Get True Wholesale Quote First

Then You Suggest Added Profit Amount

If Profit Amount Offered is Accepted, Pay Profit by Close of Business Day - No Exceptions.

Minimum $500 Savings Guaranteed
Average $3,250 Savings!

No Upfront or Hidden Costs

Please Read WHOLESALE PROGRAM PRIOR to requesting a QUOTE

How To Buy Wholesale - Metal Buildings Prices


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Option 2


Option 3



  1. Get clear on what steel building you want to buy.
  2. Decide on the price you want to pay for the building.
  3. Then decide whether you are WILLING to buy a building NOW if you get the building for the PRICE you want to PAY. 


Ready buyers MUST fill out order form for Option 1, 2 or 3 (links directly above) - and type on order form a % profit  you feel is fair for FSO. Then FSO will quote its ACTUAL wholesale delivered cost that same day. If profit amount offered (by you) is accepted, it is paid by close of business day - no exceptions. Keep in mind, you pay profit AFTER Factory Steel Overstock quotes a confirmed savings.

  • Your suggested profit, plus FSO's quoted price is guaranteed a minimum $500 less than any quote you have received elsewhere OR you can adjust the suggested percentage profit. To reduce ALREADY offered and accepted profit, you MUST email a formal quote that confirms you did not get the minimum $500 total savings from FSO. In addition to the guaranteed savings, every customer receives a minimum one ADDITIONAL feature more than any other competitor's offer.  Average savings $3,250

If you are Ready to buy,  FILL OUT FORMS for option 1, 2 or 3 (links above).

If you are not Ready to buy, please do not request a wholesale quote at this time.  FSO has posted over 5,000 metal building prices as well as roll up doors, insulation, accessories and shipping prices to assist you. 

If you are bewildered or skeptical, we recommend you review Factory Steel Overstock's Better Business Bureau record.  You will notice that the company has been established 7 years, A+ Grade, 5 star rating and ALL POSITIVE REVIEWS! 

The most challenging question the public faces is 'What profit % to recommend'? So FSO made it easy: Just as long as offered profit stays within the range of other accepted offers, FSO will accept the offer. There is no haggling! Just have the integrity to pay whatever profit you offered  - by close of business day.

This unique program is best suited for the higher consciousness person. The wholesale opportunity is not for those who are not stabilized in INTEGRITY. Simply put, those who would suggest a profit amount, then justify not paying it after FSO accepts their offer - will PERMANENTLY not be allowed to buy from FSO.  

To Get Started...

Click on links at TOP OF PAGE and read Directions #1 SPECIALS, #2 STEEL BUILDING PRICES and #3 GET ACTUAL COST.  Submit quote form for one of the three options and be prepared to offer a fair profit amount as well as pay it - if it is accepted.

Choose one of the three options.

1) SPECIALS (Option 1) are building deals that already have accessories such as walk doors, roll up doors, insulation and windows included. You cannot add or delete included items.  After you have chosen your preferred building, simply choose colors and add shipping cost. You MUST fill out ORDER FORM listed at bottom of SPECIAL pricing pages. A representative will call you and quote your exact price based on codes associated with your zip code. YOU suggest a Fair Profit Amount.


2) STEEL BUILDING PRICES (Option 2) are metal buildings that have 1 fully flashed framed opening included but do not have additional accessories included.  You simply add the amount of desired accessories to your order.  You will find the ACCESSORIES listed in the menu above and drop downs for roll-up doors and insulation prices. You MUST fill out ORDER FORM listed on STEEL BUILDING PRICE pages. A representative will call you and quote your exact price based on codes associated with your zip code. YOU suggest a Fair Profit Amount.


3) GET A QUOTE (Option 3) if you don't find your desired deal within SPECIALS or STEEL BUILDING PRICES. You MUST fill out QUOTE FORM. FSO completes low-complexity quotes (sizes 30' 30' x 10' to 100' x 500' x 30') within 24 hrs.  YOU suggest a Fair Profit Amount.


Questions, call toll free 1-888-512-1116


If you’ve been in the market for a steel building lately, then undoubtedly, you’ve been confronted with:

  1. Misleading ads:  “Unclaimed building!”, “70% off sale!”, “Clearance building!”, “BLOWOUT SALE!”,
  2. Smooth-talking salesmen that tell you “You must overnight or wire transfer funds to get the SPECIAL deal”.
  3. Quotes that vary greatly in price &
  4. To top it off, you may be worried that there will be surprise expenses later after the deal is sealed.


In 2011, a spiritual practitioner with over 30 years experience in the steel building industry paused and began to ask,  “How can the selling of steel buildings be done more cost-effectively, transparently and with integrity?”   This thought birthed the company Factory Steel Overstock.

His idea was to:

  • Inform the public of the actual wholesale building cost for FREE!
  • Secure the lowest steel building prices in the industry and TRULY pass the savings down to the general public!
  • Allow prepared buyers to suggest the profit amount!


However, this idea was radical….

For some,

  • having the opportunity to know the actual wholesale cost

was overwhelming as well as bewildering, many questioned the sincerity of the offer...


Yet the owner's vision was unshakable





Fso meticulously posted over 5000 steel building prices for customers to view directly on the website.  

As well as custom quoted wholesale prices for all those who were ready to buy now.


FSO made its wholesale buying process easy by instructing the customer to


  • choose between 3 simple processing options
  • fill out order form
  • and suggest fair profit amount.
  • if profit amount is accepted, have the integrity to pay profit by close of same business day. 

Everyone that has the consciousness to follow these requirements is guaranteed a savings without any UPFRONT COST.

Your search for the lowest steel building price in the industry is over.


It IS different here... A Smarter Way...

  • No upfront or hidden cost
  • The website post and quotes true wholesale cost.
  • Prepared buyers are allowed to suggest the profit amount added to wholesale cost.
  • Manufacturing facilities are IAS (International Accreditation Service) accredited, MBMA (Metal Building Manufacturer Association) members and established over 50 years.
  • Initial Certified Plans as well as calculations are FREE.
  • Certified Buildings are strategically shipped from 12 locations and available for pick up in 5 locations.
  • Customers are guaranteed a minimum $500 under all other quotes (40'  x 60' x 14' and larger). Average savings $3,250.
  • Factory Steel Overstock has been established 7 years, has a A+ Better Business Bureau grade, 5 star rating and all positive reviews.
  • Customers pay building deposit directly to certified supplier, not FSO or any broker.

steel buildings excellent customer reviews


Factory Steel Overstock est. March 2011, has A+ Grade, has a 5 Star rating and all positive reviews posted at the BBB.  Click BBB logo to read reviews.

Click for the BBB Business Review of this Buildings - Pre - Cut, Prefab & Modular - Dealers in Westminster CO



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