Over 2500 TRUE wholesale steel building prices posted. In order to guarantee lowest quote, quotes are provided ONLY to those ready to buy immediately AFTER receiving a quote verifying saving.

How to Buy Wholesale

Step Step 1of the Wholesale Buying Process


Wholesale Steel Buildings & Factory Steel Overstock:

The definition of  WHOLESALE: Selling goods in large quality at low prices.

You can buy wholesale steel buildings through Factory Steel Overstock.  Why? Because FSO has already done all the work for you.  The owner has over 30 years’ experience in the steel building industry. His specialized knowledge, expertise and buyer leverage is utilized to offer the general public the highest quality steel buildings at the lowest possible prices.

You only need to be ready - to- buy now to get a quote of FSO'S real cost. Real cost means price before profit has been added!  Prepared buyers are allowed to suggest the profit amount to be added to this cost. If the profit amount offered by you is accepted, it is paid by close of business day. It is that simple! Everyone is assured of a minimum of $500 savings if their building is 40x60x14 or larger. The average savings is $3,250! There is no upfront cost!

Some people are enticed by sizzle instead of substance.  They tend to be impatient; therefore often impulsively buy. They can be persuaded to buy with questionable sales enticements. This is why many steel building brokers and companies are embolden to present flimsy offers. For instance, numerous websites state ridiculous assertions - such as 70% OFF or Huge Factory Clearance –Buy Now!  Salesmen often state things similar to “We have a 40’x60’14’steel buildings that is unclaimed and it is reduced in price…! Instead of doing adequate research, naive customers often believe these deceptive tactics and buy.

Then there are those who are more thoughtful. They know what they want and just want to see proof that they are getting exactly what they want at a reduced price. These individuals take their time and rationally think through the buying process. THEY DO THEIR HOMEWORK! They have little interest speaking to salesmen until they have reviewed objective information (specifications and features) themselves.  Factory Steel Overstock’s wholesale program was created specifically for these individuals.

Instead of presenting gimmicks, Factory Steel Overstock presents transparent, informative and pertinent information.  Factory Steel Overstock has an A+ grade, 5 star rating and numerous reviews posted at the Better Business Bureau. FSO has posted its REAL cost on over 2500 steel building prices as well as roll up doors, insulation, accessories and shipping prices.  Please take some time to review the material posted... Don't be lazy!

There are only two key requirements to receive a quote of Factory Steel Overstock’s cost:

  1. You have already reviewed one or more market bids of your desired building.
  2. You are ready to buy now- based on receiving a formal quote that verifies a savings. Agreed profit is paid by close of business day.

If you are ready to buy, feel free to request a quote. FSO quotes sizes 24x30x9 to 100x500x30. If you are not ready to buy NOW, please REFRAIN from requesting a quote at this time.  Questions call 1-888-512-1116.

Questions our representative will ask each person who request a wholesale quote.

  1. Your desired steel building size?
  2. Your desired accessories you want included?
  3. The size and location of roll up doors?
  4. The metal building roof pitch (1:12, 2:12, 3:12 or 4:12)?
  5. Building colors?
  6. Whether you want your metal building delivered in 3 or 8 weeks.
  7. Whether you want your steel building insulated?
  8. If you have reviewed any competitors quotes
  9. If you have calculated your delivered price from website prices.
  10. Whether you ready to buy now if presented with a verified savings?

How To Calculate A Wholesale Building Price Yourself - 

Write down prices for items you wish to purchase and add up cost with your own personal calculator. There is no calculator on website.

  1.  Pick A Building Model  - Click  
  2.  Add Standard Accessories – Click  
  3. Add Insulation – Click
  4. Add Roll Up DoorsClick  
  5. Select Building Colors Click 
  6.  Add Shipping Price Click 
After you have calculated your delivered cost AND you are ready-to -buy NOW- based on receiving a reduced market price QUOTE - you can receive a quote of FSO's actual cost by calling 1-888-512-1116 or click request a quote
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This is step 1 of the Wholesale Building Process

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