Custom Steel Buildings

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Factory Steel Overstock is one of the leading sellers of low-complexity steel buildings; however, it also calculates high complexity jobs for the prepared buyer.  Ready customers are quoted true wholesale cost.  Based on building’s complexity and size, a profit amount or %  is determined. The customer is informed of profit %.

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Our customers are guaranteed a savings below all other offers!

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  • 4 Models to Choose From
  • Key Accessories Included!
  • 1 or 2 Rollup Doors Included

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  • 4 Models to Choose From
  • Personalize 10 Accessories!
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  • Custom Dimensions: 24′ x 30′ x 10′ to 100′ x 500′ x 30′
  • All Accessories Available
  • All Building Models Available
Custom Steel Building Kit
Custom Interior Steel Building
Custom Large Storage Building
Custom Large Metal Building
Custom Interior Metal Building
Custom Industrial Large Metal Building
Custom Blue Steel Building Kit
Custom Automotive Steel Building
Custom Steel Building with Overhangs
custom steel church
custom Church with cross and stone
custom metal building
custom steel buildings