Buying A Steel Building Wholesale With A True Broker is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3

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It seems as though everyone looking for a steel building is following an archaic method of contacting random retail companies and asking for a quote. I am not saying that this method won’t yield a decent price; however the odds of that happening are quite slim. The average shopper has very little buying leverage; therefore heavily relying on commission salesmen to produce a deal. Needless to say, expecting a commission salesmen to offer a great deal is like expecting a fox that eats chicks to turn over the chick it just grabbed.

 A more progressing and effective way of finding a good deal is to utilize a true broker who is willing to pass down their savings to the public. True brokers are not paid based on commission, but a set price that is predetermined upfront.

The broker dynamic allows the customer to purchase the steel building at true wholesale price and pay the broker a flat fee upfront or after the deal has been secured. This method of buying is quite common in other industries, just not in the steel industry. It should save the buyer time and money when done properly.

Here Are The Simple Descriptions Of The Broker Dynamic:

  1. Clear terms of compensating the broker should be established upfront along with what is expected. These terms should be put in writing and thoroughly reviewed and discussed by both parties. When this is properly done, everything else should naturally fall into line. Keep in mind, the broker should know quite early in the process whether he or she can accomplish what you want.
  2. The broker will then find out specifically what you want and what you expect to pay for the item or service you desire. The more specific you are the better. The broker may ask you to learn what is the going retail rate for your desired building if you don’ know. You see, an educated buyer is the best buyer. They appreciate the broker’s buying leverage, expertise and buyer power because they know market prices. The shopper should view the broker as their eyes and ears looking and finding in their behalf. The depth, authenticity and transparency of the buyer and broker relationship directly relates to the degree of success they will have acquiring the perfect deal.
  3. Finally, pay the broker without reservation for accomplishing what was agreed on in writing. If the goal is met in 1 hour, the broker shouldn’t be penalized because of his or her efficiency. Knowledge is power. The compensation shouldn’t be based on how hard someone works. But rather on effectiveness.