Over 2500 TRUE wholesale steel building prices posted. In order to guarantee lowest quote, quotes are provided exclusively to those ready to buy immediately AFTER receiving a quote verifying saving.

How to Buy Wholesale

Step Step 1of the Wholesale Buying Process


To receive a quote of Factory Steel Overstock's 'actual' true cost, be ready to buy NOW...IT IS THAT SIMPLE! 

Factory Steel Overstock  guarantees a $500 savings (40x60x14 and larger buildings w/accessories included).  Average customer savings is $3,250! 

Everyone wants a TRUE wholesale price quote ; however most people's shopping behavior deserves a retail price quote! For instance, the vast number of people requesting quotes are not prepared to buy NOW no matter what the VERIFIED SAVINGS received.  How can a seller reduce prices - if the general public's behavior adds to the seller's overall cost?!!  A consumer's ACTIONS either SAVES a seller cost or a consumer's behavior ADDS to a seller's cost.  IT IS THAT SIMPLE! Ready buyers streamline the selling process - which reduces cost!
FSO is aware that each potential buyer is at a different stage in the buying process. Those that won't buy NOW, are better served consulting a Retail Outlet!  Please decide which program (Wholesale or Retail) matches your buying status?
FSO has posted over 2500 steel building prices as well as accessories, roll up doors, insulation and shipping prices to assist everyone in their research! When you are truly ready to buy- based on receiving a quote that verifies a savings- FSO promises to quote you its cost. You guarantee yourself a savings by the amount of profit you offer to IBS. THE PERFECT PROGRAM FOR THE PREPARED AND SERIOUS BUYER!

3 requirements to receive a quote of FSO'S actual cost:

  1. Review a  minimum of one market bid SO that you know what your desired building cost elsewhere.

  2. Locate your desired steel building size (or closest size) from this website and calculate the delivered price.

  3. Be prepared to offer FSO a profit amount after receiving a quote of FSO's actual wholesale cost.

If you can abide by these 3 standards, you will be informed of Factory Steel Overstock's actual cost AND be allowed to offer what you feel is a fair profit amount.  All this is done for FREE for READY buyers ONLY.

Questions our representative will ask you when completing your wholesale quote.

  1. Your desired building size?
  2. Your desired accessories you want included?
  3. The size and location of roll up doors?
  4. The building roof pitch (1:12, 2:12, 3:12 or 4:12)?
  5. Building colors?
  6. Whether you want your building delivered in 3 or 8 weeks.
  7. Do you want your building insulated?
  8. Are you ready to buy now if presented with a verified savings?

If you are not ready to buy NOW, please refrain from requesting a quote at this time,  There are no upfront or hidden cost, just true savings! Factory Steel Overstock quotes sizes 24x30x9 to 100x500x30.

 To Calculate A Wholesale Price Yourself - 

  •  Pick A Building Model  - Click 
  •  Add Standard Accessories – Click
  • Add Insulation – Click
  • Add Roll Up DoorsClick  
  • Select Building Colors Click 
  •  Add Shipping Price Click 
After you have calculated your delivered cost AND you are ready-to -buy NOW- based on receiving a reduced market price QUOTE - you can receive a quote of FSO's actual cost by calling 1-888-512-1116 or click request a quote
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This is step 1 of the Wholesale Building Process

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