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Airplane Hangars - Steel Building Sale

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airplane hangar steel building model

Key Features included with these I-Beam Steel Airplane Hangars:

  • 1:12 Roof Pitch Model
  • 1 - Framed Opening Fully Flashed 
  • Left Endwall Opening designed to handle Bi-Fold or Hydraulic Door

Hangar door engineering data provided by:

hangar door company

Hangar door not included.


Standard Features included in all models:  * 40 Yr. Warranty on Colored Walls and Trim * 25 Yr. Warranty Galvalume Roof * Solid I-Beam Construction * Clear span design (no interior columns) * Lifetime Structural Warranty * Complete Trim Package * 26 Gauge sheeting -80,000 p.s.i. tensile strength | 1 1/4" sheeting profile * Purlin bearing rib (PBR panels - larger overlap than R panels- All panels incorporate the purlin bearing profile *Life-time warranty roof fasteners * All bolts, screws, closures, weather stripping, sealants, fasteners as required to erect structure *  The pre-punched connecting clips for the structural members, including endwall columns, are welded in place and then primed during fabrication * All structural elements for the specified framed openings ( jamb, girts and headers) are pre-cut and pre-punched and the necessary clips are welded on during fabrication * Prices reflect cable braces in optimal locations * Foundation plans, anchor bolts and erection services by other.  Additional Specifications for metal building kits.  If you would like to read comparisons, click Why Choose Us page. Metal building prices below reflect full roof snow load/wind speed. | Wind Exposure  - C |  IBC-2015. Your final price may vary based on local codes and factory locations.  Please call your local building department to verify codes.

Certification Plans - Manufacturer's Credentials

  • Letter of Certification
  • 2 sets of certified stamped erection plans
  • 2 sets of certified stamped anchor bolt plans

Our building manufacturer is IAS (International Accreditation Service) accredited and MBMA (Metal Building Manufacturer Association) member.

If you intend to erect your steel building, read How to Erect a Steel Building and Common Metal Building Erection Mistakes


a.  If you find a building you would like to have FSO send you the quote of exact cost  - based on codes associated with your zip - code, in ORDER FORM below, select desired Model, type in your SIZE, Profit for FSO and total PRICE into the ORDER FORM. Click on PAYMENT CENTER  located in menu above under RESOURCES and pay a refundable $100 deposit.  Then call 1-888-512-1116. You will receive a formal quote of FSO'S wholesale cost same day. Factory Steel Overstock guarantees a minimum $500  savings below ALL quotes received (40' x 60' x 14' or larger with two accessories included). 

b.  Proceed to STEP 2.

  • Based on delivered locations, and codes, prices can fluctuate as much as 7.5%.

Questions?  Please WATCH VIDEO before you call  1-888-512-1116

NOTE***Choose the closest SNOW Load/ WIND speed in accordance with your local building code.  FSO will re-calculate your building based on codes associated with your ZIP code for Ready Buyers.  


TEMPORARILY DISREGARD PRICING FOR  HANGARS, Factory Steel Overstock not selling hangars currently...

Steel Building Hangar BiFold Door
Bi-Fold Door

Prices in table reflect Hangar Design to Support BI-FOLD DOOR:

50' wide structures framed opening size is 45' x 12' 

60' wide structures framed opening size is: 54' x 12'

70' wide structures framed opening size is 63' x 11'

Hangars Designed to Support 1 Bi-Fold Door

Size4lb./115mph20lb./115 mph30lb./115mph40lb./115mph0lb./130mph0lb./150mph
Steel Building Hangar Hydraulic Door
Hydraulic Door

Prices in table reflect Hangar Design to Support HYDRAULIC DOOR:

50' wide structures framed opening size is 45' x 14' 

60' wide structures framed opening size is 54' x 14'

70' wide structures framed opening size is 63' x 14'

Hangars Designed to Support 1 Hydraulic Door

Size4lb./115mph20lb./115 mph30lb./115mph40lb./115mph0lb./130mph0lb./150mph

NOTE: If you do not see your desired building size here, we can quote your hangar in Option 3.  Please read How to Buy Wholesale for detailed information about Option 3 requirements.


a. On your computer, CLICK BUTTONS BELOW & new tabs will open for your selections. 

b.  Return to THIS tab and Type selections into ORDER FORM below.

c.  Proceed to STEP 3.

WALLS, TRIM & Roll Up Doors- Standard Color is Polar White.  Donate $200 to either program listed on our Colors page and you can have any metal building colors listed.

ROOF -  Standard  Color is Galvalume Plus.  Choose Roof Color ONLY if your chosen PACKAGE states Colored Roof as a Key Feature included.  (You may have Colored Roof in Option 2 or 3 for .30cents per square foot.)

