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Pay as little as 1.5% above true wholesale cost with a building SPECIALS. Steps below.


  1. Review the posted estimated cost of STEEL BUILDINGS and INSULATION.
  2. Then look at the BUILDING and INSULATION SPECIALS.
  3. The Building Accessory page should then be reviewed. Following steps 1 to 3 will give you an estimated delivery cost to Southeastern locations. Factory Steel Overstock delivers to all 50 states.
  4. Before you go any farther, it would be wise to review the Building Specification page. If you are interested in purchasing insulation, then review the Fiberglass Resource Guide or Reflective Resource Guide.
  5. Make sure you have reviewed 1 or more market quotes before filling out a Building Quote – Order Form or Insulation Quote – Order Form. You MUST fill out a quote form to receive a wholesale quote! Also, make sure Factory Steel Overstock quotes the same features you had quoted elsewhere. An apple-to-apple comparison is the only way to objectively compare proposals. Prepared buyers will receive a wholesale price quote that CONFIRMS SAVINGS before they pay the profit-fee amount that same day.

Steel Building Wholesale Cost + Associated Profit -Fees

The chart informs you of the fee you pay above the true wholesale delivered cost.

  • $0 – $100,000 | fee $1,500

Insulation Wholesale Cost + Associated Profit – Fees

The chart informs you of the fee you pay above the true wholesale delivered cost.

  • $0 – $10,000 | fee $500

Larger orders, profit -fee determined on a case-by-case basis.

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You can continue this archaic practice of collecting random quotes or utilize Factory Steel Overstock’s buying leverage for a guaranteed savings!

A Wholesale Cost + Low Fee Program that promises savings

Factory Steel Overstock’s WHOLESALE COST + LOW FLAT FEE program guarantees savings below market quotes of equal specification features. The program is easy and enjoyable because delivered estimates are posted on the website. Simply compare the prices with quotes you have received elsewhere! The DAY you are truly ready to buy – based on receiving a quoted savings FIRST – fill out a Building Quote – Order Form or Insulation Quote – Order Form.

A representative will speak to you before completing the quote to answer questions and confirm your preparedness to buy that day. A wholesale quote that confirms savings will be emailed. You simply pay the associated fee after (same day) quoted savings.

There is NO UPFRONT COST unless our representative questions someone’s preparedness or sincerity to buy. If that is the case, then a $250 deposit for a building quote or $100 for an insulation quote will be required. Questions 1-888-512-1116

Client Testimonials

I bought 2 buildings from FSO on the same order. Everything went great with the orders. The different transactions can be a bit nerve-wracking, but I followed through with all of my requirements and they met theirs. The buildings were delivered on time and are great to have. Will buy from them again in the future.


“Definitely will do business with this company again.”

– by Ivan Timoshuchuk 10/9/2021

“I have purchased and erected four metal buildings in the past. This transaction was the best price by far and the simplest person to deal with. He never tried to constantly up sell me. All my buildings in the future will come from Factory Steel Overstock.”

– by Ralph B.  75 x 90 x 18

– Feb. 06, 2015

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