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Building Size w/out Insulation |w/Insulation
 30'x30'x12' $5,680 | $6,713
 30'x40'x12'  $6,545 | $7,763
 30'x40'x14'  $7,257 | $8,475
 30'x50'x10'  $7,188 | $8,405
 30'x50'x12'  $7,472 | $8,912
 30'x50'x14'  $8,253 | $9,742
 30'x60'x12'  $8,653 | $10,366
 30'x60'x14'  $9,484 | $11,197
 40'x50'x12'  $9,007 | $10,720
 40'x50'x14'  $9,713 | $11,650
 40'x60'x12'  $10,082 | $12,019
 40'x60'x14'  $10,940 | $13,101
 40'x60'x16'  $11,639 | $13,849
 40'x80'x14'  $13,631 | $16,262
 40'x80'x16'  $14,377 | $17,229
 50'x60'x14  $12,721| $13,101
 50'x75'x14'  $14,825 | $17,677
 50'x80'x16'  $16,716 | $19,838
 50'x100'x16'  $19,968 | $23,727
 60'x100'x14'  $21,501| $25,476
 60'x125'x16'  $27,392 | $32,422
 80'x125'x16'  $35,509 | $41,716
 Included in above steel building prices:
 Solid I-beam | 1:12 Roof Pitch | 26 gauge sheeting | 1-Framed Opening Fully Flashed (1st price) | High R-Value (16) Roof Wall Insulation in blue price  
 Galvalume roof  | Colored Walls and Trim (25 yr. colored warranty on finish)
 | Codes:4 lb. Roof Load | 90 Mph Wind Load | Exposure "C" | IBC2009 | Solid I-Beam Construction | Certified plans|
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 Insulating your building is a must! Order insulation when you order a steel building!
Because of the unique nature of a steel building it requires a vapor barrier, radiant barrier and reflective insulation system. The summer heat (sun's ray) on a steel surface will create extreme heat temperatures inside the building.
In addition, the cold winter temperatures are exaggerated by the metal roof and wall sheeting making it frigid inside. Warm temperatures and cool metal roof or walls create sweating (condensation). Our High R-value (16) reflective serves a true vapor barrier and condensation eliminator.

 2:12 Roof Pitch Steel Building Prices
 30'X30'X10' $5,495 | $6,527
 30'X30'X14' $6,399 | $7,616
 30'X40'X10' $6,363 | $7,580
 30'X50'X14' $8,344 | $9,833
 40'X50'X14' $9,808 | $11,297
 40'X60'X12' $10,283| $12,220
 40'X60'X16' $11,804 | $14,014
 40'X80'x14'' $13,787| $15,418
 50'X60'X14' $12.957| $15,367
 50'X75'X14' $15,145| $17,997
 50'X100'X14'  $19,102| $22,644
 60'X100'X16' $23,229| $27,704

    Included in above 2:12 roof pitch
metal building prices
Prices in Blue has High R-Value (16) Roof & Wall Insulation included | 1-Framed Opening Fully Flashed | Galvalume roof | Colored Walls and Trim (25 yr. warranty)
 |4 lb. Roof Load | 90 Mph Wind Load | Exposure C | IBC2009 | Certified plans
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 Roof Pitch Metal Building Prices

 30'x30'x10'  $5,897 | $6,930
 30'x40'x12' $7,330 | $8,548
 30'x50'x10'  $7,835| $9,324
 30'x60'x12'  $9,570 |$12,283
 35'x60'x12'  $10,486 | $12,207
 35'x60'x14'  $11,210 | $13,156
 40'x60'x14'  $11,937 | $14,098
 40'x60'x16'  $12,854 | $15,064
 40'x72'x14'  $13,590 | $16,000
 40'x100'x14'  $17,577 | $17,894
 50'x60x16'  $15,263 | $17,894
 60'x100'x14'  $23,781 | $27,771

Included in above 3:12 roof pitch
steel building prices

 Prices in Blue have High R-Value (16) Roof & Wall Insulation included
1-Framed Opening Fully Flashed
|Colored Roof, Walls  and Trim (20 yr. warranty)
 |26 g auge sheeting | 4 lb. Roof Load | 90 Mph Wind Load | Exposure C | IBC2009| Certified plans
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Same Goal As You
In a traditional selling environment, there seems to be a conflict of interest between the buyer and the seller. The seller wants the highest price, while the buyer wants the lowest price. With FSO there is never a conflict of interest. Since the only profit gained by FSO is a flat fee -therefore, it benefits FSO to offer steel buildings at wholesale, and, thus, everyone is working together for the same goal.

Associations & Certifications

of manufacturer

Our supplier is recognized as a member of or accredited by the following standards organizations. Our clients can take pride in knowing their structures exceed the rigorous quality standards and guidelines specified by the associations listed below. 

