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Support These Programs

Factory Steel Overstock is committed to support those making a positive difference in the world. One of these organizations is the Church of God & Saints of Christ.

One of the chapters of Church of God & Saints of Christ is located in the inner city of New Haven, CT . This church has been serving and delivery meals for those in need for over a hundred years.

This small but powerful church is a beacon of light for many of those forgotten in society. It is for this reason that Factory Steel Overstock is eager to assist this church’s efforts in making a positive difference in the word.

Additional information: Church of God and Saints of Christ 109 Beers Street New Haven, Ct. 06511 website cogsoconline.org Non-profit 501(c)3 # 06-1129297.

Photo below shows church members and volunteers preparing meals for those in need.

Church volunteers

FSO is also supporting author/educator, Kimberly Smith, M.A. efforts in the shifting awareness to the "causes" in the educational field. Her commitment to making a better world from the inside out is profoundly changing the current educational learning paradigm. Through her book and workshops, she shares her own personal revelations, principles, and experiential practices which become cause for unleashing higher potentials in the field of education and beyond!

For more information on the project, please visit her website