Over 2500 TRUE wholesale steel building prices posted. In order to guarantee lowest quote, quotes are provided ONLY to those ready to buy immediately AFTER receiving a quote verifying saving.

 2500 Steel Building Prices Posted!

 Get a quote of  Real Cost cost for FREE!  REAL COST means a metal building price before a profit is added.

Higher Conscious Selling of Steel Buildings: Informing the general public of real cost.  Allowing the public to recommend profit amount.
Higher Conscious Buying of Metal Buildings: The public offers a fair profit amount. If profit amount is accepted, it is paid by close of business day.

  If you are prepared to buy TODAY - you are guaranteed a $500 saving below all quotes. Average savings $3,250!

  FSO has posted over 2500 steel building prices as well as accessory prices roll up door prices,  insulation prices and shipping prices  to assist everyone.  Factory Steel Overstock is a volume seller of steel buildings. In order to guarantee lowest quote, FSO quotes ONLY those ready to buy  today!
Please have the INTEGRITY to REFRAIN from requesting a quote if you are NOT READY TO BUY TODAY.   Please read Home Page (below) before calling!

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Factory Steel Overstock has a A+ grade, 5 STAR RATING and ALL POSITIVE reviews posted at the BBB!! Click on logo above to read reviews.

"I would highly recommend Factory Steel Overstock. Their core philosophy may be a departure from most companies but this should be encouraging rather than off putting. All of our interactions from inception and planning to receipt of the building were flawless and handled in a professional and courteous manner. We estimate a savings of over 30% V's dealing with a more traditional company."   -by C. H. on 3/7/2016 (posted at BBB)

The Perfect Wholesale Program:

Factory Steel Overstock does not follow industry program of attempting to get the highest possible profit on its metal buildings. On the contrary, FSO would rather inform the public of its actual cost. Those prepared to buy TODAY are allowed to recommend the profit amount.  FSO has created an environment where seller and buyer work as one.

In order to quote real cost, Factory Steel Overstock focuses ALL its efforts toward those who have completed their research.  A representative of FSO will ask a caller qualifying questions. If the caller's answers reflect that they are not really ready to buy today, the caller will not receive a quote at this time. Please don't rush into a purchase. Complete your research before buying from any company! Factory Steel Overstock has posted over 2500 steel building prices to assist you.

This wholesale program is best suited for the higher consciousness person. This is someone who is appreciates the opportunity to assist in the determined profit amount.  Two simple requirements (below) to receive a wholesale quote:

  1. You have reviewed a minimum of one market quote.
  2. You are ready to buy TODAY-based on receiving a quote that verifies a savings.

Why Buy From Factory Steel Overstock?

  • FSO is presents its 'REAL COST'! This cost may have a profit from 0 to 2.5% included based on complexity and/or size building.
  • FSO allows the customer to suggest the profit amount!
  • FSO guarantees a minimum $500 savings (40'x60'x14' or larger with equal specification comparison). AVERAGE SAVINGS $3,250! 
  • FSO allows the public to pay building deposit directed to supplier -TOTAL TRANSPARENCY!
  • After order, customer receives an Order Acknowledgement email that contains job#, date of plan completion and day or week of building delivery after order.
  • Certified plans completed 10 to 14 days. Building delivery 8 wks.
  • FSO guarantees a 3 week delivery for an additional $500.
  • Factory Steel Overstock has a A+grade, 5 star rating and numerous reviews posted at the BBB!
  • Certified manufacturer is IAS (International Accreditation Service) accredited, a MBMA (Metal Building Manufacturer Association) member and established OVER 50 years.

Questions 1-888-512-1116


Over 70% of all I-beam steel buildings sold in the US come from factories that are OWNED by three major corporations. These metal buildings are sold through numerous subsidiaries or brokers. These subsidiaries and brokers arbitrary determine the profit amounts. Even if a customer gets a 100 bids, they will probably be reviewing the same metal building just sold by a different re-seller.  This method of buying steel buildings is time-consuming, woefully ineffective and archaic! However some people are conditioned to this method of buying and resistant to change.


Some people are conditioned to the archaic way of buying steel buildings: They contact random companies hoping to find a low price quote.  They don't realize that they have no buying leverage; therefore are destined for only retail quotes.

FSO has the buying leverage, expertise and specialized knowledge to receive the lowest steel building prices. The owner has over 30 years experience in the steel building industry. This wholesale program reflects the owners willingness to unselfishly share his earned advantages.  Since the only profit acquired by FSO comes from profit amount agreed to by customer and buyer, it behooves FSO to offer the lowest possible steel building prices. Therefore the seller and buyer are working towards the same goal. This opportunity is FREE for those ready to give back by buying today!!

 Calculate A Wholesale Building Price Yourself  

Write down prices for items you wish to purchase and add up cost with your own personal calculator. There is no calculator on website.

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After you have calculated your delivered cost AND you are ready-to -buy (Today)- based on receiving a reduced market price QUOTE - you can receive a quote of FSO's actual cost by calling 1-888-512-1116 or click request a quote

More information CLICK How To Buy Wholesale

  " FSO did everything they said they would do on time without any hassell. I was impressed how fast the order was shipped."- Gary Neuner


I received my building on time and everything was in good order except my man door was suppose to be a 4' door and i received a 3' door instead. John the salesman for Factory Steel Overstock was quick to get me with the resolution team for **** buildings and they realized they made the mistake and shipped me another 4' man door the very next day and I was able to keep both doors due to the inconvenience. Customer Service for both Factory Steel Overstock and  John was Top Notch !! Both companies will have all my future business.
- by Paul K. on Jun. 03, 2015 posted on BBB website.

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"I would highly recommend Factory Steel Overstock. Their core philosophy may be a departure from most companies but this should be encouraging rather than off putting. All of our interactions from inception and planning to receipt of the building were flawless and handled in a professional and courteous manner.  We estimate a savings of over 30% V's dealing with a more traditional company."

- by C.H. on 3/7/16 posted on BBB website

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"...let me say dealing with FSO was a pleasure and we are very happy with the building, the quality of supplied materials and the overall service."

- Carl Hunter March 4th, 2016 -posted at BBB website

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I saved about $4,000 on my 50'x100'x16' building.
I would recommend this company.
Their selling approach was different !"

- Tuss Taylor - KY

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"I purchased my building from FSO in 2015. Once I had determined exactly what I needed, they were able to help me get exactly what I was looking for at the best price I was able to find. Additionally, the lower expense did not come at the cost of quality. The building was delivered on time, in perfect condition, with all required assembly components. The building went up without any fitment issues and so impressed my erection contractor that he is now using the building supplier. The building and assistance I received from Factory Steel Overstock was better than I had anticipated and I would use them again, without hesitation. I would also recommend them to anyone looking for a building."

- Posted on BBB website by B. G. on 3/11/2016

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