buying Wholesale Is As Simple As 1 – 2 – 3 on this website, so don’t make it complicated!


  1. Start by reviewing the Steel Building Packages in Option 1.  You can buy these building packages directly online;  you cannot change or modify items listed with these building packages. These packages are priced at true wholesale cost and the public selects the profit % based on whatever amount they feel is fair to give FSO.
  2. If one doesn’t see their desired building package in option 1, then they go to Option 2 –Estimate Your Own Building PackageThis option allows you to estimate delivered prices from 30′ x 40’x 12′ to 80′ x 100′ x 14′. The potential customer can add as many accessories as they like within Option 2 in order to learn an estimated delivered price. After an individual has thoroughly reviewed FSO’S wholesale delivered prices in option 2, they simply move to Option 3- Request A Wholesale Quote and fill out  a quote form. 
  3. In Option 3 – Request a Wholesale Quote, the public’s profit % selections are related to WHEN THEY ORDER.  For instance,  the sooner someone can order AFTER receiving a quote that confirms a savings from FSO, the lower the profit % they pay. 

Here is an example of profit % choices listed on Request A Wholesale Quote page:

After 30 days, a 15% profit is required.

Remember, EVERYONE is able to review a  low complexity building quote “FIRST” – to confirm the savings – before paying the profit % amount ‘THEY’ selected. In a nutshell, there are NO UPFRONT COST and  EVERYONE is guaranteed a savings by simply being a serious and prepared buyer!


4 Smart Things Smart Buyers Do:


They Do Their Own Homework

A steel building project is considered a big ticket item, so don’t be lazy – do your homework.  A wise buyer reads as much objective steel building information as possible. Not following these basic steps is equivalent to driving to New York from Los Angeles without a map or GPS. You may eventually get there, but undoubtedly you have added additional cost, stress and time.

Many people rely predominantly on commissioned salesmen for knowledge instead of reading and doing independent research. It is not surprising that most consumers soon become jaded, skeptical and confused from the conflicting information through this method of buying.

Keep in mind, FSO doesn’t want its incentives to cause anyone to rush into a purchase. One should only take advantage of the lowest profit options if  one knows they are a  Prepared Buyer. 

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They Choose A Company Based On Objective Information Not Subjective.

An astute customer chooses the company based primarily on objective information that can be corroborated.  The Universal business principles for evaluation are Price, Quality and Service.

Factory Steel Overstock presents the simple facts – not opinions – regarding these principles!

Price – Factory Steel Overstock guarantees a minimum $500 savings, plus an additional feature more than any other offer! No other company gives this type guarantee.

Quality – FSO’S manufacturer is an AISC (American Institute of Steel Construction) facility as well as an MBMA (American Building Manufacturer Association) member. There are NO associations that require a higher standard for fabrication and service requirements than AISC; therefore NO steel building seller can offer higher quality materials than AISC standards. Specifications

Service – Factory Steel Overstock has maintained an A+ grade since 2011, has a 5-Star rating and all positive reviews posted at the Better Business Bureau. As a matter of fact, NO one who has “bought” a building from FSO has ever written a negative review. What other company can claim this? Please Click BBB logo below & visit our Testimonials.

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Since the majority of Steel Buildings originate from two corporations, they aren’t…

fooled by beautiful websites or smooth talking commission salesmen. There is no valid reason to pay more for the same building materials originating from the same corporations. Just make sure bids you receive have in writing the exact same features for objective comparisons.

Even if you collect 20 bids, you will most likely be reviewing the same building specifications just sold by a different re-sellers. This is because the vast majority of I-beam steel buildings originate from only two major manufacturers. These corporations distribute their buildings primarily through subsidiaries, brokers and contractors. It is only a small percentage of buildings are sold by the local fabricators. For the most part, the smaller local fabricators don’t have AISC certifications.

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They Pay The Minimum Deposit Amount When Ordering A Steel Building From A Broker

We at Factory Steel Overstock are bewildered why so many buyers pay 30 to 50% building deposit to brokers. Brokers (resellers) are not fabricators; therefore there is no justified reason to pay them an exorbitant percentage before receiving certified plans. If you must pay 30% or more deposit, then pay it directly to the certified manufacturer.

The only reason brokers request high deposit percentages is to allow themselves to take their profit out of the building deposit you paid. FSO would recommend you pay no more than a 10% building deposit to a broker. An additional % can be sent AFTER your certified plans have been completed for your review.

If the seller tells you they are the factory, have them send you a picture of the factory with their company name shown on the building.

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For those Requesting A Wholesale Quote, please have the integrity to pay the profit % you selected within the time-line you selected OR email a competitor’s quote (black out competitor’s name) that reflects a lower price within this time-line. Factory Steel Overstock will honor its guaranteed saving terms. 


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