Are Steel Building Quotes Really Free?

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Red Main Frames Steel Building

Smarter Way to Buy

FSO has posted a FREE online pricing program where the public can price and purchase a building in Option 1 – Building Packages and Option 2-Custom Building Packages. In addition, FSO has a Custom Estimator online.

How The Steel Building Industry Really Works

In the steel building industry, it is typical for companies to say they offer free quotes; however, the vast majority of companies employ commission salesmen who are given the discretion to determine the profit % added.  Commission rates for these individuals normally range between 20 to 40% commission on the profit % added. Not to mention, the starting building cost a salesman receives before he or she marks it up, already has a cost of doing business amount factored in.  By the time the customer gets their quote, there could be as much as 50% added to the wholesale cost.  Again, if you end up paying retail for the steel building, did the commission salesman really give you a free quote?!

We all intuitively know there is some “catch” associated with FREE advertisements, yet we are conditioned to this methodology of deception. Do you really want FSO to give you a free quote and then charge you the same retail building price as others?

There Must Be A Better Way?

You can continue the archaic way of buying steel buildings or utilize FSO’S buying leverage and get a guaranteed savings. You obviously have limited buying leverage; therefore, it is virtually impossible for you to get a true wholesale price. Factory Steel Overstock is able to fully commit its resources to quote wholesale and guarantee a savings below market quotes.

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