How to Determine Profit on Steel Buildings

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How to Determine Our Profit %

One question that seems to bewilder some of our customers is what profit percent to give us.

We want to begin by saying that no matter what percent you choose (3, 5, 7, or 10%) you will be given the same level of customer service.

That said, why would anyone offer us 10% when they can offer us 3% profit on this sale?  Well, just like at Starbucks you can give the cashier .25 cents or a $1.00 tip, or… Many customers appreciate our transparency and the opportunity to select the profit, so they are inclined to offer 7 or 10%.  On the other hand, if your budget only warrants 3 or 5%, please know that we appreciate your business equally.

The most common indicator for determining profit percent is based on other quotes received.  If the customer is able to maintain a savings, while still offering 10%, they feel good about offering that percentage amount.

It’s really all about what makes you feel good.  As the Good Book says, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

We trust the customers to make that subjective choice.  So, for a moment, tap into your own conscience and notice what feels like a fair compensation to Factory Steel Overstock.  Keep in mind, we will be serving you from Order through Delivery, and beyond. By the way, retail companies will not be offering you any more than we do.

Remember, whatever profit you offer us, you are still getting a minimum $500 Guaranteed Savings under all other bids, plus you will receive one additional feature more than any other offer.  

Ultimately, as long as we are able to attract an equal number of those who are willing to offer 10% as those offering 3%, we will be able to continue offering this unique savings opportunity to the public.

Our Sincere Truth and Request from You:

 In an effort to be one of the rare companies giving the public comprehensive online pricing, we may occasionally err on posting some prices above our wholesale cost.  Therefore, please assist us by letting us know if you have received ANY quote lower than our online price offered.  We will Gladly honor our minimum $500 savings guarantee (including whatever profit % you selected), plus give you one additional feature more than any other offer.  Average savings 15%.

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