Over 2500 TRUE wholesale steel building prices posted. In order to guarantee lowest quote, quotes are provided ONLY to those ready to buy immediately AFTER receiving a quote verifying saving.

why choose factory steel overstock

"I have been very happy with my steel building. I have been erecting it myself over the last few months. All that is left is to hang the doors. Thanks for your part in this project." - Todd Waaramaa 3/30/17

Factory Steel Overstock is committed to make a positive difference in the steel building industry. It follows a conscious path to creating profits through honest, value-driven, and service-driven efforts. FSO believes what is in the best interest of the general public will align with its interest - that is why FSO is willing to allow the public to suggest the profit amount added to its 'actual' cost.

FSO believes in people before profits!  It presents no sales gimmicks, hidden cost and NO one overpays! Since one of the Universe Principles is Giving and Receiving, FSO commits to GIVE  by quoting a guaranteed savings to all customers agreeing to pay FSO's modest profit  immediately AFTER  receiving a this verified savings. If quote presented it not ones lowest price, FSO uses its leverage to reduce price or eliminate its profit - therefore accepting order potentially as a volume benefit only.

The key principals of FSO know that they are on this Earth to achieve a greater good - and the more that contribute to this greater good, the faster and better the world becomes. There are no upfront cost, gimmicks or hidden cost with this wholesale program!


70% of all I-beam steel buildings sold in the US come from three major corporations that sell their buildings through subsidiaries or brokers - who arbitrary decide on profit amount. Even is you get a 100 bids, you will still be reviewing most likely the same building just sold by a different re-seller. You can continue to follow an archaic method of buying a steel building OR utilizes FSO buying leverage and get a guaranteed savings!

  • Factory Steel Overstock is one of the leading sellers of low-complexity steel buildings and sells on a volume bases.
  • Factory Steel Overstock receives special discounted pricing from one of the largest certified steel building manufacturer in the US. This discount is passed down to the general public
  • The general public ONLY pays profit AFTER receiving a formal/comprehensive quote below all current quotes.
  • If price posted or quoted is not one's lowest price, Factory Steel Overstock will have building cost reduced or wave fee!
  • Factory Steel Overstock has a perfect A+ grade, 5 star rating and numerous reviews posted at the Better Business Bureau.
  • Customers are allowed to pay building deposits directly to certified manufacturer.
  • Certified plans ( 2- Anchor Bolt Settings, 2- Erection Plans and 1- Building Certification Letter) are completed in 10-14 days.
  • Buildings are delivered in 3 or 8 weeks. Guaranteed 3 week delivery is an additional $500.
  • Manufacturer has been establish over 50 years , IAS (International Accreditation Service) accredited and MBMA ( Metal Building Manufacturer Association ) member.
  • Customer receives an Order Acknowledgement email after sales that includes job#, date of plan completion and day or week of building delivery.
  • Customers are allowed to pick up buildings in 5 locations and buildings are shipped from 15 locations.
  • Representative of Factory Steel Overstock as well as manufacturer assist customer after sale.