Metal Building Manufacturers Association (MBMA)
The MBMA has served as the voice of a large concerned manufacturer base for over 50 years. Founded in 1956, the MBMA requires that all its member companies abide by a strict code of industry standards that create and maintain the highest level of quality.

American Welding Society (AWS)
The AWS, a not-for-profit organization, has worked to continue the developmental efforts of the welding industry since its inception in 1919. The AWS represents and supports extended education from a scientific and technological standpoint in the welding community as well as others closely related: brazing, soldering, and other metal fusion processes.

International Accreditation Service, Inc.
The IAS lends confidence and security to an organization’s services and/or products. An IAS accreditation means the company in question meets and surpasses industry guidelines concerning durability and performance. The IAS recognizes our supplier as an approved fabricator of structural steel building assemblies.

 Architectural Testing, Inc. 

With regional laboratories across the United States, Architectural Testing conducts quarterly inspections of our manufacturer’s facility. The inspections encompass procedural reviews as well as overall compliance with the standards set by the American Welding Society, ensuring safe and secure metal buildings.





























































Factory Steel Overstock was established 12/19/2011. It was fully accredited with the BBB 7/15/13. It it now one of the leading sellers of low-complexity steel buildings.

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Factory Steel Overstock has embarked where few companies in any industry have gone...CUSTOMERS ARE INFORMED OF ACTUAL COST (without any profit added)
Profit amount is determined based on your actions - NOT WORDS!. So customers willing to place a deposit immediately upon receiving a reduced market price receive the lowest profit amount. 
1-888-512-1116 or

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4:12 Wholesale Metal Building Prices
Perfect Buildings
 30'x30'x10'  $6,062 | $7,099
 30'x40'x10'  $7,012 | $8,234
 30'x44'x12' $7,780 | $9,227
 30'x50'x10'  $7,941| $9,388
 30'x60'x14'  $9,715 | $11,661
 40'x40'x12'  $9,187 | $10,684
 40'x50'x14'  $10,966 | $12,912
 40'x60'x12'  $11,621 | $13,567
 40'x75'x14'  $14,463 | $17,105
 50'x75'x16'  $18,117 | $21,253
 50'x100'x14'  $20,965 | $24,738
 60'x100'x16'  $24,679 | $29,154
Included in above steel building  prices-
1-Framed Opening Fully Flashed | Colored Roof, Walls  and Trim (25yr. warranty)
 | 26 gauge sheeting | 4 lb. Roof Load | 90 Mph Wind Load | Exposure C |IBC2009 | Certified plans. Prices in Blue has High R-Value (16) Roof & Wall Insulation included
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 and higher snow and wind loads

Step #1 
Review our steel building prices posted.

Step #2
Add desired accessories,
roll up door/s and insulation prices from site.

Prices posted within 5% + or - of accuracy
(though there could be a few price anomalies posted). Prices on this page have been verified.

Step #3 
Add Shipping Price 
to get total delivered cost. 

Call 1-888-512-1116 to have price verified.
Pay agreed profit to FSO. 

After fee/profit is received customers send building deposit directly to certified manufacturer. Customer receives Order Acknowledgement email with Order #, date of certified plan completion and week of delivery.  An experienced customer service representative will be assigned to assist  customers after order.
Certified plans are completed in two weeks, and steel buildings are delivered in 8 weeks. Guaranteed 3 week delivery for an an additional charge. Customers can pick up their buildings.

     Our Standard Specifications
* Solid I-Beam Construction * Clear span design (no interior columns) * 50 Yr. Structural Warranty * Complete Trim Package - 26 Gauge  sheeting -80,000 p.s.i. tensile strength - 25 year warranty on Colored and Galvalume finishes | 1 1/4" sheeting profile * Purlin bearing rib (PBR  panels - larger overlap than R panels- All panels incorporate the purlin bearing profile * Life-time warranty roof fasteners * All bolts, screws, closures, weather stripping, sealants, fasteners as required to erect structure  * Framed openings are fully flashed * The pre-punched connecting clips for the structural members, including endwall colunms, are welded in place and then primed during fabrication * All structural elements for the specified framed openings ( jamb, girts and headers) are pre-cut and pre-punched and the necessary clips are welded on during fabrication * Letter of Certification and Engineered Stamped Permit and/or Erection Drawings *Building manufacturer is IAS (International Accreditation Service) accredited and MBMA (Metal Building Manufacturer Association) member * Foundation plans and anchor bolts by other. 

Factory Steel Overstock does not follow industry protocol, in which unfair corporate mark ups run rampant, nor does FSO embellish information.   


"Our company primarily focuses on high complexity steel buildings. When a customer needs a low-complexity structure we refer them to Factory Steel Overstock. They definitely offer the best metal building prices."
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 it is going to do."

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