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In order to offer TRUE WHOLESALE PRICES,
are completed  ONLY for

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izes: 24'x30'x9' to 100'x500'x30'
Snow Load: 0 lb to 100 lb 
Wind: 85 to 160 mph


Everyone wants a wholesale price; however some people are willing to do their part to get a true wholesale price. You can utilize Factory Steel Overstock's buying leverage and get a GUARANTEED savings OR continue the OLD ARCHAIC method of collecting  random  retail quotes. YOUR CHOICE!
By committing to pay a low flat fee
AFTER  receiving a  wholesale quote from Factory Steel Overstock, you help reduce cost and this savings is passed down to you.
It is that simple! 
Our program is best suited for the educated customer. This is someone that has ALREADY reviewed market bids and is comfortable paying fee/profit once Factory Steel Overstock presents a savings. Fee/profit is paid by close of business day of receiving wholesale quote -no exceptions!

If you are not prepared to pay our modest profit by close of business day, please refrain from requesting a wholesale quote at this time- AND review listed prices.

  The integrity and cooperation of the public allows us to offer these great prices!
Any person that breaks their word, rude or uses profanity will not be allowed to buy from
 Factory Steel Overstock.
Money is not our driving force. Spirit is! 
We know following Spirit will always
yield increase. Therefore we will not compromise program for a sale, no matter what size!
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 Fees Based On Total Delivered Price
Fees/profit must be paid by close of business day of date of received wholesale quote.
$0 - $15,000 - Only $495
$15,000 - $30,000 - Only $695 $30,000 - $40,000- Only $895

 Projects above $40,000 - fee/profit determined on a case by case bases. 

Order To Delivery...
After contract is signed and fee/deposit paid - an Order Acknowledgement email is then sent  which includes job#, date of plan completion and shipping date.
Plans are completed within 10 -14 days.
Customer chooses 3 or 8 week shipping schedule.
Guaranteed 3 week delivery is an additional $500

Toll free 1-888-512-1116


Click for the BBB Business Review of this Buildings - Pre - Cut, Prefab & Modular - Dealers in Westminster CO

Established: 3/15/2011
BBB Accredited: 07/15/13
Factory Steel Overstock has a 5 star rating with the BBB
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I saved about $4,000 on my 50'x100'x16' building. I would recommend this company. Their selling approach was different ."

Tuss Taylor - KY

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   4 lb. Snow Load | 115 mph Wind Speed \ Exposure B |Seismic Load -(ss) 15.710 (s1) 8.040
Solid I-Beam construction * 26 gauge sheeting

*1- Framed Opening w/ Simple Trim *25 Yr. Warranty on Galvalume Plus Roof, Walls and Trim  Finish Finish

Color Sample of Galvalume Plus Finish

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In a traditional sales environment, there seems to be a conflict of interest between buyer and seller. The seller wants the highest price, while the buyer wants the lowest price. With Factory Steel Overstock there is never a conflict of interest. Since the only profits gained by Factory Steel Overstock is a flat fee - it benefits FSO to offer the steel buildings at WHOLESALE COST and thus everyone is working together for the same goal.


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Click for the BBB Business Review of this Buildings - Pre - Cut, Prefab & Modular - Dealers in Westminster CO

Established: 3/15/2011
BBB Accredited: 07/15/13
Factory Steel Overstock has a 5 star rating with the BBB
  Please read entire Welcome (Home Page)
"I received my building on time and everything was in good order except my man door was suppose to be a 4' door and i received a 3' door instead. John the salesman for Factory Steel Overstock was quick to get me with the resolution team for **** buildings and they realized they made the mistake and shipped me another 4' man door the very next day and I was able to keep both doors due to the inconvenience. Customer Service for both Factory Steel Overstock and  John was Top Notch !! Both companies will have all my future business."
by Paul K. on Jun. 03, 2015


Enjoy visioning and planning your steel building project.  Bring your building dream to full fruition with the best deal in the industry— a true wholesale price from Factory Steel Overstock.  You have access to numerous steel building prices on this site and can comparison shop with ease and clarity.

When you are focused on the joy of bringing your desired building to manifestation, rather than efforting to the point of stress and discouragement, then you are certain to attract the resources that are a match to the pricing you desire. 

We believe the transparency of posting our wholesale prices and educating ALL who find this site.  No need to overpay.  No need to try hard in making sense of RETAIL QUOTES or discovering hidden charges and fees.  At Factory Steel Overstock, you are able to ACCURATELY self-quote a delivered price without having to deal with commission salesmen.

Simply take a moment to find your desired size and building style.  You can add accessories, roll up doors, and insulation to your building price as well as shipping cost by simply clicking on the tabs (right menu). Then you pay a low FLAT FEE instead of a retail price with other companies!

If your total delivered wholesale price online or quoted is $29,999.00 - you pay $695 above this cost the day a formal bid is presented you!

Fees Based On Total Delivered Price:
$0 to $15,000 - $495
$15,001 - $30,000 - $695
$30,001 to $40,000 - $895
 Fee determined on a case by case bases above $40,000.

If you don’t find your exact building size on site, please simply locate a close size for budgetary purposes.

In order to offer these great prices, we reserve our official quoting process for ready buyers only—those folks who have already checked out our prices, compared with others, and have come to the conclusion that they will pay our low profit/fee after(same day) we quote them a price below their current bids.

We quote sizes from 28'x30'x9' to 100'x300'x30

Thank you for your preparation in coming to the call with the clarity of moving forward on your project, and with the intention to submit your fee the day of receiving the official quote from us.  

Please communicate from complete integrity. Factory Steel Overstock reserves the right not to sell to someone who breaks their word, uncooperative or uses profanity in any manner. Please honor our program. If it doesn't align with you, simply contact a different company. 
Factory Steel Overstock will not compromise its wholesale program for a sale. MONEY is not the driving force here. Spirit's guidance is!  The key principals know that following Spirit will always give increase.  
Peace and Blessings!

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