Factory Steel Overstock Simplifies Wholesale Program

steel building erection with ease

If you had an extensive marketing training, then you have probably heard the acronym K – I – S – S. It means “Keep it simple stupid.” Though the language may seem a little direct, the point is spot on. In sales, you can never make it too simple for the public.

In an effort to making the buying process more transparent and easier for the public to comprehend, Factory Steel Overstock simplified its wholesale program. Instead the public choosing a profit percent added to wholesale cost – which was difficult for some to understand this gift- there are now three profit options predetermined based on ease of order processing for Factory Steel Overstock. Simply put, the owner of Factory Steel Overstock felt the profit amount added to a building should be based on how quick and easy a customer made the sale.

There are three ways people buy steel buildings from Factory Steel Overstock.

  1. Buy one
  2. Fill out a quote form and then purchase after a quote is completed
  3. Call for a quote and then purchase after a quote is completed.

The easiest procedure for Factory Steel Overstock is when a customer buys online; therefore those choosing this option are rewarded with lowest profit payment of 3%.

The next simplest processing procedure is when a customer takes the time to fill out a quote form. This allows a representative to clearly ascertain information without verbal communications. Customers that take the time to fill out a quote form pay 6% above cost.

The most common way inquiries are received is by calling. The public is conditioned to call for a quote instead of filling out a form. The calling method of communicating is the most challenging and has the highest probability for errors; therefore the profit payment % for the public is increased to 10%.