How to Determine Profit on Steel Buildings

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FactorySteelOverstock gray steel building with 2 overhead doors

With Factory Steel Overstock everything is done in a transparent manner. The public is informed of true wholesale cost as well as how much profit has been added.

How to Determine Our Profit %

Based on which option you choose determines the profit amount you will pay: Steel Building Packages has a 3% profit, Fill Out Quote Form has a 6% profit and Calling in for a Quote has a 10% profit.

Steel Building Packages (3% profit fee)

If you want to save the most then Buy Online with Steel Building Packages. These buildings already have accessories included. Simply find your desired package and pay only 3% profit fee.

Fill Out Quote Form (6% profit fee)

Factory Steel Overstock believes in rewarding people who streamline the selling process by buying sooner than later; therefore FSO has provided a means for the more prepared buyers to save when Requesting a Wholesale Quote.  For instance, if you FILL OUT A QUOTE FROM you are streamlining the buying process. Factory Steel Overstock rewards you by quoting its true wholesale cost and only charging you a 6% profit fee above cost.

Call In For A Quote (10% profit fee)

For those who would rather call in for a quote instead of filling out a form, Factory Steel Overstock quotes their building at true wholesale cost and charges a 10% profit fee above cost.

Quotes are completed for prepared buyers:

  • Is willing to pay profit % AFTER seeing a confirmed savings. They pay the profit% by close of business day of received quote.
  • Knows their desired building size and included accessories.
  • Can describe or sketch where roll up door/s will be located.
  • Indicates which kind of insulation or R-Value for their metal building.
  • Has thoroughly reviewed 1-3 bids, so they know market prices. To truly be a prepared buyer, you must first be an educated buyer.
  • Currently owns the land for the structure.
  • Has the financial resources to purchase a building now.
  • Has contacted their local building department and knows code requirements.
  • Has staked out on their property where the building will reside.
  • Has at a minimum reviewed a company’s BBB record and reviews.
  • Knows desired colors for the structures.
  • Knows when he or she wants building delivered.
  • Has taken the time to review prices posted on this website – Building Packages and Estimate Your Own Package.

Guarantee Savings Amounts

  • 40′ x 60′ x 14′ to 80′ x 100′ x 14′ – $1,250  (average savings $3,500)
  • 80′ x 100′ x 16′ – 100′ x 125′ x 14′ – $1,750  (average savings $4,500)
  • 100′ x 125′ x 16′ and larger – $2,500  (average savings $6,000)
  • An “additional” feature more than any other offer received

Our Sincere Truth and Request from You:

 In an effort to be one of the rare companies giving the public comprehensive online pricing, we may occasionally err on posting some prices above our wholesale cost.  Therefore, please assist us by letting us know if you have received ANY quote lower than our online price offered.  We will Gladly honor our minimum $500 savings guarantee (including whatever profit % you selected), plus give you one additional feature more than any other offer.  Average savings 15%.

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