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OPTION 1: Pay $500 above cost
OPTION 2: Pay $800 above cost
OPTION 3: Pay 10% above cost

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Prepared Buyers are guaranteed $500 below all other offers of equal specifications. Plus, will receive one additional feature more than any other proposal received.

How To Buy Wholesale - Metal Buildings Prices

Step Step 1 Choose one of the 3 Options below.


Choose preferred Profit Option below:  

Write down your prices and total up your own Self-Quote.

Option 1

$500 Above Cost


Option 2

$800 Above Cost

Option 3

10% Above Cost

Option 1:  Self Quote from Pre-Priced Packaged Metal Building SPECIALS

Choose one of the  SPECIALS packages Factory Steel Overstock has  priced for you. As a result, pay only $500 above actual cost.  Notice these packages have a variety of features already included in metal buildings prices.  You cannot add, change or delete accessories for Option 1.

Simply choose your desired package, desired building colors, and finally, add your shipping price. Call our representative with the total delivered building price and, in summary, pay only $500 above our actual cost.  Our representative will verify and send a formal proposal IF you are prepared to pay $500 profit amount by close of business day.

Option 2:  Self Quote from 2500 metal building prices

If you didn't find your desired package in Option 1, simple find your ideal size metal building size in Option 2.  There are over 2500 metal buildings prices posted on the website, as well as roll up doors, accessories, insulation pricing, and shipping.  Simply, calculate a total delivered price on your own with ease.

By taking the initiative to complete these steps, you are actually buying at wholesale.  In order to pay only $800 above actual cost, YOU MUST be able to tell our representative your calculated total delivered price.  Our representative will verify and send a formal proposal IF you are prepared to pay $800 profit amount by close of business day.

Add up your delivered cost (links below).

  1. How to Buy Wholesale (you are here)
  2. Building Models - Steel Building Prices
  3. Accessory Prices - Insulation Prices  - Roll Up Door Prices
  4. Select Building Colors
  5. Shipping Prices

Use a pencil and paper or personal calculator.  If you do not locate your exact size building in the pricing tables, find the closest size for an approximate metal building cost.

Option 3:  Get a Quote of Actual Cost

You can request a custom quote if you didn't find your desired building offer within Option 1 or 2. You pay 10% above actual cost for Option 3. FSO quotes metal buildings prices 30x30x10 through 100x500x30.  Remember, you are guaranteed $500 savings on buildings 40x60x14 or larger.  PLUS  you will receive one additional feature more than any other offer.  Profit must be paid by close of business day.



Factory Steel Overstock est. March 2011, has A+ Grade, has a 5 Star rating and all positive reviews posted at the BBB.  Click BBB logo to read reviews.

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Proceed to Step 2 Select a Building Model

Over 70% of the certified I-beam steel buildings sold in the U.S. comes from 3 major corporations.  These corporations sell their steel buildings through their subsidiaries and dealers; therefore, even if you get 100 bids, you are probably reviewing the same building materials - just sold by a different seller.


Why pay more for the same building materials? 


Compare SPECIFICATIONS  , A FORMAL PRICE QUOTE and BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU record. Don't rely on verbal statements. 

Buy from a true a true broker,  rather than commissioned sales.