Are Steel Building Quotes Really Free?

Red Main Frames Steel Building

IF A Company Offers You A Free Formal Quote And Their Quoted Price Is Retail, Was The Quote Really Free?

All of us have seen numerous advertisements stating FREE this or that.  Have you ever asked yourself,  “What is the catch?”  

In a traditional selling dynamic, whatever is being offered without a cost association, this expense will be recouped in added profit when the item or service is eventually sold.  It is as simple as that. So if you end up paying retail on the item initially marketed as FREE “custom” quote, did you really get a free quote? The answer is obviously ‘No.’

An Astute Steel Building Buyer knows “FREE” Usually Means Gimmick

In the steel building industry, it is typical for companies to offer free quotes; however, the vast majority of companies employ commission salesmen who are given the discretion to determine the profit % added.  Not to mention, the starting cost the salesman receives before he or she marks it up, already has a cost of doing business amount factored in.  By the time the customer gets their quote, there could be as much as 50% added to the wholesale cost.  Again, if you end up paying retail for the steel building, did the commission salesman really give you a free quote?!

We all intuitively know there is some “catch” associated with FREE advertisements, yet we are conditioned to this methodology of doing business.  It seems to be the “new normal”. Consequently, to appease our skepticism we collect numerous quotes.

There Must Be A Better Way?

If the expense of offering something for free has to be recouped eventually, then how can Factory Steel Overstock write the word FREE in front of anything?

Simple: Factory Steel Overstock trusts the integrity of the human SPIRIT to reciprocate what is truly a benefit; therefore, Factory Steel Overstock posts Bare Bone Pricing Estimator, Building Packages, Custom Building Packages, as well as a Price Estimator – all for FREE. Factory Steel Overstock allows the public to select the compensation (3, 5, 7 or 10%) instead of following industry protocol and adding additional profit later  to recoup the expense for this service. In a nutshell, Factory Steel Overstock is believing in the Golden Rule. Ultimately, what the key principals of FSO found is – What is in the public’s best interest is equally in its own best interest.

Summation: If you offer something for FREE that truly is valuable to the public, the public will gladly compensate you for giving them the added value!

Regarding quotes, if someone does not locate their desired building among the posted building prices, they can pay a refundable $100 to receive a quote of FSO’S actual wholesale cost.  Remember, receiving a price of FSO’s actual cost and being allowed to select the profit % is far different than receiving a retail quote elsewhere.

The cost for the quote is strictly to offset the expense of preparing a formal bid as well as a means to distinguish sincere buyers.  By the customer paying this cost upfront, Factory Steel Overstock is able to fully commit its resources to quote wholesale and guarantee a savings below market quotes.  In a nutshell, you can pay $100 upfront and get a true cost or get a so-called free quote elsewhere and pay retail.   We always have choices.