Are Steel Building Quotes Really Free?

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Red Main Frames Steel Building

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Smarter Way to Buy

FSO has posted a FREE online pricing program where the public can price and purchase a building in Option 1 – Building Packages and Option 2-Estimate your own Building Package.

How The Steel Building Industry Really Works

In the steel building industry, it is typical for companies to say they offer free quotes; however, the vast majority of companies employ commission salesmen who are given the discretion to determine the profit % added.  Commission rates for these individuals normally range between 20 to 40% commission on the profit % added. Not to mention, the starting building cost a salesman receives before he or she marks it up, already has a cost of doing business amount factored in.  By the time the customer gets their quote, there could be as much as 50% added to the wholesale cost.  Again, if you end up paying retail for the steel building, did the commission salesman really give you a free quote?

There Must Be A Better Way?

You can continue the archaic way of buying steel buildings or utilize FSO’S buying leverage and get a guaranteed savings. You obviously have limited buying leverage; therefore, it is virtually impossible for you to get a true wholesale price. Factory Steel Overstock is able to fully commit its resources to quote wholesale and guarantee a savings below market quotes.

For those Requesting A Wholesale Quote, please fill out quote form. Also have the integrity to pay the profit % you selected within the time-line you selected OR email a competitor’s quote (black out competitor’s name) that reflects a lower price within this time-line. Factory Steel Overstock will honor its guaranteed saving terms. 

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