Questions call 1-888-512-1116

Rustic Red steel building colors
Rustic Red
Cobalt Blue steel building color
Cobalt Blue
Galvalume Plus steel building color
Galvalume Plus
Polar White steel building color
Polar White
Charcoal Gray steel building color
Charcoal Gray
Fern Green steel building color
Fern Green
Light Stone steel building color
Light Stone
Burnished Slate steel building color
Burnished Slate
Hawaiian Blue steel building color
Hawaiian Blue
Koko Brown steel building color
Koko Brown
Ash Gray steel building color
Ash Gray
Desert Sand steel building color
Desert Sand
solar white steel building color
Solar White
Saddle Tan steel building colors
Saddle Tan
Crimson Red steel building color
Crimson Red



a.  In Shipping drop-down, select a city closest to you for best estimate.

b.  Enter the price into the ORDER FORM below. 

c.  Submit completed Order Form and you're on your way!

Note: For buildings over 50x100x14 with 60+ lb snow, please call for shipping cost.  1-888-512-1116

5 Reasons To Buy From Factory Steel Overstock

  1.  Total Transparency - Wholesale Metal building price, as well as features offered with each package, are CLEARLY posted.  The general public recommends the Profit Amount.  Profit is paid to Factory Steel Overstock and the building deposit directly to the certified supplier. TOTAL TRANSPARENCY!
  2. Peace of Mind -Factory Steel Overstock has created a stress-free program. No one experiences upfront cost, commission salesmen or sales gimmicks.  FSO customers save valuable time because over 5,000 wholesale steel building prices are posted; therefore the public need not spend countless hours analyzing random quotes. 
  3. Reliable Plans and Delivery Schedule - Each customer is emailed an Order Acknowledgement shortly after the order is placed, that indicates when their certified plans will be mailed as well as when their building will be delivered. Plans are usually mailed within 3 weeks of order and delivery within 8 weeks.  In addition, Factory Steel Overstock ships from 12 strategic locations and allows the public to pick up their buildings from 5 locations.
  4.  No Hidden Cost - Many steel building sellers make the majority of their profit from UP CHARGES after the sale.  They purposely transfer the sales order to a different department AFTER  the sale. This department then suggests purchases that should have been suggested to the buyer initially. FSO is aware that most of the general public has never bought a steel building before; therefore FSO  is committed to including ALL important items upfront and informing the public fully of pertinent issues related to their purchase.
  5. Repeat and referral business - Over 35% of Factory Steel Overstock’s sales come from repeat customers or referrals.  The truest reflection of a company is whether a customer refers people to your company, as well as continually uses your service or product.



The majority of I-beam steel buildings sold in the USA initiate from THREE LARGE CORPORATIONS. These corporations sell their steel buildings primarily through subsidiaries, brokers, and contractors. Therefore, even if you collect 100 bids, you are still reviewing the same building materials, just sold through a different re-seller.   Don't be fooled by a commission salesman's presentations or fancy websites. Objectively evaluate price, quality, and service:


FSO guarantees a $200 savings for all metal buildings 40' x 60' x 12' and smaller and a $500 savings for metal buildings 40' x 60' x 14' and larger (equal specifications). Plus, you receive one additional feature more than any other proposal.

If you received a bid lower than our website delivered price, simply email it to  We will analyze, then honor our guarantee.


All buildings sold by Factory Steel Overstock initiate from an IAS (International Accreditation Service) facility and MBMA (Metal Building Manufacturer Association) member.

These are the highest standards a fabrication facility can earn. Review our quality standards - Specifications.


Factory Steel Overstock has ALL positive reviews posted at the Better Business Bureau in addition to its A+ grade and 5-star rating.

All calls and email requests are responded to the same day. We give you just as much attention after the sale as before the sale.

PLEASE help us improve our service by emailing your suggestions at

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Choosing Between Bi-Fold and Hydraulic Airplane Hangar Doors

To make the choice between bi-fold and hydraulic doors, consider your space and use  needs, the location, airport restrictions and land lease contracts, as well as owner association rules and FAA guidelines that may apply.  In addition, consider how each door type functions and whether it is also a good choice for your neighbor and accessibility, etc.  Weather may also be a determining factor in the door you select, due to wind, ice and snow conditions in and around the doors restricting movement.

First, choose your hangar size to accommodate your aircraft both vertically and horizontally, along with any other items that may find their way into your new storage capacity.  For example, if you have  a motor home which may at some point cohabitate with your aircraft, allow dimensions for that item.  

Consider all of these points and consult your door manufacturer for door opening size requirements on your hangar prior to purchase.


"FSO provides a quality product at a great price. They do so much volume they receive prices most people could never obtain on their own. Now three years later I am working with them to purchase a second building."

Matt K.  - 80x120x26 -  7/24/2018

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"I got a good deal on the building, and good service."

G. Benz  - 50' x 75' x 16'


Read more client testimonials...

"John was great to work with. Friendly and honest. The Building went together great and was all that I expected. Great Customer service." -Matt B 8/22/2017

"FSO and John have been wonderful to work with and his pricing has been excellent. All of the information is timely and he is very responsive. I will be purchasing all future buildings from FSO and I truly appreciate working with an excellent company." - Paul P. 7/10/2017

"We love our building!  Mr Barber was really easy to work with. Our building was delivered as scheduled. Everything was there with good instructions. Would buy from this company again."

L.Hadcock - 40' x 60' x 14'


Factory Steel Overstock est. March 2011, has A+ Grade, has a 5 Star rating and ALL positive reviews posted at the BBB.  Click BBB logo to read reviews.


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